Practice pictures!

We did a lot of things this week but Mommy didn’t take pictures of most of the things. However, she is taking a photography class, so you get to see some of her practice shots. If you want to see the other 400 or so just let her know and she will send you the link 🙂  Of course, we had Granny here with us the first part of the week and were sad to see her go.  We are looking forward to her coming back for Kitt and Garet’s birthday in a little less than a month.  The first few pictures are of us at school.  A tractor trailer came to Kitt and Garet’ school for a little visit so we had fun sitting in it.  Ryan has lots of fun exploring her classroom, too.  Daddy took all three of us to the park on Saturday which was lots of fun and also took Kitt and Garet to his office after soccer practice on Sunday.  They love drawing and playing at his office.  Everything else was pretty normal.  We got to see Aunt Kristen some although she was out of town this weekend.  Kitt and Garet are still playing soccer, doing gymnastics and especially loving ballet!  Ryan really enjoys her music class, too.  We hope you all have a wonderful week and enjoy the cooler weather like we are!

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Wow, girls, you were mighty busy after Granny left. Having the tractor trailer come to your school appears to be a winner! How exciting for you to sit behind that big steering wheel. Again, your mom has been her creative self by making you capes. I wonder what she used to make them!!!! I’m glad the t-ball stand Granny bought is still being used. Look out, though, as Ryan will want to try it. She wants to do everything her big sisters do. As always, you girls look just beautiful, and Granny loves you immensely. I’m counting down the days until I’m back up there for your 4th birthday. Love, kisses and prayers going your way. Granny


Granny’s here

Granny came this week and we are having such a great time with her here! She brought us lots of surprises and has been playing games, singing songs, helping put us to bed…..the list goes on as she does it all! So many times Kitt has told Granny that she wishes Granny were always here (and wants Poppy to come here, too!) There are lots of fun pictures this week of our activities and Mommy has decided to let them speak for themselves. One other note is that Ryan has taken lots of steps this week–YAY!! Have a fun week.


Granny returned to Pensacola today and actually started crying when the plane landed. I had such a fantastic week with everyone, and I am sad to be leaving you but someone has to “take care” of Poppy! I will miss those early mornings when you would come into my room already dressed for school, our times having tea, playing ball and the list goes on and on. I won’t miss the eating out and ice cream trips as Granny doesn’t need to gain any more weight. I know you will have fun at school, and ballet will be extra special with new tutus! Love you lots and miss you so much. Sending you lots of love, Granny

Busy little girls!

We had so many new adventures this week and are excited to share them with you! The week was pretty typical with our normal activities. Kitt and Garet did resume gymnastics and Ms. Tawana was so happy to see them and couldn’t believe how much Ryan had grown. Then the weekend came! On Friday night we went with Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark to go the Atlanta BBQ Festival. We had good food and lots of fun! Then Saturday came. We had planned on making a quick trip downtown to meet Doc McStuffins. We all went down to the park where the event was being held only to find out there was about a 5 hour wait to meet Doc!!!! No worries though–we are patient little girls! We had plenty of things to do to stay occupied including going to the children’s museum, having lunch and then going to see the Elmo Live show. Daddy took Ryan home to get a nap while Kitt and Garet stayed with Mommy, Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark for the show. After the show it was our time to meet Doc. We waited so very patiently in the long line only to find out Doc had somewhere else to be. We handled it very well and still enjoyed examining our toys and visiting the Doc Mobile. On Sunday, Kitt and Garet had their very first soccer practice and they were great! We can’t wait to tell you more about soccer as the season goes on. Finally, there is also a picture from school–Garet is marking herself “present” using the smart board.  As for Ryan, she is still working on taking steps–any day now, I tell you–any day!
soccer IMG_0155 IMG_0152 IMG_0147 DSC_0090 DSC_0086 DSC_0085 DSC_0076 DSC_0071 DSC_0068 DSC_0063 DSC_0059 DSC_0058 DSC_0056 DSC_0041 DSC_0039 DSC_0025 DSC_0022 DSC_0021 DSC_0018 DSC_0017 DSC_0004 Doc Garet at smart board

I’m sorry girls that you were unable to meet Doc McStuffin, but you seem to have made the most of all the other activities. Of course, you both look adorable in your Minnie Mouse and Doc McStuffin outfits. I am surprised your mommy let you wear them since they are your Halloween costumes. Kitt, I think maybe you were spitting out the barbeque instead of eating it! You look like your are enjoying practicing soccer. Did your mom tell you she played one season on a soccer team with all boys? I’m glad to see more girls are getting involved in soccer. Granny will be there day after tomorrow so I am anxious to go with you to all your fun activities. No doubt, we will be visiting Mr. Rob’s for cheese dip and chips and also to the nearby market for ice cream cones. Granny did promise to take you to Publix to pick out your favorite ice cream. And, Garet, since there is no Krispy Kreme in Atlanta, do you think we could go to Dunkin Donuts for you to select a doughnut. Ryan, I hope you will begin walking while I’m there! We’ll keep practicing!!!! I’m all packed so I’ll see you soon. Sending you lots of love, kisses and prayers. Granny

Parties and fun days galore!

We had a great week with so many exciting things happening! On Monday, there was no school, so we all went with Mommy, Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark to the indoor play place. Kitt and Garet had a fun time making play-doh with Mommy for their class.  It smells like apples!!!  All three of us went to a birthday party on Saturday for a friend, Will, from our old school.  You know how much we love a bounce house.  Will’s sister Hannah had fun playing with Ryan (and giving her a sip of water)!  Kitt and Garet had a fun water day at school on Friday so Mommy and Ryan went up to help.  Friday was also their first ballet class!  Don’t they look like perfect ballerinas? On Friday night, we all went (including Aunt Kristen) to Coralwood’s Homecoming–it was a fun night with pizza, games and a parade.  Finally, on Saturday Aunt Kristen and Mommy took Kitt and Garet to a party at Young Chef’s Academy–it was an open house with lots of fun things to try, make and do.  We had so much fun getting to be chefs for the day!  Oh and Ryan took a step!!!  She let go and took one step.  She didn’t fall which is good so hopefully this week she will take another couple of steps.  Tonight we had our friends from church, Samuel and Benjamin (and their Mommy and Daddy) over for dinner which was great! We had so much fun this week and look forward to new things starting tomorrow!
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Whew, Granny and Poppy are exhausted just reading about your week and seeing all the fun things you did. You girls never have a dull week. We are excited about Ryan taking a step. By the time Granny gets there next week, she will probably have to chase her around the house. How adorable, Ryan, you look with a bow in your hair. As always, Kitt and Garet, you also look adorable – one picture you have on chef hats and another you have on ballet outfits. We knew this Friday would be ballet class so we’re happy you included those pictures. Maybe you can teach your mommy and Aunt Kristen some ballet moves!

Hello you 3 adorable and smart little girls! Poppy enjoyed reading all about your last weeks activities and seeing all of your photos. Once again it appears that you had a busy but fun filled week at both school and play. I really liked the idea of a Coralwood homecoming. Was that a parade I even saw going down the school corridor? I’ll bet you’re having fun at ballet class too. Kitt, I hope that’s not too tiring for you! :) Rumor has it that there may be soccer in your futures. If that’s true I’ll be anxious to hear how you all enjoyed playing soccer. Make sure Mommy takes lots of pictures too. Ryan, how’s the walking coming? You look like you’re getting close to going off on your own. I’ll bet if Garet walks you around a little more, you’ll be off and running before you know it. That’s all for now, so take care and have another great week. Love you lots!!! …Poppy

Here, there, everywhere!

We had another really fun week with all kinds of adventures. Kitt and Garet had a great week of school as they are both adjusting well to being there every day. Ryan had a wonderful first day, too! She cried at drop-off but then her teachers said she didn’t cry again. Mommy enjoyed getting to have a pedicure that morning, too! With all the going during the day, sometimes Ryan takes a nap in the car which means we can all go and do something in the afternoon. One day this week we returned to a place we hadn’t been in a while–Fernbank! We had a lot of fun playing there. Mommy and Ryan had a couple of adventures in the mornings. One day they went to the Zoo and one day to the Botanical Gardens with Charlotte and her Mommy.  On Saturday, we got to spend all day with Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark.  During the day, we went with them, Mommy and Daddy to the Decatur Book Festival.  We got our faces painted and balloon animals along with some tasty treats.  Later in the evening, Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark babysat while Mommy and Daddy went out on a date.  We had lots of fun with them!  We hope you all are doing well and looking forward to a Labor Day holiday tomorrow.


Girls, what a great blog. This is both Granny and Poppy writing this as we are on a big ship on our way to Sweden. We couldn’t go a week without seeing your lovely faces and learning what you have been doing. We’re so happy your mommy and daddy got a date night – something they deserve! Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark are great babysitters. Granny found a unique gift for you girls, and she will be bringing in it a few weeks. Have another fun-filled week. We love you lots and pray for you every day. We look forward to next week’s blog.