Birthday, family, Easter…..

We are not even sure where to begin telling you about our week! Monday was Mommy’s birthday so we met Nanny for pizza and ice cream. Later that same day, Granny and Poppy arrived so we all went out for a special birthday dinner. Aunt Kristen brought some special cupcakes for Mommy’s “Happy Birthday Party” as Garet likes to call it. Daddy and Poppy worked on lots of projects this week including the transformation of Kitt and Garet’s bedroom to a big girl room. They are still adjusting to it! Of course we went to gymnastics, swimming and to Aunt Kristen’s for pizza. On Thursday Kitt and Garet stayed home from school so they could go with Mommy and Poppy to Fernbank. On Friday we went with Mommy, Granny and Poppy to the zoo. It had been a long time since our last trip there and we had a lot of fun. It was so crowded but there were still plenty of animals to see. On Saturday, we went with Mommy, Granny and Aunt Kristen to an Easter Egg party. It was awesome! There were pony rides, baby animals to pet, face painting, cotton candy, bounce houses and a giant egg hunt. We all had so much fun at the party and didn’t want to leave. We had a big Easter dinner Saturday night and then went to church on Sunday. Unfortunately, Granny and Poppy had to leave today which is always a little bit sad (especially for Mommy) but we will be excited to see them in a month or so for Ryan’s birthday. We hope you all had a wonderful Easter as well, celebrating with your friends and family.
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