About Us

Welcome to our new blog!  I first started a blog in 2009 when my twin girls were born 11 weeks early.  They are doing great and you would not know they were so early looking at them now!  Well the old blog just won’t work anymore because we are growing our family.  You might be wondering why this blog is called Three Little Llamas?  One of my favorite books to read to my daughters is Llama, Llama Red Pajama.  I like it so much that I started calling my girls little llamas.  In fact, here is a picture of me reading the book to the girls when they first came home from the hospital.  Now that we’re having another llama, this seemed like a great name for the new blog.  We hope you will enjoy following our adventures in life!


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi girls! I see I’m the 1st to post on your new blog. I sure had a good time last week at your birthday celebration. And I’m really excited that there will be a third little llama come May of next year. I know you will be the best big sisters and hope you will always be best friends. I’m glad you had fun at Parky’s birthday party and were able to spend Sunday with your Daddy at Sautée. Have a fun week. Love you lots! Poppy

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