On the mend and birthday fun!

The week got off to a rough start, but after a few days everyone was well and ready to celebrate! Kitt’s fever lasted for 3 days which is when they like to see kids at the doctor. After a few tests to rule out what it wasn’t, we went to the hospital to get a chest X-ray to find out she had a mild case of pneumonia. She made a remarkably quick recovery though! She stayed home from school Monday and Tuesday but was back to her usual self by Tuesday morning. The lucky thing for Mommy (and everyone else) is that Granny arrived Monday morning to help out with Ryan and the book fair at school. The timing couldn’t have been better though as she stayed home with Kitt both days she was home. Anyway, the rest of the week was busy as Poppy, GAMA and Uncle Michael arrived to help Kitt and Garet celebrate their birthday. Friday was fun as we had a character parade at school, cupcakes with their class, and then a family celebration dinner at Mr. Rob’s. The party was lots of fun, of course, and we got to celebrate with lots of our friends. After the party, Uncle Michael and Aunt Kristen gave us our present–new big girl bikes! Garet loves hers and is getting really good already; Kitt loves hers too, but right now prefers to push her babies around on it!  We are all so glad to have so many friends and family that love us and get to spend so much time with us!  Luckily, Granny, Poppy and GAMA are going to get to spend the whole week with us so we are looking forward to some fun times ahead!
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Getting excited!

We had a great first part of the week but then we got flu shots! The flu shot did not really agree with Kitt as she has been really lethargic and feverish ever since. She seemed to be feeling better in the afternoon today. In fact, she felt well enough to go to the multiples club party at Hippo Hopp! It was fun as the club rented the whole place so we knew lots of people there.  We had lots of fun playing outside in the beautiful fall weather and also enjoyed getting to see Aunt Kristen this week.  On Saturday, Daddy took Kitt and Garet to the airport to play since it was raining and Aunt Kristen came over again to play.  Speaking of visitors, Granny is coming tomorrow and then some other special people are coming later in the week.  We’ve been told two special little girls are turning 4 this week!!!  We will have lots of fun things to tell you about next week so stay tuned.

All is well….

We had some fun activities this week including a long overdue visit to Hippo Hopp. We had not been there in a while so it was great to be back!  There are a couple of pictures of Ryan from her school where she seems to be happy.  The teachers do say she is such a sweet girl, but we already knew that. Garet still loves ballet and Kitt enjoys all kinds of things, but especially playing in her room and in the play room.  She says “mim-nastics” is her favorite thing to do.  We also all went swimming this week at the YMCA.  Of course, Mommy couldn’t take any pictures because she was so busy watching all three of us swim!  Mommy, Aunt Kristen, Kitt and Garet had a super fun time on Saturday filled with time at Aunt Kristen’s apartment, a fun ride on SkyView (a giant ferris wheel that we also happened to ride when it was on Pensacola Beach), and a Disney on Ice show. We loved it! Mommy and Aunt Kristen really loved watching our faces during the show. We got a souvenir wand, cotton candy, and Mickey ears in addition to getting to see a great performance.  As you can see in some of the pics, Ryan scraped her face up a bit when she fell off the front porch step.  You wouldn’t know it though as it hasn’t phased her a bit.  When Mommy gets out the medicine, though, she immediately points to her nose as if to tell Mommy where to put the medicine!  On Sunday, we had a fun day going to see a softball game with Aunt Kristen and then getting doughnuts at Krispy Kreme.  Phew–what a week!  We are tired and are looking forward to a day off from school tomorrow.  See you next week!

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Oh girls, how much I enjoyed your blog this week. I loved all the pictures; however, my favorite was the Krispy Kreme donut hat one. Ryan has her pinky finger poked into her donut hole; garet has her chocolate one with sprinkles; and even though I couldn’t see kitt’s, I am sure she had her striped chocolate cookie in front of her. You girls don’t stand a chance against the addiction to these donuts because poppy and your mommy love them, too. You girls are so fortunate to have an aunt as kind as your aunt Kristen. Like you girls, she, too, loves all the Disney characters. I am glad to hear you “finally” got to hippo hopp. You truly love that place. Granny will be at your house this time next week so stay well and be careful (no falls before your birthday). Love you lots, granny

Fall is in the air!

We had a fun week with lots going on as always! As you can see we spent some time at the Botanical Gardens.  They have lots of new things for the Fall so we enjoyed seeing the scarecrows in the garden and also the other fall activities.  One of the pictures below has a sneak peek at our costumes for the book character parade.  Anyone think they know? We hope you enjoy the fun pictures of our adventures and we will see you next week!

Hello Sweet Girls, Boy, your mom was great taking so many pictures this week – all of which are fantastic! Poor Garet, you must have had a busy day doing your ballet because you are literally zonked out! Yes, fall is in the air as is evidenced by the pumpkins and flowers. The Botanical Gardens appears to be a fantastic place. You girls are truly getting to be so tall – like your mommy and daddy. Ryan, I think you were doing the itsy bitsy spider in one of your pictures. How you enjoy doing that. Poppy and I are counting down the days until we come for your birthday. Continue having fun and being such sweet girls. I am sending you lots of love and kisses. Granny

Hi Kitt, Garet and Ryan! I’m very happy that Fall is in the air and all of you appear to be enjoying the fall activities. Kitt and Garet, you are getting so tall. It looks like you’re almost 4 feet tall already. I love the way you are able to hang and swing from the gymnastics bar in your doorway. And, Ryan, thank you for throwing Poppy a kiss. I felt it all the way down here in Pensacola. All of you look like you’re really having fun sitting by the pumpkins and the colorful flowers. Garet and Kitt, you look like you are best friends sitting and standing together with your arms around each other. I’ll bet you are getting excited about your upcoming birthday and halloween, too! Thanks for sharing another fun week with all your family and friends who regularly follow your activities on the blog and I look forward to another update next week. I love you lots!!! …Poppy