Fourth of July Festivities

We hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July! We sure did and stayed busy all week. Kitt and Garet went to gymnastics camp every day for some fun mornings. We had a few fun play dates and also got to spend a whole afternoon with Nanny–we had not seen her in a while! On Wednesday night Mommy took us to a festival at a local church where we got our faces painted, ate some yummy food, went on a carriage ride with mules and had a great time! Friday, of course, was the 4th of July. We decorated our wagon for the neighborhood parade and guess what? We won! We got a big trophy that is on our fireplace mantle downstairs! It was lots of fun and then we went with Mommy and Daddy to the airport to ride the train and play down there. We did sparklers at night but it gets dark here a little too late so it was still light when we did them!  We didn’t know the difference and still had fun!  We got to go swimming again now that Kitt’s stitches are just about healed and also went to Daddy’s office today to play there.  We are glad that Aunt and Kristen and Uncle Mark are back in the country and we were very happy to see them!  We have some fun things planned for this week and will be writing next week from Florida!
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One thought on “Fourth of July Festivities

  1. Good morning sweet girls! You obviously had an exciting week, and, boy, were you styling – 4th of July outfits, gorgeous face painting, new sandals, lovely hats, etc. Congratulations on winning the 1st place trophy. What an awesome job you did on decorating your wagon. I will be anxious to see the trophy when I come to your house. I am getting excited about your coming this weekend. I have bought some of your favorite treats, and I know Auntie Kristin is anxious to see you, too. Have fun at puppet camp and whatever activities your mom and dad have planned for you. No doubt, you will see Aunt Kristen before you leave for Florida. So until I see you at the weekend, I am sending along my prayers with lots of love and kisses, too.

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