A Tennessee Christmas….

We had a wonderful Christmas vacation near Nashville, TN. Granny, Poppy, GAMA, Uncle Michael, Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark were waiting for us at our Christmas House on Saturday. We even had a basket of welcome goodies from one of Santa’s elves as well. We had a wonderful time with lots of fun activities with everyone. We went to a great museum, some fun play places, a trampoline place, the Grand Ole Opry, a fun restaurant called Aquarium and the park.  We had so much fun and were not ready to come home (Mommy and Kitt especially!)  Of course, the highlight was Christmas day.  We loved giving everyone the gifts we bought for them at school and also getting lots of gifts ourselves.  Kitt asked Santa for candy canes she could play with; Garet asked for a stuffed Christmas tree she could sleep with and Ryan “asked” for a baby.  Santa brought all of those things plus so much more!  In case you missed it, Mr. Tony’s music lights won the ABC TV show “The Great Christmas Light Fight” so we were excited to see the trophy when we got back.  Also, if you saw it on TV and looked closely you saw us at the taping of the show!  As always we were reminded this Christmas of how important family is and how special our family is.  We are already planning Christmas 2014!  Speaking of, our next post will be next year 🙂  Have a safe and happy new year.

What a memorable Christmas we had in our third Christmas house! The best Christmas gift I received was being with my special family. Remind your mommy to send Santa’s torn cotton from his suit to Mrs. Claus so she can sew it back on!!!! You still have this whole week to play with your new toys. Garet, are you sleeping with your soft Christmas tree? And Kitt are you still playing with your toy candy canes? I think everyone really loved the special gifts you bought for us from school. You picked just the right thing for each of us. You still have a few more days to view the music lights at Mr. Tony’s. Did you remember to tell him congrats? Granny is still tired from her Christmas week so I will say good night for now. Wednesday is the first day of a new year, and I will be praying it will be a healthy and happy one for our family. I love you to the sun and moon and back!!!! Granny


Merry Christmas!

This was a fun week of holiday celebrations! All three of us had our holiday parties at school and they were lots of fun. Of course, we went to the see the music lights every night at Mr. Tony’s house and even ran into Ms. Adams there one night! Then we hit the road and are so excited to be celebrating Christmas with our family. Here are a few pics to get you started and there will be more from the week next week. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas with those you love!!!


A Magical Week

Get ready for picture overload! We spent most of this past week in Orlando at Disney World! To begin we should tell you that we took our very first plane ride. Mommy, Aunt Kristen and the three of us got to ride in first class while Daddy stayed back in coach. We loved flying! Once we got to our hotel at Disney, Granny, Poppy, and Uncle Mark were already there to join in the fun. And fun we had! We spent two days at Magic Kingdom and one of them included Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. The highlights were meeting so many princesses and also Minnie Mouse. The rides were fun–the carousel may have been our favorite. We also loved Animal Kingdom, the pool and getting to celebrate Aunt Kristen’s birthday with her.  We had lunch one day with Cinderella and some of her princess friends and breakfast one morning with Mickey and his pals.  Let’s just say we had such a terrific time and are so thankful that Granny and Poppy chose to make this Kitt and Garet’s birthday present.  We are going to let the pictures do the talking this week.  We will also have a fun video for you to watch.  Enjoy!

Loved, loved, loved your blog this week. It was so much fun for me to re-live the magical week we had. I think your mom almost had more fun than you girls. When your mom and dad mentioned going back to Disney World in four years, I was thinking “not me!” But after seeing all the pics, I’m ready to go again! It was, indeed, a magical week, and I know your mom put a lot of work into making everything perfect. Have a good week, and I’m gearing up for a terrific week in Nashville. Be sure to let Santa know that you will be at a Christmas house in Nashville this year. Love and prayers are coming your way. Love you to the moon and back! Granny

Early edition!

Surprise! It’s Friday and we are already posting. We won’t be able to post on Sunday but you’ll find out why next week. We’ve got to keep our readers coming back 🙂 We had a fun week with all kinds of Christmas festivities, including a ride on the Pink Pig with Party, Patrick and Aunt LeAnn. We also got to take them to the Music Lights. We sure are enjoying all of the events and excitement of Christmas and hope you are, too. Enjoy these pictures and check back a week from Sunday for pictures and updates from our special surprise–stay tuned!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We had a wonderful week spending time with family and hope you did as well. The week started with Kitt and Garet going to Art Camp and then all three of us going for well-care check ups on Tuesday. Then we hit the road! We stayed at Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Gene’s until Sunday. We went with Mommy and Daddy to a really great museum one day–Ryan was so tired that night she fell asleep at the table! We enjoyed feeding Uncle Gene’s chickens, playing with our cousins, eating lots of good food and enjoying each other’s company.  We got home today and were excited to see Aunt Kristen.  We went with Mommy and Granny to an art party where we got to see Santa Claus.  As long as Mommy stayed close, Kitt and Garet were fine, but Ryan did NOT like Santa!  The highlight of the day for Garet was going to see the “music lights” tonight!  We all enjoyed the lights very much and have especially enjoyed spending this week with so many people we love.  We hope your Thanksgiving was extra special, too.


What a fun time we had with you. it is a blessing for us that we have so many family members who love us and enjoy spending time with us. Have a great week, enjoy those terrific music lights, and I will see you on Saturday. Love and kisses are coming your way. Love you, granny