Birthday, hospital, spring time…..

Don’t worry–not the people hospital, but we’ll get to that later! Tuesday was Mommy’s birthday so she and Ryan went to the aquarium. Ryan seemed to be really interested in some of the fish but she loved walking around taking pictures of things with the little camera. Tuesday night we all went out to dinner along with Aunt Kristen to celebrate and then came home for sweets and for blowing out candles. The rest of the week was pretty normal until Saturday when we were in for a big treat. Mommy and Aunt LeAnn celebrated their big birthday all day long so Daddy took the three of us to Babyland General Hospital which is where Cabbage Patch Kids are born. We had so much fun and left with several treats! The weather has been nice and sunny but the pollen is not so great for our allergies (especially Mommy). We are looking forward to a visit from Granny this week as that is always lots of fun. We hope you all are doing well and that you got to do something as fun as us this week!


What a grand week you girls had – celebrating your mom’s birthday and your teacher’s birthday on the same day made for an exciting day. I wish I could have been with you at the Cabbage Patch Hospital. I went there one time with your mom a long time ago, but it looks like things have changed. It will be fun for me to see your treats that you chose – a stroller for Kitt, Another Minnie for Garet and Another doll for Ryan. At least I won’t have to wait too long as I will see you tomorrow. So, until then, lots of love and kisses.


Spring has sprung… least for now!

The weather this week was beautiful so we spent a lot of time outside. Mommy went with Ryan, Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark to the Botanical Gardens one day and then on Saturday we all went to Piedmont Park to play. We love Saturdays at the park because the popsicle cart is there and because the hoola hoops are out. We had fun yesterday with Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark while Mommy and Daddy celebrated Mommy’s birthday a few days early. There are some fun pictures this week of us enjoying being outside. Earlier in the week a leprechaun snuck into Coralwood and made a mess in Kitt and Garet’s classroom. He left coins and chocolate all over the place! We also went to pick out “big girl” glasses which you will probably see in next week’s pictures. We hope you are enjoying the warmer weather. We are looking forward to a fun week ahead!

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What beautiful pictures your mom took this week. Such beautiful flowers – I wish they grew in my yard! Of course, I know how much you girls like the Popsicles at the park. They really are unique and delicious. Are the hoopla hoops new at the park? I hope you have better luck twirling them than I do. I can’t get my body coordinated to do it. I am glad your mom and dad got a date night for your mom’s birthday, and you had terrific babysitters. This time next week I will be at your house so know we will have a fun time. Only one more week of school, and then it’s spring break. It will be fun for you to spend it in Pensacola. Have another glorious week. I am sending you love and kisses. Granny

Pool, parties, and more!

This was a pretty normal week with a couple of extra things! Mommy and Ryan went to the Atlanta History Center and enjoyed seeing the exhibit on the Atlanta Olympics. We also went for a play date with Ryan’s friend, Ophelia. Kitt and Garet also started back at swim lessons with Miss Michelle. Ryan got in, too, but really liked sitting on the edge getting Mommy wet. Of course, after swim we went over to Aunt Kristen’s house for pizza and to take a bath in her huge tub! Uncle Mark is in town now so we always enjoy seeing him, too. Mommy had to do some work at another consignment sale so Uncle Mark and Aunt Kristen spent all day Friday here.  We did have two really fun birthday parties this weekend for some of Kitt and Garet’s friends.  Of course, Ryan came along, too!  Saturday was A.J.’s party at Hippo Hopp, and Sunday was Castalia’s party at the bowling alley.  We continue to enjoy the warmer days and the extra daylight by going for walks after dinner when we have time.  We hope your week was as exciting as ours!

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It is obvious you had more fun this week than I did – two parties in two days – way to go. I am glad you have returned to swimming as I know how much you enjoy that, and now Ryan gets into the action. What’s up with Ryan in a hat? I guess she has seen Kitt a few times with hats so she is just getting into a spring thing!!! I was happy to hear Uncle Mark is in town. He loves you girls as much as you love him. Did you girls knock down a lot of pins while bowling? Of course, Hippo Hop would be Garet’s all time favorite for a birthday party. Have another great week, and I’ll be checking in to your blog next week. Love and kisses. Granny

Spring Forward…..

We are so glad that the weather is getting warmer as we get to spend more time outside. We were also glad for the extra day light tonight as we got to play outside AFTER dinner! On Monday, we got to celebrate Granny’s birthday with her which was lots of fun. We went out to dinner and then helped her blow out her candles in some delicious cake. On Tuesday Granny and Poppy had to go home. Several times, one of us asked where they were or said we were going to go look for them. It’s always hard when they leave (for us and Mommy, too) but we love getting to see them as often as we do. In fact we will see them again next month! This week was Dr. Seuss week at Kitt and Garet’s school so each day they did something different. One day was crazy hat day and one day was Wacky Wednesday–there are pictures from both of those days. On Wednesday, Mommy and Ryan came in to read a story and share some special Cat in the Hat Cookies with the class and guess what? Mommy was dressed up as the Cat in the Hat! Mommy said that Garet’s face was priceless when she walked in because she was so surprised.  On Thursday Mommy and Ryan went to Fernbank to see some new things.  Ryan seemed to have fun but Mommy was most excited that she walked around the rest of the day saying “I see dinosaurs; I see alligators.”  You might remember that Mommy loves dinosaurs!  Saturday was Touch a Truck day in downtown Decatur so we saw lots of trucks and got to sit in the driver’s seat of several, including the big red fire truck.  Sunday was another beautiful say so we went to Piedmont Park to play, feed the ducks and also have lunch.  Aunt Kristen joined us for some play time, lunch and then we went back to her apartment to play.  WOW!  What a week–we wonder what adventures this week has in store for us.


What a fun blog you wrote this week with so many pictures. You obviously had a fun week starting with my birthday. I was so happy to spend it with my three favorite granddaughters! I know Dr. Seuss week was going to be a busy one, and I so wish I could have seen everyone in the class when your mommy arrived as the Cat in the Hat. Ryan, I see you carrying a doll with blonde hair. I can’t imagine any doll replacing the balding Scout! What a great idea your dad had to set up the camping tent and then having a picnic lunch. You girls are truly blessed to have parents and Aunt Kristen who want to expose you to a multitude of fun and interesting  things to do. By the way, Kitt, I love your sunglasses. I look forward to reading about this week’s adventures in your next blog. Love, kisses and hugs are coming your way. Granny

Family fun!

We had a fun week with all of our normal activities. The week really got great, though, when Granny and Poppy arrived on Thursday. We have had so much fun playing with them and hanging out in our normal routine. Garet especially loves going downstairs early in the morning to get in bed with Granny. Today we had a great family day going up to Sautee. We played at the park, had a picnic, saw our friends, the Prims, and then went to Anna Ruby Falls. We hiked a whole mile (round trip) to see some beautiful waterfalls and got some great pictures. We are looking forward to another fun few days with Granny and Poppy before they have to go home. This will be a fun week for Kitt and Garet at school as they are celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday all week with fun activities. We hope you all have a fun week, too!