It’s Showtime!

We had a fun week with all of our normal activities but also did a few extra special things.  Kitt and Garet were in the school play, “Oceans of Fun.”  Kitt was a Tuna Fish wearing a mermaid costume and Garet was a Snapper dressed in all red.  Ryan got in the excitement by choosing her own dress for the night.  Uncle Mark made it in from Florida just in time to see the play so that was fun.  On Friday Mommy and Ryan went with Charlotte and her Mommy to the trail and to the park.  It was a lot of fun for everyone.  We even got to see a train!  Saturday we went to North Georgia to see our friend, Bess, in a Cirque play.  It was a lot of fun to see the show and to see her and the other performers after the show.  On our way up there we happened upon an arts festival with a fun kiddie area where we got to build, paint, play with bubbles and play some bean bag games.  On Sunday Mommy took the three of us to play at Uncle Mark and Aunt Kristen’s which we always enjoy.  Ryan had so much fun she fell asleep in the car and then just stayed in the chair at home sleeping!  We hope you enjoy the pictures and are enjoying the beautiful spring weather that we are!


Hi Girls! What a fun week you had. I wish I lived closer to you so I could have seen your first play. I’ll bet Kitt and Garet both did a great job and, Ryan, you were right there cheering them on. Did you have a good time when you went to north Georgia to see your friend Bess in the Cirque play? I sure do miss you girls and look forward to our next visit. Have a great week at school and home. Love you lots!!! …Poppy

Thank you for sharing your exciting week with me. Like Poppy I wish I could have been there to see your play; however, I got a sneak preview the last time I visited your school. I loved your costumes; and, Ryan, your new dress looks adorable. I am always amazed at the fun things your parents discover for you to do. I think Poppy would have liked to have been there when you were hammering. Next time you are here, you should ask him to take you into his workshop to help him on his projects. He has almost finished one that he will be bringing to your house in a couple of weeks. Ryan, I know Charlotte is your best friend so it was good you had some alone time with her and both your moms. It won’t be long, and Poppy and I will be headed your way to celebrate your second birthday. Have another fun week, and I look forward to next week’s blog. I am sending you lots of love and kisses. By the way, won’t Uncle Michael be pleased to see Kitt playing with Miss Piggy and Kermit? Granny


Happy Easter!

What a fun week! We did our normal activities but then lots of extra special stuff for Easter.  On Friday Mommy and Ryan came to Kitt and Garet’s class to help dye Easter eggs.  On Saturday we went to an Easter festival.  It was raining but they moved almost all of the festivities inside, including the bounce houses and petting zoo.  We also had a really special treat on Saturday as well when we got to see our old friends that used to live down the street, Kate, Rich, Emily, Frankie and William.  We went for pizza and then they all came to our house to play.  We had a lot of fun and Mommy was especially happy to get to spend some time with Kate.  On Saturday night, we planted jelly beans to see what would happen.  Do you know that the next morning our jelly beans had grown into lollipops!  There are also several pictures from Easter morning.  We had a great morning at church and then we had lunch with Aunt Kristen.  Kitt and Garet sang in the children’s choir this morning and did a great job!  Kitt had a wonderful idea to go get ice cream so we did that and then had early bed times.  Everyone seemed very tired!  We hope you all had a wonderful Easter celebration today with those you love.  We missed spending Easter with our other loved ones today but are thankful for the day we had!

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What an “egg” ceptionally fun week you girls had. I don’t know what was my favorite part – I loved all the pictures – even the ones on my Easter card – but I was really intrigued by the magic jelly beans that grew such a unique garden overnight! I also loved the special gifts the Easter bunny left you. Now Kitt and Ryan can carry their babies on their chests, and Garet can fill her bike basket with whatever goodies she finds along her travels. What a treat to have your friends Emily, Frankie and William spend the afternoon with you. It was a totally fun packed weekend. I wish I could have been there to enjoy it, but maybe it can happen next year. Poppy says he has never been to the ice cream place Bruster’s so please remember to take him there when we visit again. I guess the next big special occasion will be Ryan’s birthday. Have a great week, and I send you all my love and prayers. Granny

Spring break fun!

We had such a wonderful week in Pensacola at Granny and Poppy’s! It rained the first couple of days we were there but that didn’t stop us. We went to the Naval Air Museum, the children’s museum, swimming at an indoor pool, the park several times, a restaurant with a beach/playground, McGuire’s Irish Pub, Krispy Kreme (more than once), a restaurant where you get to make your own pizza, the Bluffs, an Easter egg hunt, a birthday party and had lots of fun and laughs at Granny and Poppy’s!  In fact, the picture of Kitt on Daddy’s shoulders was even in the online edition of the Pensacola News Journal! Daddy came down on Friday for some weekend fun and then to drive us home. We were so glad that Aunt Kristen stayed the whole week, too so we saw lots of her and Uncle Mark.  Also, we got to see lots of Auntie Kristin!  We were so sad to have to leave.  At some point, Kitt, Garet and Mommy were all crying saying they didn’t want to go home!  Even when we pulled into the driveway Kitt cried that she wanted to go back.  We sure do love our Granny and Poppy and getting to spend time with them in Florida. It will hardly be a month before they come to see us for Ryan’s birthday though.  This week should be good as we get back to all of our normal activities.  Enjoy all of the fun pics from the week!

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Poppy is so happy that all of you were able to spend your sping break at Poppy and Granny’s house. I loved every minute that you were here and love you all very, very much. I’m looking forward to seeing you all again for Ryan’s birthday. Love you lots! …Poppy

I awoke this a.m. thinking I heard the voices of little girls; but, alas, it was wishful thinking on my part. I had a great week and miss you so, but I still have you with me as I can’t seem to get the sand out of my washing machine. I was so thankful to discover this morning that despite all the Krispy Kreme doughnuts and the meals we ate out I didn’t gain any weight!! Kitt, your doll Dorothy’s apron looks adorable with your yellow dress. It was truly a great week with not only you but also Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark. I can hardly wait until our next visit to your house for Ryan’s birthday. Love you to the moon and stars and back. Granny

Granny’s here!

We were very excited this week to have Granny come to visit us! Of course, we had lots of fun hanging out with her, but we were also very glad to have her help Mommy make the drive to Florida on Saturday. Mommy, Ryan and Granny went to the Botanical Gardens one day which is always fun.  Be sure to check out Kitt and Garet’s new glasses.  We also got to see a lot of Aunt Kristen this week.  Then we went to Florida.  If you were anywhere near Pensacola on Saturday you probably heard our squeals when we saw Granny and Poppy’s house!  We were so excited and are having a great time.  The weather is not so nice in the Sunshine State but that isn’t stopping us from having fun.  Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark are here, too and we also got to see Auntie Kristin!  We had lunch today at the Fish House which is always a special treat.  We will look forward to sharing our adventures from Granny and Poppy’s next week.  See you then!