On the mend and birthday fun!

The week got off to a rough start, but after a few days everyone was well and ready to celebrate! Kitt’s fever lasted for 3 days which is when they like to see kids at the doctor. After a few tests to rule out what it wasn’t, we went to the hospital to get a chest X-ray to find out she had a mild case of pneumonia. She made a remarkably quick recovery though! She stayed home from school Monday and Tuesday but was back to her usual self by Tuesday morning. The lucky thing for Mommy (and everyone else) is that Granny arrived Monday morning to help out with Ryan and the book fair at school. The timing couldn’t have been better though as she stayed home with Kitt both days she was home. Anyway, the rest of the week was busy as Poppy, GAMA and Uncle Michael arrived to help Kitt and Garet celebrate their birthday. Friday was fun as we had a character parade at school, cupcakes with their class, and then a family celebration dinner at Mr. Rob’s. The party was lots of fun, of course, and we got to celebrate with lots of our friends. After the party, Uncle Michael and Aunt Kristen gave us our present–new big girl bikes! Garet loves hers and is getting really good already; Kitt loves hers too, but right now prefers to push her babies around on it!  We are all so glad to have so many friends and family that love us and get to spend so much time with us!  Luckily, Granny, Poppy and GAMA are going to get to spend the whole week with us so we are looking forward to some fun times ahead!
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