Flying solo….

Daddy was out of town most of the week so Mommy had us on her own. We think she did a pretty good job though! Well, she wasn’t totally on her own. On Monday Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark came over to watch the inauguration, play with us, go out to dinner, help with baths, and lots of other things. We had fun with them as always. We also went to see them Wednesday night after swim lessons and as you can see, Kitt and Garet enjoyed playing with Aunt Kristen’s make-up and dancing shoes. There are some pictures of Ryan that show off her new sparkly white teeth, too. You might have to look closely but they are there. Speaking of new, be sure to check out Kitt and Garet’s new boots.  They both love wearing them so much and have worn them every day since they came in the mail.  We were very helpful to Mommy all week and enjoyed our normal activities, but also going to the mall one day, to the park, for pizza and ice cream, just to name a few. We hope you enjoy the pictures and we will look forward to sharing our new adventures with you next week!

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Hi girls! I certainly enjoyed reading all about your activities last week. I loved the photos of Kitt and Garet with their new boots and the lovely job they did on getting their make-up on just right. I hope it came off as easily as it went on. And Ryan, I could just make out your new teeth. Have you had a chance to bite into anything yet? I hope you haven’t been wearing out your Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark. It looks like everyone was having fun with the various activities you did last week. Granny and Poppy went on a very short vacation this week and guess what? Granny had her picture taken with Elmo! We’re back home now and I’m looking forward to your next blog. Be the good girls that I know you are. Love you! …Poppy

Good afternoon sweet girls, Your mommy obviously did a good job entertaining you and taking fabulous pictures of you this week. I think I have looked at them at least three times as each one is so special. Did you girls wear out Aunt Kristen on the trampoline? Is that why you are trying to pull her up? Garet, you seem to be jumping higher each time I see you on the trampoline! I love your new boots – kinda like some Aunt Kristen might wear. I noticed, too, that those beige dancing shoes do seem to be someone’s favorite as I saw them again in the picture of you styling with your make-up. Kitt, you appear busy having to bathe your babies – but it looks like you are being a great mommy (like your mommy) to not only your dolls but to your sister. Yes, I did see those two new teeth that Ryan has. It won’t be long before some more will join those two. As always, I will be praying every day that God keeps you safe. Have a fun-filled week, and I will be anxiously awaiting next week’s blog. All my love, Granny


Ho, hum…..

We are sure we had another fun week, but Mommy sure was not great at taking pictures of us! Oh well–there are still some good ones for you to see. We went to Fernbank Museum again on Monday which we really enjoyed. As was the case last week, Kitt and Garet loved exploring while Mommy and Ryan had fun watching them. Ryan also celebrated her 8 month birthday this week! For her birthday, she got her two bottom teeth. You can’t quite see them in a picture, but you can see them in person and you can definitely feel the sharp little things. Speaking of birthdays, Kitt and Garet celebrated a friend at school’s birthday with a little celebration at school. They loved the treat bags and hats. Ryan has added two new foods to her diet: butternut squash and prunes. As expected they both seem to be a big hit. Kitt and Garet continue to enjoy gymnastics (without Mommy now that they’re big girls) and swim lessons. Usually after swim we go visit Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark which we all seem to enjoy. We also got to see them a lot this weekend and are looking forward to spending the day with them tomorrow, too. We hope you have a great week and we will look forward to seeing you soon!

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Hello girls! I’m not sure why your Mommy titled this week’s blog Ho-Hum because it seems like you were very busy and had lots of fun. Kitt, where did you get those boots? They’re almost as big as you are! I see you are still playing the Memory game. I love that game and you’d better watch out because I have been practicing and sharpening my memory skills. We’ll have to play a game or two next time we’re together. Garet, I noticed you and Kitt were playing with your iPads. Were you watching the Christmas house music lights by chance? You really looked like you were having a good time at the birthday party. And Ryan, Happy 8th month birthday to you. You’re growing so fast and you already have some teeth. It’s hard to believe you are 8 months old already. Bye-bye for now! Love you lots! …Poppy

Good morning sweet girls, You said your mommy didn’t take making pictures; but what she did take were adorable. You were “stylishly” dressed as usual with some bright and pretty colors. Kitt, did something happen to Elmo that he needed comforting? That’s what it looks like you are doing in your rocking chair with your little legs crossed. Garet, you always enjoy that matching game. Can you beat Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark? Ryan, hooray for two teeth and for liking two more new vegetables. Also, a belated happy birthday! You look very happy about turning 8 months old. All three of you are becoming such big girls. Enjoy your swimming, gymnastics and dinner with Aunt Kristen this week. I will be praying for you every day because I love you so very much. Granny

New year….new adventures!

We are excited to be new members of the Fernbank Museum of History. We had so much fun playing and seeing new things. Ryan really enjoyed watching Kitt and Garet play. Kitt and Garet loved playing in the treehouse, with the bubbles, and even dancing in front of the “green screen” and watching themselves on the television monitor. This is a museum we will be visiting quite often! Speaking of Ryan, she has added apples and carrots to her diet. She is not a fan of green beans, but everything else she has tried has been a big hit. Kitt and Garet continue to enjoy swim lessons and school, while Ryan continues to enjoy spending time at home and trying to be big like her sisters. We are all learning how to eat together at the big table and have been good about eating there on a regular basis. We got to see Aunt Kristen twice this week which we always enjoy. Otherwise, there is not much new happening here. We will look forward to sharing our adventures with you next week.


Wow! A new place to visit next time Poppy comes to Atlanta. Poppy loves museums and the Museum of Natural History is one of his favorites. He especially likes the sections with dinosaurs. Does the Fernbank Museum have a dinosaur train? Ryan, I love the picture of you sitting on your Daddy’s lap in front of the computer. Were you checking his work? And I see you have a new bear doll that you seem to really be enjoying. Better watch out that Kitt doesn’t take that from you! And Kitt, where did you find Raggedy Ann and Andy? They are very cute and I can just picture you dragging them around with you wherever you go. Garet, what were you and Kitt listening to in the “ears only” section of the museum? I hope you and Kitt didn’t get shocked when you touched the lightning ball. I also loved the photo of Kitt and Garet making those huge bubbles. It just looks and sounds like fun, fun, fun for everyone! I hope you have a wonderful week and I’ll be looking forward to your next blog. Love you lots!!! …Poppy

What fun to look at all the pics on this week’s blog. What an exciting place the history museum appears to be. That is on place I will like to visit when I come in February. It would be hard to pinpoint the favorite thing about the museum, but I’m voting for the bubbles! It appears as though some new toys have come to your house. Ryan is holding a stuffed animal I’ve never seen before, and it appears as though Bear and Monkey have been replaced by Andi and Annie. Now, who is going to feed Bear and Monkey??? I know Aunt Kristen is just as happy to see you girls as you are to see her. How fortunate for her that she got a job so close to “her special nieces!” So, until I see your next blog, remember granny loves you lots. Granny

All by ourselves….

Granny and Poppy stayed for a few days at the beginning of the week and helped ring in the new year (well, truth be told everyone was in bed by midnight!) They even stayed with us one night so Mommy and Daddy could go out with Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark. We had lots of fun with them as always and have asked about them every day since they left. When Kitt and Garet woke up for the first time after Granny and Poppy left, it hit them that all of our holiday company was gone. Garet replied, “It’s just us?!?” Kitt and Garet seem to be getting back into their normal routine but Ryan is still not back to her normal sleep routine. Mommy is very hopeful that she will start sleeping better very soon. Kitt and Garet go to the “big girl” gymnastics class now without Mommy. They are doing great! We are also starting a new routine of having dinner together at a table every night. This might seem strange to have as a “new” routine but it is not something we have been good at doing in the past. Additionally, starting today Kitt and Garet go to big church with Mommy and Daddy for the first part of the service. They did great and seemed to enjoy it. So many changes and new things that are prefaced with something related to “big girls.” Speaking of big girls, Ryan is getting quite big. Mommy weighed her last night just out of curiosity and she is over 19 pounds already! She has added apples and green beans to her diet as well. There are not a lot of pictures this week but hopefully you will enjoy the ones there are.

How proud Granny is that you are “getting” to be big girls – going to big church with your mommy and daddy and going into gymnastics without your mommy being in the same room. And, look at what a big girl Ryan is eating regular food. I think it was a fantastic idea that your mom converted the sun room into a small dining room for the whole family. I thought it was great that Granny and Poppy could join everyone at the new table arrangement. Are those new socks (fromSanta) that you are wearing? They are quite stylish!!!! Isn’t it great that Aunt Kristen lives so close that she can visit you often? Have another great week. Granny loves you and prays for you every day. Kisses, Granny