Walking, coughing, riding!

So much has happened this week and we have some fun things to report. Ryan is almost walking! She is very confident holding someone’s fingers and walking around; she will even do one finger, but she is not quite ready to let go. It won’t be long though! Unfortunately, both Kitt and Garet have gotten sick over the past few days. Kitt even had to miss school one day which meant Garet went all by herself. They both did great being apart for the day. Kitt is well on her way back to 100% but now Garet has started coughing, too. Hopefully, they will be better soon and no one else will get it. Mommy took Kitt and Garet to Addie’s birthday party today. You might remember that Addie was in the NICU with them! We guess you could say Addie was our first friend! She has gotten big just like us and we had fun seeing her. For her party, they had PONY RIDES! It was so much fun, and both Kitt and Garet rode them for a long time. There are some videos for you to watch, too, in addition to the pictures. We got to see Aunt Kristen a couple of times this week–today she brought over a bat and balls for us to practice playing with. Daddy said Garet is a natural at baseball and Kitt loved playing. We all went to Hippo Hopp, of course, and had fun playing there. Ryan is really starting to get the hang of the bounce houses and other toys, too. We may not have told you that Ryan is going to go to “school” one day a week starting on Wednesday so we got to meet all three of her teachers this week. They seem really nice, so hopefully she will enjoy getting to meet some new friends there. We hope you all have a great week, too!

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What a terrific blog you wrote this week. I was, though, sorry to hear you were sick but knowing your Mommy, she has “doctored” you girls and you are all better! But, my how you were styling this week. Even down to your sleep wear! Where in the world did you find such a big Minnie? I’m glad to see you are no longer afraid of ponies! I know you always have fun at Addie’s parties; however, I did notice Kitt had her usual chocolate cookie instead of birthday cake! Ryan, you must think you’re a “big girl” standing on the couch. We are all going to be so excited to see you walking. Wasn’t that sweet of Aunt Kristen to bring you a bat and some balls. She seems to go out of her way to find just the right things to buy for you. She truly loves you–almost as much as Granny does! Just kidding. You girls are loved by lots of people. Granny and Poppy leave today for a two week vacation so I may not be able to write on your blog for a couple of weeks, but I’m going to try. Have a great first day at school, Ryan, Stay well girls, and Granny will say a prayer for you everyday. I love you lots, Granny


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