It’s summer!!!

We had such a busy, fun-filled week and have lots of fun pictures to show for it!  Granny and Poppy stayed until Tuesday so Mommy let us stay home from school on Monday; we went to the children’s museum and had lunch at Johnny Rocket’s.  Thursday was Kitt and Garet’s end of the year party at school.  Mommy and Ryan came, of course; we had a picnic at the treehouse, awards given out, ice cream sundaes, bubbles and sidewalk chalk.  Kitt won the award for “Wonderful Writer” and Garet won the award for “Good Citizen.”  Friday was the last day of school so we had popsicles.  Also, check out the picture of the last day of school.  If you want to compare it to the first day of school, click here.  On Friday, Mommy and Ryan went to art class for the first time.  She made a fun flag picture for Memorial Day.  On Saturday and Sunday we went to our neighborhood pool!  We all had such a fun time and look forward to spending a lot of time there this summer.  On Saturday, we all went to the Jazz Festival at Piedmont Park and on Sunday we went to see Daddy’s new office.  He even set us up an area where we have some toys, games, books and art supplies.  We hope you enjoy our week’s pictures!

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As always, I loved, loved your blog. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I sent money for your mommy to buy new outfits for the first day of school. How you have grown! This year we will go shopping for new back to school outfits while in Pensacola. I am glad your pool is open, but I didn’t realize you were allowed to take big rafts into the pool. Those things look awesome. Daddy and I loved your video singing happy birthday to Poppy. What a great present. I know how happy everyone in your family is about your daddy getting an office. I hope it is close to your House. How nice that your daddy has set up your own “little space” for you girls to work. Now that school is over, I know your mom has some fun activities lined up for you, and they probably begin tomorrow. Whatever is planned, enjoy it. Until next time, I love you to the moon, the stars and back. Granny

Hi Garet, Kitt and Ryan! How quickly a year goes by. I can remember when you took Granny and me to see your new school at Corralwood about a week or two before your first day of school and here you are with a whole year behind you. And Kitt and Garet, it sounds as though the two of you really excelled during your first year. Garet being recognized as a “good citizen” and Kitt as a “wonderful writer.” Poppy is very proud of you all! I really enjoyed visiting with all of you last week for Ryan’s birthday and doing lots of fun things with you. And, by the way, thank you so much for singing “Happy Birthay” to me. The video of you singing and all of the photos this week are wonderful. I hope you have another fun week at the pool and going to the park and at your Daddy’s new office. I’ll am looking forward to seeing you soon here in Florida. Until then, take care and have a wonderful, fun-filled summer. Love you lots! …Poppy


Birthday Fun!

We had such a fun week with Ryan’s birthday!  Mommy and Aunt Kristen went to Ryan’s school to celebrate her birthday and the last day of school.  That night we all had dinner together and homemade ice cream sandwiches.  Of course, her birthday meant a visit from Granny and Poppy.  We have had such a fun time with them!  On Friday they went with Mommy and Ryan to the Botanical Gardens for a fun morning and then Poppy was the mystery reader at Kitt and Garet’s school.  On Saturday, we had an extra special treat at Disney on Ice!  GAMA bought fantastic seats right on the front row–we were so close Ryan was a little bit scared.  Sunday was Ryan’s Sesame Street birthday party and it was lots of fun!  We had games, bubbles, cake, music with Miss Wendy, and even a piñata.  Happy Birthday, Ryan!  We hope your week was as exciting as ours.


How happy Poppy and I were to be able to attend Ryan’s birthday and get to visit with you. It was a fun-filled few days with seeing Aunt Kristen and going to Disney on Ice with her. Your mom worked so hard to make Ryan’s party so perfect. You truly have a most talented mommy. It is always sad saying goodbye to you, but I am already looking forward to the long visit we will have here in July. Have fun this last week of school. Remember I love you to the moon and sun and back!!! Granny

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

R birth 12month R13A

Sweet, RyRy, you have grown so much this last year.  Here we are-already on the eve of your second birthday. As I held you and rocked you tonight, I grieved a little as it was the last time I would hold my one year old, but then I smiled as I thought about the little girl that you are. There is so much I want to tell you about your 2-year-old self!

In twelve short months you went from being a baby to a little girl.  You still like being held, but you love being independent with tasks you are able (and you love trying on other things). At night you still say “Daddy hold you” or “Mommy sit.” You are a non-stop source of conversation for me, for your sisters, teachers, friends, babies and anyone else who might listen.

You sure do love babies! When we are out and about if you see a baby we always have to walk over to see him or her. If I ever can’t find you I can just look for a stroller or an infant car seat, and there you are. Of course, you also love all of your baby dolls and such great care you take of them! I love watching you sing to them, rub their backs, and hush them when they are “crying.” It shows me that you are a caring and kind soul, even at such a young age.

I love having you as my little buddy during the days. We spend a lot of time running errands during the day and doing things at your sisters’ school. Sometimes I feel guilty about just dragging you along with me, but it doesn’t phase you one bit. I think you like tagging along with me, right down to the way you drop whatever you are doing to come with me to the potty!

You are so kind and sweet to everyone you meet. I love that you are eager to tell people your name and also your baby’s name. Kitt and Garet’s teachers even refer to you as the class mascot because we are there so much. Teachers that we don’t even know still know who you are and you are eager to run up to them and give them a hug. Even though your turn to go to their school is still another year away, you will be ready!

You are calm, laid back and easy going almost all of the time. Every once in a while, though, you let your voice be heard when you are not getting your way or when you do not like what someone is doing. It caught me off guard at first but I know it is a sign of your independence, confidence and assertiveness. Those are all great qualities!

You love trying to keep up with your sisters. You run, you climb, you try to ride the big girl bikes. Sometimes you scare me but I know it’s because you look up to Kitt and Garet and want to be just like them. Every once in a while you get scared—sometimes it’s of a dog or a loud noise but sometimes, it’s a shadow or an inanimate object at a museum. You say, “I scared” and then ask to be picked up.  I love that you can tell me you are afraid of something and I love how much you still enjoy cuddling. I love how you rub your face against mine, kiss me right on the lips, hug me tight, and say “I love you.” Your kindness and compassion are evident in so many ways.

You love playing peek-a-boo, finding your “button”, singing songs, playing with blocks, playing with your sisters’ dolls and princesses (especially when they are at school), and “writing” your letters.

You love your daddy! I love how you run to the door when you hear the beep of his car alarm, holding your arms up ready to hug him, and squealing “Daddy.” I hope no matter how old you are you will always want to run to your daddy.

You are constantly reminding me to cherish every moment and to notice the little things. We will be out walking when you stop me in my tracks to show me something. I need to slow down more often to take in my surroundings and to watch you and your sisters for I know it will only be a matter of time before you won’t want to hold my hand as we go for walks.

I love how you love reading books to yourself, to your babies, and also to me. I also love how you will listen to people read to you until you fall asleep. Even after we’ve read for a long time, you still ask us to “sit” before leaving the room.

You have taught me so much! While your sisters’ first two years felt slower, filled with different challenges, your first two years have flown by. You have been my constant companion, my buddy, my love! You have taught me that going to classes, going for long walks, having picnics and playing outside are fun, but that you enjoy being with me just as much. You have released me of the guilt that I used to feel. You taught me that adding another child to a family does not stretch my love for any of you—instead, my love is multiplied. When Kitt and Garet were born my heart was so full. It was so full of love for them that I was not sure I could love another child as much, but oh, how I can!

Being a mommy is the hardest job I have ever had. It brings about new challenges every single day, but it has taught me that I am capable of unconditional love. For even on days when I am sleep-deprived, cranky and frustrated I look at you. Sometimes you say “You okay, Mama?” I look at your trusting eyes that love and accept me for who I am—and then I am able to continue loving all of you! Many days I look at you and your sisters and think of the things I did wrong. But then you smile or tell me you love me or say just the right thing and I get it. I remember that you see me as your mommy—as the person who has super powers to make everything better. For I am YOUR mommy. I know you better than anyone else. I understand your cries, your squeals, your nuances, your smiles. You need me and for that, I am thankful. I will always be here for you. I love you with all my heart, Pookie, and I always will!  Mommy

Busy, busy, busy!

Wow–such a busy week we had!  Monday was the petting zoo at Ryan’s school so Mommy took her in to see the animals.  As usual, she didn’t want to touch the animals but it was still a fun activity.  Also, the “l” sign Ryan is holding is her contribution to the teacher appreciation card and poster her class made.  On Thursday, Mommy took Ryan to the Botanical Gardens to meet up with Charlotte and Thomas for a play date.  We all had a lot of fun running around, seeing the plants and even going on a treasure hunt.  That afternoon Mommy took all three of us to Hippo Hopp, only to find out that it was closed for maintenance.  Instead, we went to Sensations Therafun and had the place pretty much to ourselves.  Friday was another great day as it was Spring Fling (like field day) at Coralwood.  Of course, Ryan is pretty much part of the class so she participated in every activity.  We all had so much fun playing all the games and doing the activities.  On Saturday, Mommy had to get us out of the house so Daddy could do some repair work caused by our frozen pipe.  We went to the zoo and met up with Aunt LeAnn, Uncle Barry, Parker, Patrick and their grandparents.  We were there for six hours!!!!  We saw all the animals, ate lunch, rode the train and carousel, played in the splash pad, and played at the playground.  After that, we went to Aunt Kristen’s to spend the rest of the day, eat dinner and take baths in her big tub!  Finally, today was Mother’s Day and we loved celebrating our Mommy.  We made special bookmarks with Daddy, and also made some cards at school.  We went to church and then lunch with Mommy, Daddy and Aunt Kristen.  It was such a great week with lots of fun activities!  To all of you, Happy Mother’s Day!  We all know that you don’t have to have children to be a Mommy.  There are so many special people in our lives who love us like their own children and are like “mommys” to us.  Thank you to all of you for loving us and caring for us in so many ways.  We made a special present for Granny, too, for Mother’s Day and are posting a picture of it since we didn’t get to celebrate with her this year.   And now a note from our Mommy:

Dear Kitt, Garet and Ryan-Thank for being my amazing girls!  Each of you brings incredible joy, happiness and love into my life that I can hardly put it into words.  Kitt, you are really learning about what interests you and what really doesn’t interest you.  You love music, swimming and playing at home.  You are as content playing by yourself in your room as you are in a music class.  I love that you are so great at entertaining yourself as you will never be lonely. Garet, you seem so grown up these days.  You are constantly telling me how you can’t wait to be 5.  Sweet girl, slow down!  You will look back one day and wonder where the years went.  You are maturing in so many ways and turning into a big girl in personality, interests and behavior.  Ryan, you are no longer a baby.  You have come into your own personality and bring so much joy and happiness to everyone you meet.  You are always happy and have taught me that there is always something good in every situation.  All three of you have taught me to love unconditionally.  Yes, there are days when I don’t really like things that you do, but oh, how I love you!  I lay down at night and wonder what I did right to deserve such amazing children who are the light of my life. For you three have reminded me of the good in the world; you have reminded me that the future of the world is not as dim as it once seemed.  You three have amazing potential to change the world that we all share.  I am so glad that I get to be part of your journey.  I am glad that I get to experience the joys of your life and that I will get to walk with you in the difficult times as well.  Thank you for being the reason I wake up every day with anticipation, joy and excitement for what the day will bring and for wearing me out during the day.  Thank you for making me a Mommy!  I love you all.
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Hello Sweet Girls, Even though I saw a picture of the gift you are giving me for Mother’s Day, your blog is all the present I want!  I anticipate Sunday night, looking forward to your week’s activities. I know I have told you this before, but you have an amazing, loving and kind mother. You may be too young to realize this, but you will come to realize this more the older you get. I cried when I read her letter to you as she truly captured so thoroughly each of your personalities. You girls are your mom and Dad’s most prized possessions, and it is evident in everything they do on your behalf.  This was a very busy week for you; and since Granny and Poppy will be arriving on Thursday we can join in some of your festivities. Ryan, I can’t imagine where all those dolls came from. Have you been bringing some home from Coralwood? Your mommy always loved dolls so playing with dolls comes naturally to you and Kitt. I like those new rain boots your mommy bought for you. You girls look “adorable” in whatever you wear. This week will be special as we celebrate Ryan’s birthday and your parents’ anniversary on the same day. Poppy and I will have the pleasure of babysitting you so your mom and dad can celebrate alone!  Enjoy this week, and I am sending love and prayers your way. Granny

Hello Kitt, Garet and Ryan! Wow, you girls must surely be tired after such a busy week. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your weekly blog and getting caught up on your week’s activities. And this week is certainly no exception. I especially like looking at all the photographs of you and seeing how much you change from week to week. Your Mommy’s Mother’s Day letter to you was especially moving and I could tell that it was very sincere and heartfelt. You are so blessed to have parents, family and friends that love you so much and care about you. I am really looking forward to coming to your home this week to celebrate Ryan’s birthday and also to spend time with you. So, until I see you in a couple days, take care, be good and have fun. I love you very much! …Poppy

Still on stage!

Kitt and Garet had their very first ballet recital this week! They did a great job and had a lot of fun. Even Ryan sang along quite loudly when they danced to It’s A Small World! On Saturday we went to Piedmont Park and had a picnic dinner with Aunt Kristen. On Sunday we went to a fun festival right in our neighborhood called Oak Groove Festival. There was face painting, live music, bounce houses, crafts and lots of other fun activities.  We hope you all had a great week, too.  We will see you next week!