Fall Fun!

There aren’t a lot of pictures this week, but don’t think it’s because we weren’t busy!  We got to see Aunt LeAnn, Uncle Barry, Parky and Patrick one night which was a  lot of fun.  Kitt and Garet hosted Mommy, Ryan and Aunt Kristen at school for Thanksgiving lunch.  Mommy took Ryan to Hippo Hopp to take her “new legs” out for a spin and she had a great time walking all over the place.  It is really cold here, so we stayed inside most of today but we are looking forward to a fun week getting to do some fun things while we’re out of school and also getting to see lots and lots of family!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving……


Thank you sweet girls for another lovely blog.- an obvious fun-filled week for you. I’m counting down the days until I see you this week. Won’t it be fun to celebrate Thanksgiving with so many special relatives? It is great that you have the whole week off of school! Have a fun ride to S.C., and I’ll see you soon. Love and kisses, Granny


Pictures please

There are lots of pictures from this week so we hope you enjoy them all! We had a really fun week again. On Thursday Mommy, Ryan and Aunt Kristen came to school to see Kitt and Garet sing in their school program. It was fun for all.  On Thursday night we had a fabulous time at the Botanical Gardens Festival of Lights.  We had S’Mores, in addition to seeing all the spectacular lights and trains. Friday at school, it was Superhero Day so some super hero friends came to our school.  On Saturday we went to Macon for Parky’s 3rd birthday party and then back to his house to play for a little while.  This was the first time we met his baby brother, Patrick.  After the party we went to our neighborhood clubhouse for a fall festival where we rode ponies and did some other fun activities.  Sunday we all overslept (must have needed it) so took it easy most of the day.  Aunt Kristen came with us to get our hair cut.  Check out our new dos down below!  Our biggest news this week is that Ryan is walking!!!  As everyone predicted once she decided she was ready she would let go of the finger and take off.  She turned 18 months old on Thursday and started walking on Saturday.  She is so excited about it, too!  We hope you have a great week and enjoy all of these pictures!

Indeed it was a busy week for all of you – so many pictures which were fantastic. Looks as though it was cold in your area with everyone bundled up. Of course, I love your new hairdos – Ryan getting her first haircut didn’t appear to be a happy one for her. How exciting that she is now walking – I have played her video so many times as it is so entertaining. Look out sisters as she will be chasing you all around. Aunt Kristen also told me that Kitt and Garet may get to go swimming this week as she babysits Ryan. I know how much you enjoy that. Also glad to see you are not afraid of ponies. Isn’t it fun riding them? It’s getting closer to Thanksgiving, and I understand you’re practicing what you are thankful for. No doubts with me – I’m thankful for you sweet girls. I love you and pray for you daily. With kisses, Granny

Hello super heroes Kitt and Garet and walker Ryan! Wow, you sure have had a lot of activities to keep you busy this past week and they all looked like fun too. I’m sorry the weather did not allow you to get your Christmas photos taken. I love your new hair-dos and hope you are happy with them too. I imagine you are back at Coralwood today and learning lots of new things. Are you still enjoying going to Coralwood every day? It’s raining at Granny and Poppy’s house today so I’ll be inside most of the day getting caught up on little chores that I’ve been putting off for a while. Ryan, keep up the good work on your walking. You looked like you had been walking on your own for months when I saw the video. I think you just enjoy holding someone’s hand, don’t you? Take care girls and I hope to see you soon. Love you lots! …Poppy

Back to normal (sort of)

There are not a lot of pictures this week and a lot of them are of Ryan at the park but no complaining please! We’ve been busy getting back into our normal routine without the benefit of extra help in town. Everyone left on Sunday so we’ve had the week to get used to the time change and to not having Granny and Poppy downstairs to go see every morning.  We have spent some time at the park and of course, time with Aunt Kristen.  One day Mommy took Kitt and Garet swimming at an indoor pool which was fun and we had a special girls day with Kitt, Garet, Mommy and Aunt Kristen to go see the Rockette’s Christmas Spectacular Show.  It was spectacular indeed!  As you can see, Ryan really loves sliding and has also taken up typing.  We are taking our time adjusting to the time change–we are getting up a little too early for Mommy and Daddy’s liking, but we’ll get used to it.  We hope you are enjoying the cooler weather and beautiful fall colors.  See you next week!
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Hi Girls! It looks like you’ve had another fun week. How did you enjoy the Rockette’s? I remember seeing them when I was a small boy growing up in New York City. Did they kick their legs high in the air? Is that Garet I see on the climbing wall? It looks like you almost made it to the top, Garet. Good job! I love the picture of Kitt with Aunt Kristen and Ryan typing on Mommy’s computer. Could it be we may have another journalist in the family? Today is Veteran’s Day and I hope your Mommy and Daddy told you all about veterans and how special they are and how they serve our country and help keep us a free Nation. I hope you have another great week. Love you lots! …Poppy

You girls amaze me at the fun things you do every week. Your mommy and Aunt Kristen are so creative in locating places for you to go. I wish I could have been with you to see the Rockettes. We took your mommy, Aunt Kristen and Uncle Michael to the show in New York. I think they were too young to remember. Ryan, your picture at the computer reminded me of a picture of Aunt Kristen on my knee typing on an “old fashioned” typewriter. You girls will probably never use one of those. I bought you a Christmas tree that you can set up in your bedroom. Your mommy had one in her bedroom when she was a little girl. I’m counting down the days until Thanksgiving, and we can celebrate with you in South Carolina. Until then, love and kisses are going your way. I love you, Granny

Family and costumes and fun and…..

What an incredible week we had! Granny, Poppy and GAMA were here all week and we also got to see a lot of Aunt Kristen. We are so lucky to get to spend so much time with them; we just wish everyone lived here! Kitt and Garet both have commented several times tonight how they wish Granny, Poppy, GAMA, Uncle Michael and Uncle Mark lived here all the time. Mommy and Daddy do, too! Anyway, it was a great week with lots of fun adventures. Mommy and Ryan went to the Botanical Gardens one day to see the scarecrows for the last time this year. Of course, Kitt and Garet did gymnastics and ballet as usual. On Wednesday Granny and Mommy came to Coralwood for the Pumpkin Patch which was such a fun day. There was a hay ride, a petting zoo and a place where they got to choose a pumpkin.  Another day we all drove down to a farm south of the city to spend the afternoon.  There were animals and parks along the way.  Of course, Thursday was Halloween so Minnie Mouse, Doc McStuffins and Snow White all had a great time trick-or-treating in our neighborhood.  Something new happened this weekend as Mommy and Daddy went away for the weekend for the very first time since Kitt and Garet were born.  That left us in the very capable hands of Aunt Kristen, Granny, Poppy and GAMA.  We had so much fun sleeping in Mommy and Daddy’s bed, not having to get our hair combed, getting to eat a few extra treats and some other things we don’t want Mommy to know about 🙂  We loved every minute of it and we also know how much Mommy and Daddy appreciated getting to go away.  We were also so happy when they came home–we can’t wait for them to do it again!  We are missing everyone tonight but sure are thankful for our family who loves us so much and gets to spend so much time with us.  We can’t wait to see everyone again at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Hoping all of you had as wonderful a week and weekend as we did.
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Poppy is having Little Llama withdrawal this morning. I sure did enjoy being with you this past week and participating in your special events, especially celebrating Kitt and Garet’s 4th birthday. What a special time that was! All of you are growing so fast and I am so proud of you all. And wasn’t it fun “trick or treating” too! I loved going from house to house in search of special treats with Minnie Mouse, Doc McStuffins and Snow White! Ryan, you are really walking very well by holding hands and I’m sure in a very short time you will have the confidence to be walking on your own. Poppy really enjoyed taking care of you girls this weekend with the help of Granny, Aunt Kristen and GAMA while your Mommy and Daddy had a nice weekend away. I hope you have a fun week. I miss you so much already and look forward to seeing you again at Thanksgiving time. Bye for now. Poppy loves you!!!

Good morning sweet girls! When I awakened this morning I was a little confused as to where I was. Then I remembered I wasn’t sleeping at your house, but I was home in my own bed. Oh, how I miss you so. It was a great two weeks with everyone and participating in all the fun activities you had. It was especially exciting to go to your school and be a part of the fall festivities. Of course, going to Piedmont Park and Aunt Kristen’s apartment were also special. I have told you this; but I can’t tell you enough, that you are blessed to have Aunt Kristen who adores you girls. I hope our “breaking the rules” a little while your parents were out of town is not making life difficult for them. I know you thought it was great getting to sleep in the big bed with Aunt Kristen, but you now need to stay in your beds ALL night. I know this will be a fun week for you as your parents always make every day special. I will be thinking about you all day and wondering what you are doing. I am sending you lots of love and kisses. Granny