Fun in the sun….sad to go!

We have had such a wonderful time in Florida with Granny and Poppy and are already so sad to be getting ready to go home. We did lots of new and exciting things this trip which was fun.  On Monday we went out to the beach to see Granny’s cousin and her family (Sheila, Doug and Caitlin).  It was so much fun as we went swimming, played in the sand, ate and jumped in the waves.  One night we went to see the Pensacola Blue Wahoos play–that’s the minor league baseball team.  We had never done that and we really enjoyed it.  Mommy was worried we would be bored but the love of baseball must be in our blood as we had a great time dancing, eating and even watching the game.  After the game they had fireworks which we loved!  On Thursday Poppy and Mommy took us to Mobile, Al to go to a new museum called the Exploreum which was great.  It was well worth the drive as we had a wonderful time.  We were also excited to spend some time with Aunt Joan.  Ryan had never met her and she had not seen Kitt and Garet in a few years.  Her visit included us taking another trip out to the beach to see Sheila and Doug which we loved just as much the second time.  In fact, Garet even asked where she was sleeping!  Mommy and Auntie Kristin took us on a big boat for a  dolphin cruise–it was lots of fun and we got to see several dolphins.  The guide told us we might even see a mermaid so imagine our disappointment when we did not see one.  No trip to Pensacola would be complete without a meal at McGuire’s so we did that after the cruise.  Finally, we went with Daddy, Poppy, Mommy and Uncle Mark to the Naval Air Museum and also to Ft. Barancas.  We always love the planes at the museum and the fort was a fun new experience for us.  We are so glad to have such wonderful grandparents who love us very much and help create such special memories every time they see us.  This trip was no exception!  We also appreciate (as does Mommy) how much they do for Mommy while we are here, too.  The time passed too quickly and we are all sad to go home but look forward to special visitors at our house this week and also look forward to seeing Granny and Poppy again soon.
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What a fun filled two weeks I had with you girls. We were on the go all the time, and it was wonderful. There was no one at my bed early this morning asking for donuts so I am wondering if you woke your mommy up asking her for donuts! All your pictures on the blog are terrific – I loved every one of them. I know you are going to start right in keeping busy by going to MDO three times this week with your friend Calvin. His mommy is one of your mommy’s best friends. Miss Lisa said she is sorry she couldn’t hug you good-bye, but she said you can always swim in her pool. Have a great week, and remember I love you to the moon, to the sun and to the stars.


Summer lovin’

We are having such a fun time at Granny and Poppy’s house!  One day we went to an indoor play area that we had never been to.  It was fun!  We also paid a visit to the Naval Air Museum which we always enjoy.  We went to the art museum to see a Lego exhibit–check out those huge Lego sculptures!  One day we had an idea of going to collect seashells on the beach.  The plan was NOT to get wet so Mommy did not pack our swim stuff.  Needless to say when we saw the water we didn’t care that we were in our clothes!  We had a great time splashing around in our clothes and will definitely go back to the beach another day this week.  We have eaten out at a fun restaurant or just one that Mommy really likes every day and of course, we have been to Krispy Kreme more than once 🙂  Kitt asked Poppy out on a date and they had so much fun dressing up, eating chips and cheese dip and then getting milkshakes.  Kitt and Garet have been wanting to fly kites so we decided to do it here.  As long as they were running the kites were flying but hopefully there will be a day with more wind while we are here.  We are looking forward to another fun week here in Florida!

Hello from Florida

We had a fun week again that involved Kitt and Garet going to puppet camp every day. Of course, we also got to go to the pool a couple of times and got to spend some time with Aunt Kristen. On Saturday all three of us went with Aunt Kristen and Mommy to see The Little Mermaid on the stage at the Fox! It was lots of fun. Right after that show Daddy drove us down to Florida for a two week visit with Granny and Poppy. Daddy had to go back home but we are looking forward to the time with Granny and Poppy. We were excited to see Auntie Kristin today. After getting in so late last night Mommy was hoping we would sleep late–we had other plans!!! Today we played with all the toys Granny has for us and then went swimming at the neighbor’s pool. We went to bed right on time and Mommy is hoping for a good sleep so we are ready for lots of fun and adventures this week. See you next week!
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Fourth of July Festivities

We hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July! We sure did and stayed busy all week. Kitt and Garet went to gymnastics camp every day for some fun mornings. We had a few fun play dates and also got to spend a whole afternoon with Nanny–we had not seen her in a while! On Wednesday night Mommy took us to a festival at a local church where we got our faces painted, ate some yummy food, went on a carriage ride with mules and had a great time! Friday, of course, was the 4th of July. We decorated our wagon for the neighborhood parade and guess what? We won! We got a big trophy that is on our fireplace mantle downstairs! It was lots of fun and then we went with Mommy and Daddy to the airport to ride the train and play down there. We did sparklers at night but it gets dark here a little too late so it was still light when we did them!  We didn’t know the difference and still had fun!  We got to go swimming again now that Kitt’s stitches are just about healed and also went to Daddy’s office today to play there.  We are glad that Aunt and Kristen and Uncle Mark are back in the country and we were very happy to see them!  We have some fun things planned for this week and will be writing next week from Florida!
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