Phew…what a week!

Wow! This was a fun, busy and crazy week. Kitt and Garet had ballet camp every afternoon which they loved. It culminated in a little “recital” on Friday and there is a little video from that day at the end of this post.  On Monday, we went to Hippo Hopp to play.  Of course, we had a good time as always and especially because it wasn’t that busy.  On Monday night, Mommy had a meeting so Daddy helped us pick some flowers and put them in a vase for Mommy.  We went to a music class with Ms. Wendy which we always love.  Of course we had a few days at the pool in there as well.  On Thursday we went to Hippo Hopp again this time with A.J. and Joyce but Kitt slipped and fell landing us in the ER for a few hours to get stitches.  Thankfully Karol and Annabette were able to come over and stay with Garet and Ryan while Mommy took Kitt to the hospital.  She had to get three stitches but sure was brave!  On Friday we went bowling with Thomas, Charlotte and their mommy, Erin.  As you can see we are very confident bowlers!  Friday afternoon was the ballet recital and we were supposed to dress like princesses.  Kitt dressed as Elsa (as did Ryan) and Garet dressed like Anna.  On Saturday, we had music class and then got to meet one of Mommy’s friends, Erin, who moved away before getting to meet us.  We went to a park for play time and a picnic.  Saturday evening was a members event at the Zoo.  It was awfully crowded but we still managed to have a great time!  On Sunday Mommy took us to the Atlanta History Center to see what we could see there.  What a fun place!  We will go there again sometime soon.  Minus the ER trip, we hope your week was as great as ours!

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What a fantastic week you girls had. I was truly sad to hear about Kitt’s stitches but know they will heal quickly. Your mom and dad can find the greatest outings for you girls. You are blessed to have a mom and dad who want to give you these exciting, educational and fun-filled adventures. Your ballet recital was awesome – only wish I could have been there to see it. The princess outfits you three have been wearing are beautiful. So…what fun things are in store for you this week? With the holiday approaching this week, I am sure there is something special on your calendar! I am sending you love and prayers. Granny


Birthdays, Swimming, Summer!

We had several fun adventures this week! All three of us went to morning camp at MDO three days which was a lot of fun. We got library cards this week and also went to a fun magic show at the library. Kitt and Garet got their hair braided which they love and mommy loves all the time it saves her. On Friday, Ms. Adams came over for a swim play date! It started thundering so we had to leave the pool but we came home and all watched a movie. Wednesday was Daddy’s birthday and even though he was out of town we celebrated late. Mommy made a cake and he chose to celebrate in Sautee. On Saturday we went to Sautee for a picnic, swim time at the pool, play time at the playground and a trip to the Gourd Store.  We sure are loving summer and all of the new things and activities that come along with summer. We hope you are having a fun summer, too!
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Another fun week for you girls – every day is filled with fun activities. I would have liked to have been with you at the Gourd Shop. I have been there, and I know it has unique items; however, I don’t remember seeing the gourd puzzle. It looks like you figured out how to put it together. Kitt, I think Pooh is in need of a bath because I saw him in a lot of pictures – probably fell on the ground a few times. You girls are wearing some very stylish summer outfits that I haven’t seen before – nice and cool for the hot days. A package from Granny should be arriving today so I hope you like what’s inside. I know your mommy has another exciting week planned for you so I await some great pictures in your next blog. Have fun, and I am sending you lots of love and kisses. Granny

Hot, hot, hot….and Father’s Day!

What a week! On Monday we had two play dates. The first was with Thomas and Charlotte and the second was with Ms. White, one of Kitt and Garet’s teachers from Coralwood. Both were fun, of course!  We got to see Aunt Kristen a few times this week and did a lot of playing.  Kitt and Garet went to art camp two days and we all went to a music class with Ms. Wendy.  Kitt and Garet had their weekly reading class and music class, too.  On Friday Mommy took us to Macon to spend the day with Aunt LeAnn, Parker and Patrick.  Even Uncle Barry joined in the fun for a trip to the pool.  Their pool is super fun with a great kiddie play area and also a really fun water slide.  All three of us did it several times but Mommy only got a picture of Kitt sliding down.  We also went to the peach farm.  We had some yummy peach ice cream and got a lot of peaches to bring home with us.  On Saturday, we had a really fun event with the Multiples Club.  There were people who did a fun bubble show and then there were food trucks with yummy tacos, quesadillas and the best snow cones ever!  Finally, today was Father’s Day.  We had a picnic at Emory and saw the room where Mommy and Daddy had their party after their wedding.  We rode bikes and played with bubbles there, too.  After that we went to the pool for an evening swim and another picnic.  Today we are so thankful for our Daddy and had fun celebrating him.  We also got to Skype with Poppy to show him his present and wish him a wonderful Father’s Day.   We had a wonderful week and hope you did as well.

What three gorgeous Georgia peaches you girls are! I am envious that I wasn’t there to pick peaches for I love peaches, and poppy can’t eat them! As always, you had such a fun filled week – doing something exciting every day. It was fun Skyping with you on Father’s Day. I love those new Frozen nightgowns Aunt Kristen bought you. You were right, Kitt, when you said Aunt Kristen bought them for you because she knew you would “love them!” So many people truly love you girls. I am glad to hear you made your dad feel special on Father’s Day. I can hardly wait for the mailman to deliver Poppy’s Father’s Day gift from you. Have fun at MDO, and I will anxiously await next week’s blog. Love you to the moon, to the sun and to the stars and back!!!! Granny

More summer fun!

Summer is in high gear at our house! This week all three of us went to Kitt and Garet’s old school, MDO, for three days of summer camp. We had a great time and loved seeing some old teachers and friends. We also had music class, art class, a play date with some friends and a really fun weekend with Mommy, Daddy and Aunt Kristen. Kitt and Garet got their 4 year old shots which was a little traumatic but all is well now! This weekend we had lots of fun playing at our neighborhood pool and also at our house. Aunt Kristen came over several times so it was fun to see her as always. We seem to be good and tired at night so that is a good sign of a fun summer! We hope you all are enjoying your summer–see you next week!

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A summer routine

We are enjoying the summer so far! This week was Memorial Day so we didn’t have any scheduled activities on Monday. Instead all five of s went to Fernbank. It was rainy so we didn’t get to go to the pool. The rest of the week Kitt and Garet had gymnastics camp. It was a lot of fun! We also went to the pool several days this week which we all really enjoy. Mommy likes to give us our dinner and shower there so we can leave in our PJs and go to bed!  Ryan went to the park with Charlotte and Thomas one day.  On Saturday Mommy took the three of us to a birthday party for a friend from our old class.  We had so much fun and were super excited to see Ms. Adams! Kitt and Garet are taking beginning piano lessons now–you can see them teaching Ryan how to play!  We had a tiring week as you can see from Ryan falling asleep in the family room but are enjoying summer fun!
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What a way to begin your weekly blog—new adorable dresses!!! I love them, and, of course, you girls look so beautiful. Somehow I never saw Pooh in any of the pictures. Hopefully, he is getting a “spring cleaning!” Your daddy’s office looks awesome. Is that where you are having lunch on the quilt? It was news to granny that Garet and Kitt are taking piano lessons. Your mommy has lots of music books that she used when she took lessons so they may prove useful when you become a little advanced. It would be great if the teacher could come to your house since you have the nice piano right there. I know your mom has another fun week planned for you. She told me she had to buy a lunch box for Ryan so you will be eating out of it this week!!!! Enjoy the activities and especially the pool. I will be saying a prayer for you every day and sending you love and kisses. Granny

Hi Girls! It looks as though you all had another busy, fun-filled week. I can’t wait to hear Kitt and Garet play a few selections on the piano. And, Ryan, maybe you can sing a song or two! And by the way, Ryan, you look very professional sitting at the desk in your Daddy’s new office. I’ll bet all 3 of you enjoy going to your Daddy’s office. I love your patriotic dresses. When I first saw that picture of you in your new dresses, I just wanted to jump up and sing “Born in the USA.” I was happy to hear that you enjoyed gymnastics camp. Did you learn any new routines? Well, I hope you’re all having fun this week too and I’ll be looking forward to hearing all about it in your next blog. Bye for now! Love you lots! …Poppy