Summer lovin’

We are having such a fun time at Granny and Poppy’s house!  One day we went to an indoor play area that we had never been to.  It was fun!  We also paid a visit to the Naval Air Museum which we always enjoy.  We went to the art museum to see a Lego exhibit–check out those huge Lego sculptures!  One day we had an idea of going to collect seashells on the beach.  The plan was NOT to get wet so Mommy did not pack our swim stuff.  Needless to say when we saw the water we didn’t care that we were in our clothes!  We had a great time splashing around in our clothes and will definitely go back to the beach another day this week.  We have eaten out at a fun restaurant or just one that Mommy really likes every day and of course, we have been to Krispy Kreme more than once 🙂  Kitt asked Poppy out on a date and they had so much fun dressing up, eating chips and cheese dip and then getting milkshakes.  Kitt and Garet have been wanting to fly kites so we decided to do it here.  As long as they were running the kites were flying but hopefully there will be a day with more wind while we are here.  We are looking forward to another fun week here in Florida!


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