News from Florida

We had a really fun week and now we are in Florida! At the beginning of the week, Garet earned her scooter! She was so excited to have gotten it and loves riding it almost every day. In fact, we even brought our scooters with us to Florida.  Garet continues to swim really well and Kitt loves being in the water.  Of course, Ryan enjoys watching everyone and soaking it all in.    We drove to Florida yesterday and are having a great time.  We have been playing outside, swimming a lot, playing at the park, playing with all kinds of things at Granny and Poppy’s and we even got to ride in Poppy’s truck to go get ice cream (yes, we had car seats!!)  We are looking forward to a lot of fun while we are here.  We will send you an update next week!
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Cherubs!  I’m so happy to see that you’re having such a good time at Granny and Poppy’s house, but I miss you back here in Georgia! :( My big bathtub wasn’t the same without a weekend visit from its favorite cherubs. I’m so glad I decided to come down and visit Florida when you’ll be there. Kitten, are you taking good care of my doll Dorothy? GG, were you so excited about getting your scooter that you went out and rode it in your jammy-jams, you silly girl?!?! And RyRy, it looks like someone found something nice (and extra oily!) to rub on your little bites. I bet they’ll be all healed in no time!  I can’t wait to see you all on Friday. Until then, have a great time with even MORE people who love you so much!

XOXOXO, Aunt Kristen


Birthdays and swimming and playing…..

While we had another fun-filled week, you wouldn’t know it because there are so few pictures! One of our favorite things was celebrating Daddy’s birthday. We helped Mommy bake and decorate a cake AND cupcakes for his birthday. We sang to him and enjoyed getting cupcakes (or cookies, in Kitt’s case). We spent a lot of time at the pool–Garet and Kitt are getting really great in the pool, and Garet doesn’t even use her floatie anymore. Most of the time we were at our neighborhood pool, but on Sunday we went to Aunt Kristen’s pool. It was so much fun as we didn’t have to get out of the pool every hour for the lifeguards to take a break. In fact, we spent most of the weekend with Kristen which we always enjoy. On Saturday, she went with us to the Center for Puppetry Arts to see “The Cat in the Hat.” Of course, Mommy loves anything by Dr. Seuss so she loved the show, but so did everyone else.  We also got to see Aunt LeAnn, Uncle Barry and Parky for lunch on Friday and enjoyed some play time at Hippo Hopp.  We hope you have a fun week–see you next week when we will be coming to you from a different location!


Thank you girls for an interesting blog, but I truly missed seeing more pics of you. I was hoping I would see a pic of Kitt and Garet in Aunt Kristen’s “big” bathtub. Anyway, I loved what you did send. You did a great job on your daddy’s birthday cake; however, it is funny to see a Christmas wreath and Frosty on the windows of your sunroom in June. Do I dare ask why Kitt has a raincoat on inside the house? Because you want, too! Garet, you appear as though you are having a great time on your bike. I’ll be anxious to see them in real life when you bring them to Florida. All of you are like fish in the water. How nice that you have your choice of your neighborhood pool and Aunt Kristen’s pool. You may have a few choices when you come to my house, too. I’m counting down the days until Saturday. Have a great week, and I’ll be praying for your safe trip to Florida. Love you lots, Granny

Summer is heating up!

Kitt and Garet enjoyed going to cooking camp two days this week. They said they had fun both days, but neither could tell Mommy what they cooked. Ryan and Mommy went to music class and had fun hanging out at home during the mornings when Kitt and Garet were busy with their activities. Kitt is proud to announce that she earned her scooter by going five days without any accidents! She enjoys riding on it and is getting better at it every day. Garet is looking forward to earning hers soon, too! We had a fun weekend celebrating Father’s Day. On Saturday, Kitt and Garet went with Daddy to a concert and then they met up with Mommy and Ryan at the petting zoo event with all the other multiples from the club. It was a fun morning for sure! Later Aunt Kristen came over and we had a great afternoon and evening with her at the big pool. She showed us lots of tricks like doing handstands in the water and diving off the diving board. On Sunday, we had a fun day again spending time with Mommy and Daddy at the park and then again at the big pool. Both Kitt and Garet are really getting great at swimming on their own. We also had fun showing Daddy the gift we made him and Skyping with Poppy so he could see his present, too. We hope you all are enjoying Father’s Day and got a chance to celebrate the dads in your life, or the men who are like dads to all of you! We know we are thankful for several men in our lives and all they mean to us and our family……

Hello Kitt, Garet and Ryan! It was fun Skyping with you this afternoon and seeing how much you have grown since I saw you last. I especially liked seeing the present you and your Mommy made for me for Father’s Day. I can’t wait to hang it on my wall in my hobby room so I can look at it every day and see your smiling faces. Poppy really enjoyed reading your blog and seeing all the new photos of you girls too. It looks like you’re really enjoying the summer months, especially swimming in the neighborhood pool. Congratulations, Kitt on your potty training and getting your new scooter. It looks like it’s lots of fun to ride. And Garet, I’m sure that you will go five days dry soon and earn your scooter as well. The petting zoo looked like it was lots of fun too. I noticed that even Ryan got into the activity. I thought the little pony and goat were very cute. I’ll bet they liked it when you brushed them. Did the bunny try to hop away when Ryan was petting it? Well, it’s getting late and Poppy is going to bed. I hope you have a really good week and I’ll be looking forward to reading all about your activities in next week’s blog. Love you lots! …Poppy

Hello girls! What a fun blog you posted this week. Your mommy always manages to find such fun things for you girls to do each week. I’m thrilled to see you petting the animals because in the past you have been so afraid of the animals at the petting zoos. It’s good to see you enjoying all kinds of animals. Big congrats, Kitt, on earning your new scooter. I’m rooting for you, Garet, so you can bring your scooter to Florida. I believe those knee high purple socks are your all time favorites. I see them in most every blog. Soon, though, it will be too hot to wear socks. Ryan, you always appear to enjoy whatever you are doing – a magnificient grin on your face all the time. Granny’s got your popsicles and ice cream already in the freezer so hurry and come visit!!! Sending you lots of love and kisses and praying for you every day. Granny

This and that!

We are still enjoying all of the activities that come with the warm weather. Perhaps one of the best things is that because of it staying light so long, we get to stay up a little later playing outside. We went to the neighborhood pool and Kitt jumped off the diving board several times. Garet kept going to the bottom of the pool to get the dive rings and Ryan loved splashing in the baby pool by herself and in the big pool with Mommy. As you can see in the pictures, Ryan also really enjoyed playing in the sprinkler toy. Kitt and Garet went to art camp two mornings and school two mornings. They seem to be enjoying so many activities. Of course, they still love going to swim lessons. On Friday we all (including Daddy) went to Hippo Hopp for the morning. That was fun, as always, as Garet bounced and bounced while Kitt and Ryan played with all the toys. Ryan and Mommy have been doing a few music classes while Kitt and Garet are in school so that has been fun, too. On Saturday, Daddy took Kitt and Garet bowling and then to the airport to ride the train and see many things that the airport has to offer! Mommy and Ryan hung out at home and relaxed a little. Today, Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark came over. They had been on vacation for 2 weeks so we were all very glad to see them. We are all looking forward to this week’s adventures!

It looks like another fun week at the Mackey household! You girls are so blessed to have an energetic mommy and daddy who take you to so many places and do so many things with you. Granny gets tired just scanning your blog! Kitt, do you think you could have carried one more thing on your arms, on your back or even your head?? You are one silly girl. Garet, I could not tell if you were super relaxed on the train or if you were asleep! Next time Granny is there, will you take me to the airport to ride the train? Yes, Ryan, you truly love the water. When you come to Pensacola you can swim every day in the pool next door to Granny’s house. That is always lots of fun. I heard from your mommy that Kitt and Garet are off to cooking classes today. That should be interesting to know what you cook. I’m glad you’re not here today because it has been raining all day – the kind of day Poppy likes for napping!!! Have another grand week, and I’ll be praying for you every day. Love and lots of kisses, Granny

Splashing into summer!

Monday was a holiday so we all went up to Sautee for the day. We went to the big pool there, but the water was FREEZING! Kitt and Garet swam for a little while but Ryan did not enjoy her first ever swimming trip. We swam, ate lunch, stopped at one of Poppy’s favorite places (Jaemor Farms) and also went to a fun store called “The Gourd Place.” Let’s just say everyone slept well that night. Of course, there was no school for Kitt and Garet this week so we went to Hippo Hopp one day and spent a lot of time playing at parks and going to our neighborhood pool. Luckily, the water was much warmer and Ryan loved it! She put her face in several times and also liked floating on her back. Garet and Kitt both jumped off the diving board for the first time! Garet jumped once, but Kitt loved it so much, she jumped off repeatedly the next day!  On Saturday, we all went to the splash park and had a fun time there.  We hope you are enjoying some fun in the sun as much as we are.  We will see you soon!

This blog should have been entitled “diving into summer!” Kitt and Garet, I am so impressed that you both jumped off the diving board into the water. You have really come a long way since you first started your swimming lessons. And Ryan even you got into the act by floating on your back and putting your face in the water. Poppy is happy that you were able to spend the Memorial Day holiday in Sautee. Did you know that is one of Poppy’s favorite north Georgia towns? I love the little general store there as well as the coffee house. And you even got to stop at Jaemor Farms–my favorite place for buying boiled peanuts!!! It looks like you really had a good time at the Gourd Store too. Those most have been big gourds in order for Kitt and Garet to put them over their heads. And I loved the gourd dolls that looked like a bear and a mouse. Garet, did you bake some cookies this week? They look yummy! And Ryan, were you trying to catch the water at the splash park? I’ll bet you all had fun running in and out of the streams of water. Well, I’ll say bye for now and hope you have another fun filled week. Poppy is excited about seeing you all again at the end of the month and I’ll be looking forward to reading all about your coming weeks activities in your next blog. Love you lots! …Poppy

How much fun to look at your blog in California with Great Aunt Trina looking over my shoulder! You girls had a fantastic week with so many fun activities. Kitt, does Pooh even go to the playground with you? No wonder he smells so bad when I come to visit you! Garet, I’m eager to know what kind of cookies you were baking. Don’t forget how to make them so you can make them for Granny. I’m happy that Ryan is enjoying the pool as much as you girls do. Your mommy is going to be kept mighty busy watching all three of you at the neighborhood pool. It won’t be much longer until you are here – can’t wait. Love you lots, Granny