Hopping, playing, growing…..

We got to go to one of our favorite places twice this week–Hippo Hopp! We went with Mommy on Monday for Hilda the Hippo’s birthday party, complete with face paining, balloon animals, birthday cake and jumping! We went again today with Mommy, Daddy, Poppy and Aunt Kristen. Speaking of Poppy, we got to spend this weekend with him which was lots of fun. We went to the Taqueria with him, Mason Mill Park, lunch at Sprig and had lots of fun playing at home, too. We always love when he is here. It was a short visit but he will be back soon with Granny for someone’s special birthday party! Ryan is getting so big and is really moving around a lot.  She doesn’t crawl but she sure does scoot.  It is so hard to believe she will be one year old in a few weeks.  This was a pretty typical week complete with gymnastics, swim, and play time at home so we hope you enjoy the pictures.
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Good morning, girls! Poppy woke up this morning and missed seeing your bright, smiling faces. Poppy sure had a fun time with you this weekend. I especially liked going to Mason Mill Park and watching you climb, jump and swing. Kitt and Garet, you have grown so much and it won’t be too long before Ryan is playing with you too. Thanks for a great weekend and for showing me your new school. I’m looking forward to seeing you again for Ryan’s birthday. Wow! It’s hard to believe Ryan is almost 1 year old already. Have a great and fun filled week. Love you lots! …Poppy

Happy Monday! I wonder what exciting place you have planned for today. You girls always have fun things to do and to see. I see new t-shirts – one that says Love and another that say Peace – so has your mommy been shopping? I’m happy Poppy was able to spend time with you, but I’m also happy to have him home with me. Yes, Ryan is becoming a big girl, but I wonder when her big sisters are going to teach her to walk. Kitt, I didn’t see any rain so I’m curious as to why you wore your raincoat all day!!!! Granny is getting excited about coming to see you soon? Is there anything you would like Granny to bring you from Florida? Have another exciting week, and I anxously await your next blog. Love and kisses, Granny


Parties galore!

We had such a great week doing all of our normal activities but we also had some extra things. On Tuesday night we all went to Maddio’s for our school’s spirit night.  Kitt and Garet got new floaties for the pool, and they have been so excited to wear them around the house.  They took a bath in them one night and Garet even wore hers to the Taqueria one night.  On Saturday we went to the Dogwood Festival at Piedmont Park.  Daddy mistakingly told Kitt and Garet is was a party for Magnolia (he thought it was the Magnolia Festival) so they kept asking when we were going to sing Happy Birthday to Magnolia!  In any case, it was a lot of fun with face painting, balloon animals, and food.  Then on Sunday, Mommy took Kitt and Garet to another party near the zoo.  It was a Baby Party hosted by the fertility clinic with so many fun things: face painting, a magician, cotton candy, snow cones, popcorn and games.  We even met a doctor that is very special to Mommy.  Rumor has it we are going to yet another party tomorrow!  We will let you know.  We did get a very special surprise tonight when Poppy came!  He is just staying until tomorrow but will be back for the weekend.  Of course, we always love having him here–and Mommy and Daddy like the help with little chores around the house.  Kitt even helped him with one of them tonight.  Have a great week, everyone!
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Poppy loved spending the afternoon with you girl’s and is looking forward to spending the coming weekend with you too.

Loved, loved, loved your blog – new outfits, cotton candy, new sunglasses, manicures and pedicures – what more could three little divas want? I was so happy Poppy was able to spend a night with you and to get a new fan for your bedroom. Not too much longer and Granny will be there to celebrate Ryan’s birthday. I’m glad you made it to the “Dogwood” festival as those trees looked beautiful. Now, Granny is anxious to hear if there was another party today. It’s lonsesome with Poppy being gone, but I’m getting a lot done here. I even found some new white shirts for you today. Have a splendid week. Love, kisses and prayers are coming your way. Love you lots, Granny

Spring break!

There was no school this week for Kitt and Garet, but we still managed to keep very busy. Kitt and Garet went to Bean on Monday so Mommy and Ryan could run some errands. On Tuesday we all went to The Center for Puppetry Arts for a show. It was a lot of fun as we got to make our own hand puppet and see a fantastic show with songs, puppets, dancing and lots of other fun. Ryan loved it, too as she clapped and danced along. Speaking of Ryan, she has gotten so big this week. She is getting four new teeth right now and is taking it like a champ! She also learned to blow kisses, raise her arms to play “so big” and wave bye-bye this week. Speaking of becoming a big girl, she turned 11 months old today! Wow!!! Mommy can’t believe that this time next month she will be celebrating her first birthday. We went to gymnastics and swimming, of course and even had a fun day trip to Macon to see Aunt LeAnn, Uncle Barry and Parky. This weekend brought lots of fun as usual as we went to the park with Aunt Kristen. Getting “gourmet” popsicles has become our tradition at the park and we always love trying the fancy flavors. We always love this park by Aunt Kristen’s because of the playground, the popsicles, the ducks and the chips and cheese dip! We hope you are having a great week, too. See you all soon!
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Good Monday morning, girls. It looks like you had another funtastic week during your spring break. I’m ready to go to Piedmont park, sit on a bench and enjoy a gourmet popsicle. Yes, Ryan, is getting so big, and I think your mommy can throw away the “happy birthday” crown because once she turns 1 in May, she won’t be needing it. I saw her “peeking around” her car seat when Kitt was getting out of the car. Kitt, I love your new baby that had belonged to your mommy, but please put some clothes on the doll you now call Granny! She doesn’t like to go around with no clothes. Garet, you are soon going to master the monkey bars – you are really working hard at that. I know last night you didn’t know what you were going to do today; but knowing your mommy, she has made some fun suggestions for you. Whatever you do, Granny will be anxious to see it on your blog next week. So until then, have a great week. Granny will be praying for you every day and sends you lots of love and kises. Remember how I showed you how much Granny loves you?

Spring is here!

We are loving this spring weather! The week did not start out near as pretty as it ended up but we are glad for the nice weather. It means we get to play outside a lot which we all enjoy. We also got to see Aunt LeAnn and Parky twice this week! Seeing them involved pizza and ice cream on Monday plus play time at our house on Monday and on Friday.  Aunt Kristen came over for a visit Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and even brought Kitt and Garet some new, fun dresses! She met us all at the park near her house on Saturday after music class so we could play.  We all had such a fun day playing at the park, looking for ducks to feed (we didn’t see any), enjoying a popsicle and lunch and then playing on another playground.  As you can see we are all growing up!  Ryan is getting her fourth tooth right now and is as happy as ever!  She is wanting to crawl but usually just scoots to whatever it is she wants or points and waits for her sisters to bring it.  Kitt and Garet are doing great with their potty training–hopefully they will be done with that soon.  This week is spring break for Kitt and Garet so our activities will be a little different but it will still be another fun-filled week.  See you soon!


Good morning Kitt and Garet and Ryan. It’s hard to fully express how much I enjoyed reading your blog this week and looking at all the photos of your week’s activities. You girls look so pretty and smart in the pics! I especially liked the photo of Kitt, Garet and Mommy looking out at the lake. I am very proud of Kitt and Garet mastering their potty training and excited that Ryan is getting some more teeth and getting close to crawling. Ryan, it won’t be long before you are walking and chasing after your big sisters! I’m glad the weather is getting warmer and you are able to spend more time outdoors. Did you have fun with Parky? Did you take him for a ride in your new covered wagon? I bet he’d like that. And I’m also happy you are getting to spend time with your Aunt Kristen. I know she loves you all and really enjoys spending time with you. Garet and Kitt, I hope you are enjoying your big girl beds by now and getting lots of sle every night. Well, Poppy has some work to do, so I’ll say bye for now and look forward to seeing you all again soon. Love you lots!

What a fun blog you girls wrote this week. Spring is truly here as you are “sporting” new hats to keep the sun off your faces – smart idea. Poppy wears his hat, too, when he goes out into the sun. You are so blessed to have Aunt Kristen living nearby, and she truly enjoys spending time with you girls. What colorful dresses she bought you – just right for the warm weather. I am concerned, Kitt, that I didn’t see “Bear” among your entourage of animals – now that Ally Boy and Ally Girl have joined the group, does that mean Bear has been tossed aside? Garet, you are growing so tall – you are definitely taller than Kitt, but it is good to be tall – just ask your mommy! It’s great Ryan is getting her second top tooth – now her teeth will look even! Thanks, Kitt and Garet, for getting toys for Ryan when she can’t crawl to them. Have fun this week with no school to hurry off to on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You’ll still have your gymnastics and swimming which are always fun. Keep up the good work on using the potty. Whatever you do, be sweet girls and help your mommy! Sending lots of love and prayers your way. Granny