Back in the swing….

Kitt and Garet are back to their old selves and got to stay at school this week–Mommy sure is glad! Ryan had several rough nights with not much sleep, and at her 9 month old check up, the doctor told Mommy that Ryan had an ear infection. Luckily she is doing so much better now–it only took a day with medicine for her to be back to her happy self. Everything else was great at the 9 month check up. Ryan is still “long and lean” as the doctor says and already weighs over 20 pounds. All three of us went with Mommy bowling on Monday. What a treat for everyone! Garet bowled 2 spares and won the game. Kitt had so much fun guarding her blue ball and Ryan loved watching. In fact, it was so much fun that Daddy took Garet and Kitt back on Saturday while Mommy, Granny and Ryan worked on getting things ready for the consignment sale. Speaking of Granny, she arrived on Wednesday and we are having such a fun time with her. She has enjoyed coming along for all of our normal activities like gymnastics, swimming, art, and out to eat a couple of times. We have been for ice cream and to Walgreen’s a couple of times to stock up on candy! We still have a few days left with her so we are excited about that. She has been a lot of help to Mommy trying to get ready for the consignment sale and even Ryan has tried to help some as you can see. You will also see pictures of Kitt and Garet showing off their nail polish. They are making some good progress with potty training and that was their reward. Keep it up, girls! We have not seen much of Aunt Kristen this week because she is very busy studying for a big test this week but we did take her a “study pack” tonight and gave her good luck hugs and kisses. We hope you have a good week–see you soon!
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