Getting excited!

We had a great first part of the week but then we got flu shots! The flu shot did not really agree with Kitt as she has been really lethargic and feverish ever since. She seemed to be feeling better in the afternoon today. In fact, she felt well enough to go to the multiples club party at Hippo Hopp! It was fun as the club rented the whole place so we knew lots of people there.  We had lots of fun playing outside in the beautiful fall weather and also enjoyed getting to see Aunt Kristen this week.  On Saturday, Daddy took Kitt and Garet to the airport to play since it was raining and Aunt Kristen came over again to play.  Speaking of visitors, Granny is coming tomorrow and then some other special people are coming later in the week.  We’ve been told two special little girls are turning 4 this week!!!  We will have lots of fun things to tell you about next week so stay tuned.


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