Valentine’s Day…..rescheduled!

We had a week with some beautiful weather and we got to back to school! Monday was still a holiday so Kitt and Garet went to art camp while Mommy and Ryan went to music class. We all had our make up parties for Valentine’s Day at school. There are several pictures from those parties.  We also did a few art projects to decorate the sun room with some spring art.  On Friday Mommy and Ryan went to Hippo Hopp to play with Charlotte and her mommy which was fun but then we all went back that afternoon.  As always it was a lot of fun!  We had a fun weekend with plenty of play time, inside and out.  Kitt got some requested alone time with Daddy while Mommy and Garet played at home (Ryan was sleeping!)  There are also a couple of videos of Ryan reading and singing to Bay-Bay.  We think you will love them.  We are looking forward to a fun week ahead and will see you next week.
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Hi girls! I really enjoyed reading your blog and seeing all the wonderful pictures of your last weeks activities. It looked like you had lots of different things to do and lots of fun too. And, Ryan, you did such a good job reading and singing to Bay-Bay. I wish I could have been with you all for the picnic. I’m sure it was a great time. Granny and Poppy are coming to see you all this week and I am excited about seeing you again. Until then, take care and I’ll see you Thursday. Love you lots! …Poppy

With the sunny weather you girls made the most of it by playing outside. Kitt, is that a baby carrier on the back of your bike? I am glad you finally got to enjoy your Valentine parties. Ryan, you “make out” as you attend your sisters’ party also. Ryan, you are becoming quite the reader and singer to your baby Scout. Your reaction to our coming was exciting, and we are so looking forward to seeing you, and I will be spending my birthday with you. Stay well and we will see you on Thursday. Love you lots, Granny


Ice, snow and love are in the air!

Wow–what a week! Monday was a normal day: school for Kitt and Garet, music class for Ryan, gymnastics in the afternoon. Then with the anticipation of a winter ice storm, they cancelled school for Tuesday. Nothing happened but rain on Tuesday but then came the ice! They ended up canceling school for the rest of the week. We were all going a little crazy and were disappointed that our class Valentine’s Day parties were cancelled (rescheduled, actually). Anyway, Mommy got super creative to keep us busy and entertained for all that time without being able to go outside. We did all kinds of things from making pizza, making shrinky dinks, making salt dough ornaments, setting up the bounce house in the basement, making a puppet stage, painting the ice, watching a “drive in” movie, coloring, making Valentine’s Day crafts and many other things!  All in all, we had a good week. The weekend weather was beautiful so we made the most of it.  Daddy basically gave Mommy the whole weekend off which she really appreciated and of course, we enjoyed so much time to play with Daddy.  Garet wanted to pick flowers for Mommy but Daddy decided to let us go to the store to pick out flowers for her.  She loved them!  Oh, we discovered a peanut allergy in Ryan a month or so ago, but don’t worry–the picture is her having toast with Biscoff spread.  She loves it!  We hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day–we did!


What a creative mom you have to devise so many fun things to do while being stranded inside! Thank your mom and dad for taking so many pictures. What a delight to see you go from frozen ice to beautiful sunshine – complete with a rainbow! I especially enjoyed the picture of the three of you poised in front of the oven waiting for the pizza to cook. That was so thoughtful of you to want to get flowers for your mom – she is most deserving of them. Hopefully, tomorrow you will be back in school and doing some fun things with your teachers. Enjoy this week, and I’ll look forward to your next blog. Love, kisses and prayers are coming your way. Love you.

For a cold, snowy, icy week, you girls look as though you had a really fun time staying at home doing lots of new activities. Garet and Kitt did you miss school at all? I hope your teacher will reschedule your Valentine’s Day party so you can share some valentine’s notes and goodies with your friends. I really enjoyed looking at all the photos and especially liked the “We Love You” valentine photo. And Ryan that sure does look like a toasty, warm coat you are wearing. I’m happy the weather got warmer and you were able to spend some fun time with your Daddy at the park. By the way, is that a new park you have found? You’ll have to show it to me next time I come to your house for a visit. Well, I hope this will be a good week for you all and everyone gets back into a normal routine again. Love you lots! …Poppy

Back in the routine!

Everything finally seems back to normal around here with Garet having recovered very well, school back to normal and all of our extra activities back to their usual schedule. We had a fun week and got to do some extra special things this weekend.  On Saturday all five of us went to the park, had lunch together and then went to a music class with some friends from the Multiples Club.   On Sunday, we went to choir and then a birthday party for one of Kitt and Garet’s school friends.  After that Mommy took Kitt and Garet to a Fairy Tale tea party! Daddy took Ryan to the bookstore as she LOVES books.  We hope you had a fun week wherever you are!  See you soon 🙂

It appears you girls were busy, busy as usual with going to so many places. I am glad your weather is warmer which allows you to be outside more. Kitt, how sweet of you to plant kisses on Ryan’s eyelids. You are a terrific big sister. Let me guess–did you make that long necklace that you are wearing? It is mighty fine looking! Another thing, I saw Pooh in a few of your pictures. Doesn’t he ever stay home? Garet, you look so healthy and happy. As “fit” as you are it’s easy to bounce back after surgery. Valentine’s Day is this week so, no doubt, your schools will have special treats. Have fun this week. Sending my love and prayers, Granny

Surgery, Snow, School (or lack thereof)…..

In case you were disappointed with the number of pictures over the past few weeks, we hope this week will make up for it! We had such an eventful week. Garet’s surgery on Monday went really well! Even the nurses were surprised that she didn’t seem uncomfortable or in pain when they brought her back to Mommy. Our friend, Karol, stayed the whole time with Mommy at the hospital while Daddy took care of Kitt and Ryan at home. Aunt Kristen came over that night to watch Beauty and the Beast with us! She even brought princess balloons and roses. On Tuesday, Mommy, Garet and Ryan stayed home so Garet could recover. They made cookies and played at the house. Then around lunch time, Ms. Adams called Mommy to come get Kitt because the snow was coming early and schools were closing. That began an eventful rest of the week as the snow shut down the city! Schools were closed for the rest of the week so we got three snow days! We had so much fun playing in the snow, trying to make a snowman, spending time at the fire making S’Mores, trying to sled down the hill in the backyard and trying to stay busy inside. We did meet a few of Kitt and Garet’s friends from school (and Ms. Adams) for pizza one day and Ms. Adams went with us to see Frozen on Friday. We loved it–even Ryan did great, although she got a little antsy towards the end. On Saturday, Daddy took all three of us out for the whole day! We went to the airport to ride the train, had lunch out and went to the tricycle park. On Sunday, we got to see Aunt Kristen and play at her apartment for a little while. We know she is studying for a big test but we miss getting to see so much of her! We hope you all stayed safe and warm this week wherever you are! See you soon…..


Wow Garet, looks like your little adventure on Monday didn’t slow you down at all! I’m so, so glad. I had so much fun waiting with you and your Mommy. I’m glad you didn’t miss playing in the snow. Looks like you, Kitt and Ryan had a lot of fun in the snow and around the fire pit. I hope I’ll get to see you again soon. Karol

Wow, girls, it looks like a great week for you. Your mom, dad and Aunt Kristen came up with some ingenious ideas of things to do during the miserable weather you endured. I loved seeing the excitement on your faces at seeing so much snow – a first for Ryan. Next time I come to visit, I want you to “start” up the fire pit so I can have s’mores. I noticed Ryan is ready for Valentine’s Day in her lovely dress. No doubt, you Kitt and Garet, have something special to wear for Valentine’s Day, too. Granny bought you larger ballet shoes so they should be arriving soon. So glad Miss Karol could stay with your mommy at the hospital. She truly is a special friend to your mom. Garet, you look so healthy so hope there are no more visits to the doctor. Have fun this week.l will be re-visiting your blog this week just to see tour beautiful faces. Love you to the moon and the sun and back. XOXO