Walking, coughing, riding!

So much has happened this week and we have some fun things to report. Ryan is almost walking! She is very confident holding someone’s fingers and walking around; she will even do one finger, but she is not quite ready to let go. It won’t be long though! Unfortunately, both Kitt and Garet have gotten sick over the past few days. Kitt even had to miss school one day which meant Garet went all by herself. They both did great being apart for the day. Kitt is well on her way back to 100% but now Garet has started coughing, too. Hopefully, they will be better soon and no one else will get it. Mommy took Kitt and Garet to Addie’s birthday party today. You might remember that Addie was in the NICU with them! We guess you could say Addie was our first friend! She has gotten big just like us and we had fun seeing her. For her party, they had PONY RIDES! It was so much fun, and both Kitt and Garet rode them for a long time. There are some videos for you to watch, too, in addition to the pictures. We got to see Aunt Kristen a couple of times this week–today she brought over a bat and balls for us to practice playing with. Daddy said Garet is a natural at baseball and Kitt loved playing. We all went to Hippo Hopp, of course, and had fun playing there. Ryan is really starting to get the hang of the bounce houses and other toys, too. We may not have told you that Ryan is going to go to “school” one day a week starting on Wednesday so we got to meet all three of her teachers this week. They seem really nice, so hopefully she will enjoy getting to meet some new friends there. We hope you all have a great week, too!

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What a terrific blog you wrote this week. I was, though, sorry to hear you were sick but knowing your Mommy, she has “doctored” you girls and you are all better! But, my how you were styling this week. Even down to your sleep wear! Where in the world did you find such a big Minnie? I’m glad to see you are no longer afraid of ponies! I know you always have fun at Addie’s parties; however, I did notice Kitt had her usual chocolate cookie instead of birthday cake! Ryan, you must think you’re a “big girl” standing on the couch. We are all going to be so excited to see you walking. Wasn’t that sweet of Aunt Kristen to bring you a bat and some balls. She seems to go out of her way to find just the right things to buy for you. She truly loves you–almost as much as Granny does! Just kidding. You girls are loved by lots of people. Granny and Poppy leave today for a two week vacation so I may not be able to write on your blog for a couple of weeks, but I’m going to try. Have a great first day at school, Ryan, Stay well girls, and Granny will say a prayer for you everyday. I love you lots, Granny


Getting in a routine!

We had a busy week getting into a normal school routine. Kitt and Garet seem to really love their new school and their teachers. They come home every day telling of something fun they did. So far they have had music, library time, gone to the motor room (rainy day space to play), and have gotten to play on the playground every day that it didn’t rain. They like eating in the big cafeteria with all the other kids and seem to be meeting some new friends. Ryan and Mommy spent time together going to the grocery store, having lunch with friends, and hanging out together. She did have her 15 month birthday (and thus, her 15 month old check-up) this week. She is doing great and growing so well! She likes walking around holding someone’s fingers and has lots of words. Just for those of you who are curious, her words include Ma-Ma, Da-Da, No, All Done, BeBe (for her baby), Up, Down, Girl, and she even whispers “roar” like a lion. We got to see Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark a few times this week–we always enjoy seeing them! One day we picked them up and all drove to Krispy Kreme for a delicious treat but Mommy didn’t have her camera with her. In the pictures this week, there are a few that Ms. Adams, our teacher, sent to Mommy and some of Kitt and Garet that were taken for a “twin” project. We hope you enjoy them!

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Girls, another great blog this week. I’m thrilled to hear you like your new school. Are you able to check out books at the library. This blog, however, generated some questions: Where did Aunt Kristen get those big Minnie ears? Does Ryan now have pink sparkly shoes, too? Was that a “nightgown” Kitt was wearing? I’ve never seen you girls in nightgowns. Where did Garet get those big bows for her hair? I guess Granny needs to get up there to check out what’s going on!!!! I’m glad your mom is getting some “down time” to enjoy lunch with friends and do things that are easier to do with one girl instead of three!!!! Now I need you girls to teach Ryan how to say Granny! How nice that Uncle Mark is in town for I know how you love him. Aunt Kristen enjoys seeing you as much as you enjoy seeing her. Enjoy this week at school and Granny will be praying every day for you. I’m sending you lots of love and kisses. Granny

Off to school!

This week Kitt and Garet went to their last few days of MDO. We had fun there this summer and will miss going but are excited to be starting at Coralwood today! We have been talking about it and driving by on a regular basis for months now, and the day is finally here. More about that later, though. This week we went to Hippo Hopp and to Sensations Therafun to play. We had talked about going out of town for the weekend but changed our mind mid-week. It was a good thing, though, because it meant we got to see Emily, Frankie, William and their Mommy and Daddy. We spent the whole morning on Saturday with them at the pool and then they came to our house to play. It was so much fun and Mommy was especially glad to get to spend time with Kate. Of course, we got to spend time with Aunt Kristen a couple times this week! Ryan is really cruising things well but is not quite ready to let go and start walking. She continues to love watching Kitt and Garet play and is always laughing at things they do. On Wednesday we all went to Coralwood to meet our teachers and see our new school. We have three teachers and they all seem very nice. Our first day was great! We came home singing a new song and told Mommy all about the things we did. Even when we were being dropped off this morning Garet told Mommy she could just let us out at the door! (Mommy wasn’t quite ready for that!) And at pick up Kitt announced, “I like my school.” Mommy wrote us a letter for our first day of school and we wanted to share it with all of you.

Dear Kitt and Garet-

You started school today, and I know you are so excited! I am excited, too, as I know you are going to learn so much, meet so many new friends, have lots of fun and grow in so many ways. You will have experiences different than what I would be able to give you if you were still hanging out at home with me. I will miss you though! I will miss leisurely getting ready in the mornings and choosing together what activity we will do each day. Instead every morning you will get up and get ready to go to Coralwood. You will walk down the hallway to your class filled with anticipation of what you will do that day with your friends and your teachers, and I will eagerly await your return each day to hear all about your day. I am proud of both of you and know your friends and teachers will love knowing you, too. Kitt, they will love how sweet and helpful you are; they will love how well you take care of the class babies. They will love seeing your smile as you walk in the classroom and light up the room. Garet, they will love your enthusiasm and energy for life and for learning new things. They will love watching you play outside on the bikes, the swings and running around. They will love hearing your contagious laugh when you hear something funny. I know your class and your school will be a better place because the two of you are there. While I am excited for you, I am still a little sad. I will be sending you for a few hours each day to a less-than-perfect world. While I am not perfect either, I have always tried my best to show you unconditional love and acceptance, not to mention trying to protect you from every little thing that might hurt you. At school, I won’t be able to watch your every move and hear your thoughts and hug you when you need a hug, but I am sending you to school each day with all the things we have learned and experienced together every day leading up to this point. You are going to school having heard many times that you are loved; you are compassionate; you are kind; you are valuable; you are smart; you are caring; you are brave; you are courageous; and you are successful. Remember those things every day. I hope that you will go to school each day being kind and remembering to treat everyone better than you want to be treated. Know that Mommy and Daddy are your biggest fans and are so excited to hear about all that you will achieve. There are so many people who love you and who also can’t wait to hear all about your first day. I love you both so very much and am so proud of who you are and who you will grow to be this school year.

Love, Mommy

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How wonderful! I love seeing your pictures from your fun weekend and of your first day at school. So proud of you both! I can’t wait to hear more stories about your new school. Aunt LeAnn

Oh, Kitt and Garet: what heartfelt thoughts your Mommy wrote as she pondered your first day at Coralwood preschool. You both looked really sharp for your first day at school. Both of you, as well as Ryan, are so fortunate and blessed to have a Mommy and Daddy that love you so much. Poppy loves you too and is very proud of you all. I pray for all three of you daily and hope that all your days will be happy and joyous. I’m glad you were able to see and play with Emily, Frankie and William. And I know your Mommy was happy to see her friend Kate too. I hope you all have a wonderful week and I’ll be looking forward to your next blog. Love you lots!!! …Poppy

My, my–don’t you girls look fabulous! You look terrific (and so grown up!) in the new outfits you selected. They are so colorful. Garet, couldn’t you find something in purple? Just kidding. I love the pink you selected. I knew you would do great on your first day at your new preschool. Your mommy and daddy have done such a good job in preparing you for everything you are going to encounter. What fond memories these letters that your mom writes will generate when you are older. Did anymore girls join your class or is it still just three girls in a class of 16? Now, Kitt, I want to know if you are just “posing” on the diving board, or did you actually jump? What a nice treat to have your friends visiting this weekend. I know how much your mommy misses Kate so they had a lot of catching up to do. Ryan, this week you turn 15 months old so you are at the age when Aunt Kristen started walking! So maybe this will be the week! No matter when you walk, you get where you want to go no matter what! Continue to enjoy school, girls. Ryan, I think it’s great that you have your mommy all to yourself every morning. Enjoy that time. Have another great week, and you will be in my thoughts and prayers. Love you lots, Granny

A new place!

Can you believe there is a place in this city where we hadn’t been yet? We went to a new place called Sensations Therafun and had a blast! There are all kinds of riding toys, swings, a climbing wall, a zip line, toys, and so much more. All three of us went and tried just about everything there. The zip line was probably our favorite but it was hard for Mommy to help us and take pictures. Even Ryan enjoyed the swings and scooting all over the place. We also went to Hippo Hopp one day this week. On Tuesday, Mommy went down to Macon because Aunt LeAnn had another baby boy! His name is Patrick and we are so excited about getting to meet him soon. On Saturday, we all went with Mommy and Aunt Kristen for a “girls day” at the mall. Kitt and Garet got to choose a new outfit for their first day of school; we got tea at our favorite tea store, a piece of chocolate from Godiva and lunch. Aunt Kristen even let us try on a little makeup at the MAC store. We also went to the neighborhood pool today and spent some time on the playground. We are enjoying our last days of summer and look forward to whatever this week will hold!

Hello Kitt, Garet and Ryan! It Looks like another fun week for you girls. Poppy is very happy that you’re having such a good time before you start the new school year. Since you are enjoying the zip lines so much, Poppy may install one at his and Granny’s house by the time you come to visit again. Poppy is away at a meeting this week but thinking of you daily. I hope you have a wonderful week and have lots of fun! I love you all very much. …Poppy

Wow, what fun you girls had this week – always something exciting to do. I think Granny needs to go to the new place because there appear to be toys that would help her “balance!” I loved the videos your mom sent of both of you on the zip line. Maybe Poppy can “rig” up one for you next summer! Garet, all the swimming you do has truly built up the muscles in your legs. Kitt was wearing longer pants, but I imagine her muscles are growing, too! What a great idea to have a “girls’ date” at the mall. Maybe when I come in Sept. we can have another girls’ day. Isn’t it fun having Aunt Kristen visit you every week? Ryan, I am so happy I bought you “Scout” for your first birthday. Like your mommy, you love your doll baby! Garet, it looks like you are ready for your trip to Disney World. Your new outfit must have arrived. Talking about new outfits, I will be anxiously awaiting a picture of you dressed in your new clothes for the first day at your new school. Have another great week. Your mommy mentioned something about going out of town this weekend so I hope that happens. Enjoy each day, girls, and I send you lots of love and prayers. Love you a whole lot, Granny