Birthday, family, Easter…..

We are not even sure where to begin telling you about our week! Monday was Mommy’s birthday so we met Nanny for pizza and ice cream. Later that same day, Granny and Poppy arrived so we all went out for a special birthday dinner. Aunt Kristen brought some special cupcakes for Mommy’s “Happy Birthday Party” as Garet likes to call it. Daddy and Poppy worked on lots of projects this week including the transformation of Kitt and Garet’s bedroom to a big girl room. They are still adjusting to it! Of course we went to gymnastics, swimming and to Aunt Kristen’s for pizza. On Thursday Kitt and Garet stayed home from school so they could go with Mommy and Poppy to Fernbank. On Friday we went with Mommy, Granny and Poppy to the zoo. It had been a long time since our last trip there and we had a lot of fun. It was so crowded but there were still plenty of animals to see. On Saturday, we went with Mommy, Granny and Aunt Kristen to an Easter Egg party. It was awesome! There were pony rides, baby animals to pet, face painting, cotton candy, bounce houses and a giant egg hunt. We all had so much fun at the party and didn’t want to leave. We had a big Easter dinner Saturday night and then went to church on Sunday. Unfortunately, Granny and Poppy had to leave today which is always a little bit sad (especially for Mommy) but we will be excited to see them in a month or so for Ryan’s birthday. We hope you all had a wonderful Easter as well, celebrating with your friends and family.
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Ready for warm!

We cannot believe that it is almost the end of March and it is still so cold! We are ready for spring to get here so we can do more activities outside. Nonetheless, we still had a fun week doing all of our usual activities plus a family trip to the bowling alley and some time at the tricycle park. We forgot to post a picture of our green pancakes for St. Patrick’s Day that Kitt and Mommy made last week so that’s here too. Speaking of Kitt cooking, lately on Sunday afternoons, Daddy takes Garet to the park while Mommy stays home and plays with Kitt. Kitt always ends up helping with dinner which tonight involved vegetable soup, homemade chocolate chip cookies, rolls and a pizza. She is an excellent cook! Daddy and Garet spent a lot of time riding the tricycle at the park which was fun, too. Ryan enjoyed watching things at home as she is so close to crawling. She loves to explore what’s around her and has mastered clapping her hands, too. We are so excited about this coming week as it involves Mommy’s birthday, Granny and Poppy coming to town and Easter festivities.  We will have a great report for you next week!


Birthday fun!

This week was full of activities, excitement and birthday fun! Of course, we went to Fernbank one day and even saw one of Kitt and Garet’s NICU nurses. We had a play date with A.J. and also went to two birthday parties! One was for A.J. and the other was for Castalia. A.J. had lots of games to play, and great food. At Castalia’s we got to be chefs for the party and make our own pizza. Both were a lot of fun. Ryan got to spend some special time with Daddy for both of the parties which they both enjoyed. We had a little excitement this week which involved Mommy taking Kitt to the E.R. for a reaction to peanuts. Luckily, it was not that bad, and she is perfectly fine now. Thankfully, Joyce and Aunt Kristen were able to come to the rescue to watch Garet and Ryan while Mommy and Kitt went to the hospital. Kitt and Garet are doing great with swim lessons and you can check it out in the video (it is a series of 10 videos so just let it keep playing). Ryan (who turned 10 months old this week, by the way) loves playing Peek-a-Boo all on her own and clapping her hands. All 5 of us went to a St. Patrick’s Day party and were decked out in our green. Kitt and Garet had been talking all week about how they didn’t want to get a little pinch–luckily they didn’t! We are all loving the warmer weather and look forward to lots of time playing outside. Have a great week!
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Hi Girls! Poppy really enjoyed reading all about your week’s activities and especially seeing the photos and videos. Kitt and Garet are both swimming as good as fish in a pond and I loved watching Ryan play peek-a-boo all by herself. Who taught her how to do that? And where did you learn how to play T-ball? Was that at A.J.’s birthday party? And speaking of birthday parties, happy 10 month old birthday to you, Ryan. In just 2 more months, you’ll be celebrating your 1 year old party! And Kitt and Garet, what were baking? Did it taste good when it was all \finished baking? Kitt, I’m so sorry you had a bad reaction to eating some peanut butter but happy that everything turned out fine.. Poppy is looking forwqard to seeing you all in a couple weeks. So, until then, take care. Love you lots! …Poppy

It was so much fun reading your blog and looking at all the pictures and videos. Your mommy got a good shot of you swimming as I could see you kicking your legs all the way across the pool. You will be so good at swimming when you come to visit Granny this summer, and we can have fun at the pool and at the beach. You girls partied a lot this weekend. Was A.J.’s party the first time you played T-ball? Uncle Michael played, but I don’t think your mommy did. I’m glad you had on your green at the St. Patrick’s party so you didn’t get pinched. Even if you didn’t have on green, I don’t think anyone would pinch you sweet girls. How did Aunt Kristen manage to get her “bummy” on one of your riding toys? Just kidding! I think even Granny can fit on that toy So, did one of you big sisters teach Ryan how to play peek-a-boo? She certainly enjoys doing it. Have another fun week, and please know Granny is praying for you every day and sending you lots of love and kisses. Love you lots, Granny

Busy, busy, busy!

We have lots to report this week! On Monday, Daddy took Garet to the eye doctor to get her prescription checked. Everything looked great and she got a clean bill of health. We went with A.J. and his Mommy to the aquarium and had a lot of fun. Ryan loved watching all the colors and movement; Garet especially enjoyed the dolphin show; Kitt loved having a penguin follow her. Garet has been so proud of herself lately doing things totally on her own, like walking the balance beam and climbing a pole at the park. Kitt is still doing great with using the potty and loves helping Mommy out with anything she needs. Ryan spends most of her time watching her big sisters and learning from them. This week she had her first ride in the wagon.  She was a little scared at first but really enjoyed it.  We got to see Aunt Kristen twice this week which we always enjoy. Kitt and Garet are doing so great with swim lessons doing all kinds of things with a lot of confidence. Mommy is going to try to make a video of it this week. We had a lot of fun at an event called “Touch a Truck” where we went and saw all the vehicles that a city uses like fire trucks, garbage trucks, police cars, motor cycles, bulldozers, just to name a few. Aunt Kristen came, too, and it was a fun day for everyone. We went for ice cream today and to the park which we are hoping to get to do a lot as the weather is getting nice.  We hope you had a great week, too.  We will see you soon!
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Yes, you were busy, busy, busy this week and it looked like you had lots of fun at the same time. I’m happy that Ryan enjoyed her first wagon ride and that everyone was able to enjoy the morning looking at all those big trucks. Did the fire engine blow its horn and siren for you? Do you remember what it means when a fire engine is blowing its horn and siren? Someone needs help and we should always be thankful for those men and women who are first responders willing to help others in need. Well, I hope you will have another great week ahead and I look forward to reading all about it in your next blog! Love you! …Poppy

Back to our routine

Just so you know Mommy did not do such a great job taking pictures this week! There are some good ones, but just not a lot. We had a fun time with Granny at the beginning of the week. We took her to Fernbank on Monday and then for lunch with Nanny. On Tuesday we had dinner with Aunt Kristen which is always fun. On Wednesday Granny had to go home which is always sad (especially for Mommy) but we got to see her today on the computer when we Skyped with Granny and Poppy to sing Happy Birthday to her! Kitt and Garet are back to swimming after a little break while everyone’s ears were healing. AND they both swam without anyone holding onto them! It was just them and their noodle. Way to go, girls! Ryan is getting better at standing up with help and loves all the attention she gets from her big sisters. In fact, both Kitt and Garet helped feed Ryan this week. Ryan is also learning how to kiss and practices a lot with Mommy. It has been cold up here but Garet convinced Daddy to take her to the park one day. We are looking forward to warmer weather this week. Have a great week–we will see you soon!