Under the weather but on the mend!

We had a little bit of a rough week (although worse for Mommy than for us)! Mommy was sick for a few days, and Daddy had to be out of town again. On top of that, Granny left on Monday. As always we survived and Mommy said it was because the three of us cooperated so well! There are only a few pictures from the week–Mommy is going to have to get better at taking pictures again. On another note, please say a little prayer for us on Monday. Garet is having some minor outpatient surgery in the morning. She seemed most upset about having to miss a few days of school so hopefully that’s how she feels in the morning. Mommy promised a couple of new movies to watch together and some baking time on Tuesday. Garet wants to make Hello Kitty cookies for her class so we will be busy as long as she feels up to it. We will update you next week with hopefully more pictures!

DSC_0005DSC_0012DSC_0013DSC_0024DSC_0032100 day G100 Day K

Hello girls! Happy Monday to you all. As always, I enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your photos. I’m sorry your Mommy was ill last week but, hopefully, she is much better now. My thoughts and prayers this morning have been especially with Garet as she undergoes her surgical procedure. Granny and Poppy are praying for a successful outcome and a very speedy recovery. Kitt, you look like quite the master chef with your apron and chef’s hat. What were you cooking that day? I’m sure it was very tasty. And Ryan, I love your big grin. In fact, somewhere in my photo albums, I have a picture of your Mommy with a grin just like that. It’s hard to believe that Kitt and Garet have already completed the first 100 days at Coralwood school. Time sure goes by quickly and I know you’ve had fun there and have learned lots of important things. Garet, who painted that pretty little lady bug on your cheek? They did a good job. Was it a special occasion? By the way, how have you been enjoying all this cold weather? Have you seen any snow yet? Believe it or not, we may even get some snow way down here in Pensacola tomorrow night. Well, I’d better go for now. I hope this will be a great week for you all. Love you lots! …Poppy

Sweet girls, I am truly sorry your mommy was sick, but thank you for being so cooperative so she could get better. Right about now, Mommy and Garet will be heading to the hospital but please know I’ve already been praying for all of you. I know Garet will be feeling better once this procedure is over. Ryan, I was surprised to see your baby Scout still has her “diaper” on. It looks like your are attempting to put a ponytail in what little bit of hair she has left as I see the tiny rubber band in your fingers that your mommy uses in your hair. I notice that baby Amy got into the “action” as you three most be awaiting something cooking as you are perched on the stool in the kitchen. What a unique idea Ms. Adams had by making the 100 masks to commemorate 100 days of school. You are past the halfway mark; and I now that as much as you love your three teachers, you are truly going to miss them. No doubt, though, you will love the next teachers you have. I saw on the weather forecasts that you are going to have some really cold weather this week so bundle up! Granny is sending love and prayers to you this week. Love you to the moon and sun and back. Granny xoxo


Back in the swing…..

There aren’t a lot of pictures this week, but don’t think it’s because we weren’t busy! We had lots of fun with Granny but many days, Mommy took Garet somewhere while Kitt and Granny stayed at home to play (while Ryan napped). We had fun at Piedmont Park today, playing and then feeding the ducks. Ryan ate more of her bread than she gave the ducks though! This was Kitt and Garet’s first full week back at school so it seems as though they are back in the swing of things. Of course, everyone loved having Granny here and Kitt has already told her she doesn’t want her to go home tomorrow. Mommy especially will miss all the extra help! See you soon 🙂


Good morning sweet girls! Granny is back home now with Poppy and missing you so much. I even awakened early this morning with what I thought was the sound of small feet coming into my room. I had a great visit with you and observed so much about your individuality. Kitt – you love to play pretend whether it’s going to the grocery store or to Disney World – you are so imaginative even to the point of “buckling Granny into her car seat!” Garet – you are so inquisitive never stop asking questions and love to do your crazy dancing. Ryan – what a sweet girl you are following your sisters around or patting your doll baby’s back while singing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star!” You and Kitt are just like your mommy when it comes to baby dolls. Your mom is a fantastic and hard working mom. I hope one day you will realize all the special things she does for you like applying nail appliques to your tiny toes! Be good girls for her since your daddy is out of town. Remember, I love you to the moon and to the sun and back granny xoxo

Warming up!

As you may have heard it was FREEZING here this week! On Tuesday it was so cold that they cancelled school. It was supposed to be our first day back after the winter break but we got an extra day. We stayed inside a lot and tried to keep warm. Unfortunately, a pipe in our basement froze and busted, making a big mess for Mommy, Granny and Aunt Kristen, but we hardly noticed! Speaking of Granny, she arrived on Wednesday and is here for another whole week. We are having such a great time with her, taking pretend trips, having tea parties and crawling into bed with her at all hours of the night. Today we all went to the zoo and had fun looking at the animals, feeding the birds, riding the train and carousel and petting the goats. We hope you stayed warm wherever you are! See you next week…


What a fun and sometimes tiring week we have had here in Decatur! Everyone is always busy doing fun things, and Ryan seems to talk non-stop and always happy. Ryan, you are right there watching and trying to do everything your big sisters do. Kitt, you are such a patient teacher in showing Ryan how to do things. Garet, you have improved so much in your ballet and love to dance. If only Granny was so limber! Keep showing me how to “criss cross” my legs and I just may accomplish it! You girls are all sound asleep, and Granny is tired and off to bed now. Please try to stay In your own beds! Love and kisses, Granny

Happy New Year!

We had a great week out of school again! One of the highlights was a visit from our cousins Ben and Laura. They actually live in California but were able to come spend a day with us while they were on this side of the country for the holidays. We had a wonderful time visiting with them at the Botanical Gardens, dinner and even a trip to the music lights. Speaking of the music lights, Mommy and Garet spent an hour and a half watching them on the last night. She has already asked several times when they will come on again. (It’s 326 days from today in case you’re wondering!) Another highlight was spending the day with Parker, Patrick and Aunt LeAnn. We played at Hippo Hopp (2 days in a row to be exact), had lunch at Mr. Rob’s and played at our house. We also went to Aunt Kristen’s 2 days to play. For New Year’s Eve, we all went to a little party for dinner, play time and cookies that Mommy and Garet made. We are getting ready for a couple of really cold days and then an extended stay by Granny. Of course, we are excited about that. Happy New Year to all of you and may 2014 be wonderful!


Girls, what a great blog you wrote this week. I’m thrilled you got to meet Ben and Laura. Your mom and dad are very fond of Ben and have grown to love Laura. Maybe one day your parents will take you to California where Ben and Laura live. You girls were posing like real pros in some of your pictures. I’m glad it was such a fun day for all of you. Ryan better not get any more dolls if she wants to find a place to sleep in her crib. I wonder who showed her to sleep with all those babies??? Day after tomorrow Granny will be arriving at your house to help your mom take care of you although she does a great job taking such good care of you girls without my help. She’s probably just missing her mom!!! Stay warm this week, and I will see you soon. Love you lots, Granny