Back in the swing….

It took us no time at all to get back into the swing of things at home after being at Granny and Poppy’s for three weeks! In fact, Kitt and Garet were back in school this week; we went to Hippo Hopp not one time–not two times, but three times in one week! We also went to Daddy’s office for a while on Saturday morning while Mommy got a little break. One of our favorite things this week was going with Aunt Kristen to another Braves game. We like to think we’re the Braves’ good luck charm as they’ve won both of the games we’ve gone to! We all had so much fun and Kitt and Garet loved getting to run from 3rd base to home up on the top level. We also got to go to the big pool with Aunt Kristen twice this week which is always lots of fun. Tonight, Garet swam all the way across the pool on her own (mostly!) and was so proud of herself! Kitt and Garet are both becoming such great swimmers and love being in the water. Today in church, Kitt and Garet got to stand in the front with baskets as people brought their money for the offering. It was just the two of them, and they looked so happy. As for Ryan, she is learning so much every day and really cruising the furniture well. This week she picked up the nail clippers from the table and started “clipping” her toe nails–she sure is observant. She also was playing doctor with us and when she opened her mouth and said “Ahhhh” Mommy saw one of her molars coming in! She is becoming such a big girl so quickly. We are looking forward to some more fun things this coming week!


Good morning sweet girls, What a play with your words with the title of your blog “Back In the Swing” with your second trip to the Braves. What lucky girls. Granny has never sat in an elaborate booth at any ball park! You girls never seem to have a dull day – Hippo Hopp, swimming, going to your daddy’s office – and the fun goes on and on. I’m so proud of you girls standing at the front of the church – that can be a little scary – but you are such big girls that the church staff must have known you could handle the “job!” I wish I could see how you are swimming because you were doing such a terrific job while here. I went to Ms. Lisa’s pool one day last week and saw all your water toys. It made me sad! Ryan, we saw how smart you are when you were in Pensacola as you maneuvered your way up and down the stairs. Nothing was going to hold you back. A new molar – great news! Enjoy these last few weeks of summer because soon you will be going to your new school for big girls! Have a fun week, and I send prayers for you and lots of love and kisses. “gray haired” Granny

Hi Girls! Well, I’m glad that you are back into your routines but Poppy sure does miss seeing your smiling faces and your sweet voices. You all look very professional at your Daddy’s office. I especially liked the photo of you watching Elmo on the big screen TV. I loved the videos of Kitt and Garet running the bases at Turner Field. You must be good luck for the Braves because they have won every time you went to a game. And Ryan, are you walking yet or are you still scooting around on your bummie? You sure can move quickly like that! It looks like you had lots of fun at Hippo Hopp, too. I understand that Hippo Hopp has added a zip line and both Kitt and Garet really enjoy racing down the line and falling into the big box of plastic balls! I’ll be going for now but I think of you all every day and look forward to seeing you again! Love you lots!!! …Poppy


Home again, home again….

Sorry to say that we do not have many pictures to share with you this week! We do have some fun ones from our last week at Granny and Poppy’s but it’s not many. The weather was much nicer this last week so we got to swim more and also at the beach. We drove home on Saturday which was a LONG trip and we were glad to get home. Kitt was especially glad to see her “family” and Garet was glad to be back on the trampoline. Ryan was happy to have another set of stairs to navigate in addition to finding all kinds of new places where she could climb. We had such a wonderful time at Granny and Poppy’s and were sad to come home (especially Mommy)! We love getting to spend as much time with them as we do and are so thankful they are such an important part of our lives. We can’t wait to see you again soon, Granny and Poppy! Don’t be sad without us there 🙂


What a sweet blog you wrote this week. Even though there weren’t many pictures, they were all great. Since I didn’t go to the beach with you the second time, I wasn’t aware you got yourselves covered in sand. No wonder Granny has found sand in the bottom of her washing machine TWO times. My friend’s daughter, Molly, says thanks for coming to her grandmother’s pool. Her daughter never gets to play with girls as she is surrounded by boys; and after your visit, her daughter has no fear whatsoever of the “big” slide. Garet, you certainly were persistent about blowing up that balloon, but you made it. How good that blowing is for your lungs! Kitt, I know how happy you are to be in your own surroundings especially with your “family” all around you. And, Ryan, I am so glad I don’t have to be constantly looking for you wondering if you’re working your way up the stairs. However, I do miss you a lot, and Poppy and I are trying to stay busy so not to get lonesome. It is nice to lie down in my bed, and no one is jumping in saying “cock-a-doodle.” Love you lots, Granny

Rain won’t stop us…..

It has been raining lots and lots but we are still managing to have a great time! We went to a fancy lunch with Aunt Kristen and Auntie Kristin where we are right next to a giant fish tank.  We also went with Granny and Poppy to a new park and had fun playing there during one of the few sunny days.  On another sunny day, we took a fun boat ride which was our first time on a boat!  One evening Mommy and Poppy took us to Ft. Pickens for a fun evening to run around the forts.  While it was raining, one day Mommy, Granny and Auntie Kristin took Kitt and Garet to an indoor pool that had a diving board.  Garet has been wanting to jump off a diving board for a long time now and she did a great job at it.  Kitt decided she wanted to try the diving block and she also had a great time doing that.  There are a couple of videos for you to check out! Ryan has gotten so much better climbing the stairs and cruising the furniture; she also really loves playing in our bounce house.  Daddy came to town for the weekend which was a lot of fun.  He and Mommy took Kitt and Garet to a play and for ice cream.  He and Poppy also took Kitt and Garet to the Naval Air Station again.  We really seem to like that place!  Finally, tonight Mommy and Granny took all three of us to the beach and it was so fun!  This was Ryan’s first time in the ocean and Kitt and Garet’s first time in a while.  Garet especially loved the water while Kitt really loved the sand.  Ryan seemed indifferent to the water but wasn’t so sure about the sand on her feet.  All in all, we are still having a great time visiting Granny and Poppy!
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What a great blog you girls posted this week – so many pictures and two videos. It has been so much fun having you in Florida, but we are tired of the rain. Maybe your last week will be sunny every day. You girls truly keep Granny and Poppy “hopping” but we are so blessed that you want to visit us. I hope you always want to come to Granny’s and Poppy’s house. Kitt keeps asking me to come live with her, but maybe I can visit you more often. All three of you are so special and loved by so many. Your mom amazes me at what a great mom she is to you. One day you will realize how special she is. I look forward to our last week together in Florida. With much love and daily prayers, Granny

Hello from “The Sunshine State” (sunny????)

We are having such a great time in Florida, but unfortunately, it has been anything but sunny! Actually, we take that back. The weather was beautiful when we first arrived, but on Thursday night it started raining and it hasn’t stopped! In fact, Poppy estimates it has rained about 12 inches since Thursday! While we are still having fun, all that rain can really interfere with our swimming schedule. Don’t worry about us though–we have still been keeping very, very busy. Auntie Kristin has been over a lot playing with us and helping out our Mommy. At the beginning of the week, we did spend a lot of time at the pool and we are all impressing everyone with how great we have gotten in the pool. Speaking of impressing everyone, Ryan has made great strides this week! She is crawling all over the place, has learned to climb the stairs, has learned to pull up on furniture and is cruising all around the furniture. She even tried to take a step on her own tonight, but she fell! She also said “Poppy” which got lots of claps for her.  On Thursday, Kitt and Garet went with Mommy, Daddy and Poppy to a 4th of July festival where we got our faces painted, rode ponies, and played in bounce houses. It was a lot of fun! That night we all played with sparklers which was something new for us. Later in the week, Daddy and Aunt Kristen arrived and we have had lots of fun with them here. Aunt Kristen has been playing all kinds of games with us, and Daddy has spent lots of time with us at parks (when the rain stopped) and in the covered play area at the school right next door.  Poppy and Mommy took Kitt and Garet to the Naval Air Station which we loved.  Despite having been there every year since we were born, we were so excited to be at the museum and see all the planes.  It was so busy but we had fun!  Poppy was excited to show us the plane that he used to fly in; we also got to see an IMAX movie while we were there.  We all went to lunch at McGuire’s which was a bit of an ordeal but the atmosphere was fun!  As you can imagine we have been playing very hard but are enjoying ourselves a whole lot.  Hopefully this week will bring some more sunshine, but we will see!
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