A Tennessee Christmas….

We had a wonderful Christmas vacation near Nashville, TN. Granny, Poppy, GAMA, Uncle Michael, Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark were waiting for us at our Christmas House on Saturday. We even had a basket of welcome goodies from one of Santa’s elves as well. We had a wonderful time with lots of fun activities with everyone. We went to a great museum, some fun play places, a trampoline place, the Grand Ole Opry, a fun restaurant called Aquarium and the park.  We had so much fun and were not ready to come home (Mommy and Kitt especially!)  Of course, the highlight was Christmas day.  We loved giving everyone the gifts we bought for them at school and also getting lots of gifts ourselves.  Kitt asked Santa for candy canes she could play with; Garet asked for a stuffed Christmas tree she could sleep with and Ryan “asked” for a baby.  Santa brought all of those things plus so much more!  In case you missed it, Mr. Tony’s music lights won the ABC TV show “The Great Christmas Light Fight” so we were excited to see the trophy when we got back.  Also, if you saw it on TV and looked closely you saw us at the taping of the show!  As always we were reminded this Christmas of how important family is and how special our family is.  We are already planning Christmas 2014!  Speaking of, our next post will be next year 🙂  Have a safe and happy new year.

What a memorable Christmas we had in our third Christmas house! The best Christmas gift I received was being with my special family. Remind your mommy to send Santa’s torn cotton from his suit to Mrs. Claus so she can sew it back on!!!! You still have this whole week to play with your new toys. Garet, are you sleeping with your soft Christmas tree? And Kitt are you still playing with your toy candy canes? I think everyone really loved the special gifts you bought for us from school. You picked just the right thing for each of us. You still have a few more days to view the music lights at Mr. Tony’s. Did you remember to tell him congrats? Granny is still tired from her Christmas week so I will say good night for now. Wednesday is the first day of a new year, and I will be praying it will be a healthy and happy one for our family. I love you to the sun and moon and back!!!! Granny


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