Back to our routine

Just so you know Mommy did not do such a great job taking pictures this week! There are some good ones, but just not a lot. We had a fun time with Granny at the beginning of the week. We took her to Fernbank on Monday and then for lunch with Nanny. On Tuesday we had dinner with Aunt Kristen which is always fun. On Wednesday Granny had to go home which is always sad (especially for Mommy) but we got to see her today on the computer when we Skyped with Granny and Poppy to sing Happy Birthday to her! Kitt and Garet are back to swimming after a little break while everyone’s ears were healing. AND they both swam without anyone holding onto them! It was just them and their noodle. Way to go, girls! Ryan is getting better at standing up with help and loves all the attention she gets from her big sisters. In fact, both Kitt and Garet helped feed Ryan this week. Ryan is also learning how to kiss and practices a lot with Mommy. It has been cold up here but Garet convinced Daddy to take her to the park one day. We are looking forward to warmer weather this week. Have a great week–we will see you soon!



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