Birthdays and swimming and playing…..

While we had another fun-filled week, you wouldn’t know it because there are so few pictures! One of our favorite things was celebrating Daddy’s birthday. We helped Mommy bake and decorate a cake AND cupcakes for his birthday. We sang to him and enjoyed getting cupcakes (or cookies, in Kitt’s case). We spent a lot of time at the pool–Garet and Kitt are getting really great in the pool, and Garet doesn’t even use her floatie anymore. Most of the time we were at our neighborhood pool, but on Sunday we went to Aunt Kristen’s pool. It was so much fun as we didn’t have to get out of the pool every hour for the lifeguards to take a break. In fact, we spent most of the weekend with Kristen which we always enjoy. On Saturday, she went with us to the Center for Puppetry Arts to see “The Cat in the Hat.” Of course, Mommy loves anything by Dr. Seuss so she loved the show, but so did everyone else.  We also got to see Aunt LeAnn, Uncle Barry and Parky for lunch on Friday and enjoyed some play time at Hippo Hopp.  We hope you have a fun week–see you next week when we will be coming to you from a different location!


Thank you girls for an interesting blog, but I truly missed seeing more pics of you. I was hoping I would see a pic of Kitt and Garet in Aunt Kristen’s “big” bathtub. Anyway, I loved what you did send. You did a great job on your daddy’s birthday cake; however, it is funny to see a Christmas wreath and Frosty on the windows of your sunroom in June. Do I dare ask why Kitt has a raincoat on inside the house? Because you want, too! Garet, you appear as though you are having a great time on your bike. I’ll be anxious to see them in real life when you bring them to Florida. All of you are like fish in the water. How nice that you have your choice of your neighborhood pool and Aunt Kristen’s pool. You may have a few choices when you come to my house, too. I’m counting down the days until Saturday. Have a great week, and I’ll be praying for your safe trip to Florida. Love you lots, Granny


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