Granny’s here!

We were very excited this week to have Granny come to visit us! Of course, we had lots of fun hanging out with her, but we were also very glad to have her help Mommy make the drive to Florida on Saturday. Mommy, Ryan and Granny went to the Botanical Gardens one day which is always fun.  Be sure to check out Kitt and Garet’s new glasses.  We also got to see a lot of Aunt Kristen this week.  Then we went to Florida.  If you were anywhere near Pensacola on Saturday you probably heard our squeals when we saw Granny and Poppy’s house!  We were so excited and are having a great time.  The weather is not so nice in the Sunshine State but that isn’t stopping us from having fun.  Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark are here, too and we also got to see Auntie Kristin!  We had lunch today at the Fish House which is always a special treat.  We will look forward to sharing our adventures from Granny and Poppy’s next week.  See you then!


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