Oh no!

Mommy has a terrible thing to admit–she only took two pictures this week!!!! Don’t for a minute think that we weren’t busy–we were too busy to even take pictures. Poppy was here until Tuesday so we went and got ice cream one last time and played around the house. Kitt and Garet had a fun week in school and are getting adjusted to the longer day and early mornings. Mommy and Ryan enjoyed spending days together including ballet and meeting her new teachers. Ryan and Mommy had lunch with Kitt and Garet on Friday which everyone enjoyed. Speaking of teachers Ryan starts school tomorrow. Every time Mommy mentions school to Ryan, she says she doesn’t want to go so it should be interesting. Her teachers are really nice, though, and Charlotte is in the same class which will be good. The weekend was fun as we went swimming, had ice cream and played at home. We also went to Leapin Lizards and Aunt Kristen’s apartment to play. We were pretty tired tonight and will look forward to some fun things at school and at home this week and hopefully Mommy will take some pictures.
DSC_0001 DSC_0003


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