Back in the swing….

Kitt and Garet are back to their old selves and got to stay at school this week–Mommy sure is glad! Ryan had several rough nights with not much sleep, and at her 9 month old check up, the doctor told Mommy that Ryan had an ear infection. Luckily she is doing so much better now–it only took a day with medicine for her to be back to her happy self. Everything else was great at the 9 month check up. Ryan is still “long and lean” as the doctor says and already weighs over 20 pounds. All three of us went with Mommy bowling on Monday. What a treat for everyone! Garet bowled 2 spares and won the game. Kitt had so much fun guarding her blue ball and Ryan loved watching. In fact, it was so much fun that Daddy took Garet and Kitt back on Saturday while Mommy, Granny and Ryan worked on getting things ready for the consignment sale. Speaking of Granny, she arrived on Wednesday and we are having such a fun time with her. She has enjoyed coming along for all of our normal activities like gymnastics, swimming, art, and out to eat a couple of times. We have been for ice cream and to Walgreen’s a couple of times to stock up on candy! We still have a few days left with her so we are excited about that. She has been a lot of help to Mommy trying to get ready for the consignment sale and even Ryan has tried to help some as you can see. You will also see pictures of Kitt and Garet showing off their nail polish. They are making some good progress with potty training and that was their reward. Keep it up, girls! We have not seen much of Aunt Kristen this week because she is very busy studying for a big test this week but we did take her a “study pack” tonight and gave her good luck hugs and kisses. We hope you have a good week–see you soon!
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Birthdays, Valentine’s Day…..

Everyone seems to be feeling a lot better around here, but Kitt and Garet still have coughs so their teacher asked them to stay home again! That made for two weeks of being out of school and we all miss it. We still did lots of fun things though. Aunt LeAnn and Parky came up for the day so we could all go to the aquarium. We got to see the dolphin show this time which was really cool, in addition to all of the normal things there to see. We also played a lot at the house. Daddy took Garet to gymnastics on Wednesday while Kitt and Ryan stayed home with Mommy since that was the day after we found out about Kitt’s ears being infected. Of course, Thursday was Valentine’s Day and we got some fun gifts and cards from family and our friends at school. Not only was Thursday Valentine’s Day, it was also Ryan’s 9 month birthday. Mommy had a little bit of a hard time getting a good picture with Ryan wearing the crown but she did the best she could. Ryan is really developing her own little personality as she gets older. She is not crawling but she likes to stand up with someone’s help. Mommy added blueberries, squash, prunes and yogurt to her diet recently. There is not much she doesn’t seem to like to eat. We all got to see Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark over the weekend which was fun as always. We are very excited about Granny coming to visit us later this week and we are sure we will have lots of adventures to report once she arrives. See you next week!

Happy 9 month old birthday Ryan. It’s hard to believe that you are 9 months old already. Before you know it, we will be celebrating your 1 year old birthday. I love the picture of you sitting back on the couch between your big sisters with your arms propped behind your head. You must have known it was your birthday. I’m sorry you girls still have a cough but hopefully by now the cough is gone and you are feeling better and are able to return to school. It looks like you all had a good time with Parky and Aunt LeAnn at the aquarium. Granny is excited about seeing you all this week. I think she’s hoping you’ll take her to the museum since you seem to like it there so much. Well, have a good rest of the week and I’ll be looking forward to reading all about your weeks activities in the next blog. Love you lots! …Poppy

Girls, What a fun valentine’s day you had – both at school and, I’m sure, your mommy filled that bucket with all your favorite goodies. Now I have a question – where did the tent come from? I noticed inside were all your goodies – tea set, Bear, Blankie and all sorts of “needed” items. It looks great, and maybe you can make room for Granny to go in for a tea party. Happy 9 month birthday Ryan. Wow, it won’t be long until we celebrate your first birthday. I’m really getting excited about getting on the plane in less than two days to spend a week with you. What sort of fun things do you have planned? I know I want to visit the museum you go to on Mondays. That looks like a terrific place; and, to think, we can even have lunch there. So until Wednesday, stay well so we can all do some exciting things together. Sending you lots of love, kisses and prayers. Granny

Under the weather around here…..

This has not been one of our best weeks. On Monday we visited our friends at Fernbank but then Kitt and Garet got sent home from school on Tuesday for bad coughs. Mommy took Garet took the doctor and he said it’s nothing contagious but then Kitt got sick and now Ryan is under the weather, too. Hopefully, everyone will be better very soon. Daddy had to travel a good bit last week so we missed having him here and Nanny was out of town, too. All that to say, we all spent a lot of time hanging out at home with Mommy. We did visit some parks just to get some fresh air. We also had a lunch with a special friend, Holley, that had never met us and who hadn’t seen Mommy in a long time. That was fun! We stayed in for the weekend trying to get better so here’s hoping for a great week ahead!

Hello Girls, Granny was so sorry to hear you were all sick. I said a special prayer for you this morning that you would get better as this will be a special week/day on Thursday with Valentine goodies. It looks like someone has already sent you some cards – are those quarters I see scattered all over the table? I know how you love getting coins to put into your piggy banks. Despite being sick, I have to agree with Nicole that you girls are still “styling!” I understand even the doctor commented on Garet’s outfit that she picked out herself!!!! Oh, how you girls love the color purple just like your mommy. I wonder if you will want your bedroom walls purple to match the purple quilts on your beds!!!! Kitt, you are always taking good care of your baby sister. Are you both going to teach her how to crawl and to walk? That should be fun for everyone. Granny has already put aside a couple of goodies to bring to you next week when I come for my visit. So until next Sunday, I’m sending you lots of love and kisses. Granny

Oh girls! I hope you all feel better soon. I’m so sorry to hear you’re under the weather. But, I have to say, you all still look so fabulous in your pictures! Sunglasses… tutus … even a helmet! You guys are just like your Aunt Kristen and great at accessorizing! Izzy, Dave and I (and Alfie) are sending you wishes of good health from over here in Washington, D.C., where your Aunt used to live. Hugs to everyone and get some rest! Tell your mom to get some rest, too. I’m sure she’s been doing an amazing job taking care of everyone! Nicole

Good morning, girls! I’m sorry you are not feeling well and hope you get better soon. Nice shades, Kitt! You look like a movie star with those new sun glasses. And what is so Yummy? Could it be a cupcake? You’d better watch out for Ryan. I think she’s eyeing Bear. Garet, were you able to catch your shadow? I love the picture of you and Kitt holding hands as you walk across the bridge over the train tracks. Ryan, you look like you’re enjoying some of your new foods. It won’t be long before you will be eating pizza with your sisters. I think you are supposed to see Parky today. Hopefully, you all will be well enough for him to come and visit. Well, I’m going for now and hope your week is a good one for you. Take care! Love you lots! …Poppy

A little of this, a little of that!

We had another fun week doing all kinds of things. As has become our tradition, we went with Mommy to Fernbank on Monday and saw our first movie on the big screen. Boy, was it big?! We saw a movie all about butterflies on the IMAX screen. Even Ryan got to go (but didn’t want it!) Kitt and Garet got their hair cut, in addition to going to gymnastics, art class and school. We also all went to Fernbank with Daddy on Saturday and we had fun showing him all around. We had a fun day with Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark on Saturday. They went with Kitt, Garet and Daddy to the park. Daddy and Kitt got to see a train while Garet stayed with Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark at the playground going down the huge slide! As you can see Ryan is learning to play the piano and still loves watching her big sisters do everything they do. We hope you enjoy the pictures!

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Happy Saturday girls! I spoke with your Mommy this morning and she told me that Kitt and Garet aren’t feeling very well and have bad coughs. Ryan, I’m happy you are feeling well and hopefully you won’t catch Kitt or Garet’s cold. I hope and pray that everyone will get well quickly. Notwithstanding your colds, it looks as though you all had a busy and fun week. It seems as though the Fernbank Museum is a big hit and I look forward to visiting there with you all on my next visit to Atlanta. Kitt and Garet, I see you have some boots which you both seem to enjoy wearing. In fact, I think I saw them in every photo where I could see your feet! And Kitt, I love the excitement on your face when you saw the train coming toward you. Was it loud? And Garet, what were you reaching for so high on the wall? Are you trying to touch your shadow? Ryan, you are growing so quickly and it looks like you are learning to play the piano. Can you play any songs yet? Well, I’d better go for now. Take care and I look forward to your next blog. Love you lots! …Poppy

Good morning sweet girls. “These boots are made for walking,” and that’s just what you girls are doing – all over the museum! There appears to be so much to do and see there that each time you visit you adventure into a new area. I readily understand why you like going there. Kitt, Granny has been at that very spot where the train runs below the bridge, and the sight and sound of that train excites you each time. I’m surprised Garet didn’t want to leave the playground to join you. Now that Ryan is playing the piano, I anticipate a band forming soon with someone on the guitar and someone on the drums. Your mommy mentioned you going to art classes but not to swimming – have you changed classes? As always, I’m glad Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark came to visit – like all of us, they certainly love you lots. I’m looking foward to Uncle Mark coming to Pensacola today. So until I hear from you next week, have fun, stay well, and happy. I love you lots and lots. Granny.