Ready for warm!

We cannot believe that it is almost the end of March and it is still so cold! We are ready for spring to get here so we can do more activities outside. Nonetheless, we still had a fun week doing all of our usual activities plus a family trip to the bowling alley and some time at the tricycle park. We forgot to post a picture of our green pancakes for St. Patrick’s Day that Kitt and Mommy made last week so that’s here too. Speaking of Kitt cooking, lately on Sunday afternoons, Daddy takes Garet to the park while Mommy stays home and plays with Kitt. Kitt always ends up helping with dinner which tonight involved vegetable soup, homemade chocolate chip cookies, rolls and a pizza. She is an excellent cook! Daddy and Garet spent a lot of time riding the tricycle at the park which was fun, too. Ryan enjoyed watching things at home as she is so close to crawling. She loves to explore what’s around her and has mastered clapping her hands, too. We are so excited about this coming week as it involves Mommy’s birthday, Granny and Poppy coming to town and Easter festivities.  We will have a great report for you next week!



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