Christmas memories!

What a wonderful week we had at the Christmas House in Savannah! Everyone was there and we even got a special visit from Aunt LeAnn, Uncle Barry and Parky. Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark weren’t able to stay the whole week but we certainly enjoyed the time we did get with them. Granny, Poppy, Uncle Michael and GAMA were there the whole week and it sure was fun. We went to a hotel to see a big gingerbread house which was fun, played at the park and even took a day trip to Tybee Island to see a lighthouse. The lighthouse was 178 stairs to the top and Garet and Kitt climbed all on their own. Mommy wore Ryan as they climbed and Daddy helped make sure no one fell. It was really neat to see the ocean from way high up. Then it was Christmas Day! Ryan, of course, had no idea what all was going on but she still seemed to enjoy it. As for the rest of the week, Ryan seemed to be a little under the weather but she is doing much better now that we’re home. Kitt and Garet had so much fun opening presents and playing with their new toys, but the best part was spending time with those we all love. When Mommy asked us what our favorite part of the Christmas House was, Kitt responded, “Granny and Poppy.” We all agree that the best part was spending time and having fun with our family. There was lots of delicious food and plenty of fun. One night we rode a trolley to see lights–the trolley was fun, but we really enjoyed our snacks at the fire pit that night. Kitt ate her marshmallow raw but enoyed popcorn for the first time. Garet, on the other hand, really enjoyed her first s’more! Kitt and Garet did great in their big girl beds and didn’t want to sleep in their cribs when we got home. No worries, though, Daddy and Poppy converted the cribs to toddler beds and Ryan is much happier now that she is back in her bed. We are excited to have Granny and Poppy stay at our house for a few more days to bring in the new year! That is about all from her for now. We are hoping all of you had a wonderful holiday season with those you love most as well!


Great picture of the whole family as well as the others. Wish we could have seen everyone! Aunt Bonnie

What a fun-filled week we had girls. Your mommy and daddy found a great Christmas house for 2012 – so much to see and do in Savannah. It is always especially special to spend time with all our relatives and to share presents with the ones we love. I’m praying that God will keep you healthy and happy in 2013. Love you lots, Granny

Looked like a wonderful gathering, what great memories being made! Love all the photos. Happy new Year Jackie


A few more days….

We had a very fun week playing at home, celebrating the end of the school year (before winter break) and checking out all the Christmas lights. We also got a visit from Grammy Bertha and Granddaddy one evening and a visit from Aunt Bernadette (who we affectionally named Aunt Bernie!) It was fun seeing them as it had been a long time since our last visit. We also went to see tons of lights at the Botanical Gardens with Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark. They were so beautiful! Garet really loved the train set. Then we set out on the road for our Christmas house! We are having a great time with Granny, Poppy, GAMA, Aunt Kristen, Uncle Mark and Uncle Michael. There is so much for us to explore here not to mention so much attention! The big news is that Kitt and Garet sleep in big girl beds now! It wasn’t really planned but there wasn’t room for their tents so Daddy bought some bed rails and they are sleeping in twin beds. There was a little hesitancy at first but now we are proud of ourselves for sleeping in big girl beds. Ryan continues to get bigger and bigger every day. She is sitting up all on her own for long periods of time and eating lots of foods. She eats avocado, pears, bananas, sweet potatoes and cereal. Coming soon will be green beans! We have some fun adventures coming this week, too, including a trolley ride to look at lights. Of course, Santa is coming this week, too, so we will be sure to be extra good. We hope you are having as much fun as we are getting ready for the big day!

It’s coming; it’s coming…..

….Christmas, that is. We sure do like this time of year! We got to spend all day Monday with Parky and Aunt LeAnn. We went and rode a ride called “The Pink Pig.” It was like a train but it was pink and decorated like a pig. We also went to lunch at the Taqueria and made sugar cookies at home. Also on Monday, we celebrated Aunt Kristen’s birthday. We had cupcakes for her and presents, of course! We played a lot at home in addition to a special trip with Mommy, Daddy and Aunt Kristen to Stone Mountain. There were so many lights! Ryan turned 7 months old this week so you can see her picture in her birthday crown here. The older she gets the less she seems to like that crown! One night we got all bundled up and walked around the neighborhood to look at lights. Kitt and Garet especially love the “Music Lights” house. The news cameras were there that night, too, but we didn’t make the cut for nightly news. We are looking forward to all that this week holds, too, and will be excited to report to you next week from our “Christmas House.”

What a colorful blog this week! And to think you found purple lights – your favorite color. Everyone is so dressed up, and I believe I saw “dancing shoes” on Ryan. What a big girl she is becoming. Kitt, how relaxed you look stretched out on the staircase with your favorite stuffed animals. I didn’t think Elmo ever got to come out of the crib; but because it’s getting close to Christmas, I guess it was a special treat for him! Garet, you look as though you are about to “burst” with excitement surrounded by all the lights. You are so lucky to live in a fun place where you can visit Stone Mountain and have lights synchronized with music! Aunt Kristen said this was her best birthday in a long time, and I know you helped make her celebration so special. As your mommy said, next blog will be written from our “next Christmas house” so Poppy and I can’t wait. So until then, I’m sending you lots of love and kisses and saying a special prayer for you each day. Granny xoxoxo

Good morning, girls! It looks like you have really involved yourselves with all the Christmas activities. Did you have fun playing with Parky and riding the Pink Pig? And I know you love seeing all the Christmas lights! Stone Mountain also looked like it was lots of fun, too. Kitt and Garet, you both look so big sitting on your Daddy’s shoulders. Were you able to see lots of things from being so high? And, Ryan, happy 7 month birthday to you! Did everyone sing to you? You sure looked cute (and smart) wearing your birthday head band. Well, it’s time for Poppy to go to Panera Bread for his morning coffee, so I’ll say bye for now and I am excited about being together with you for Christmas. Love you lots! …Poppy!

The excitement is coming…..

What a week! It started when Kitt and Garet had their very first trip to the dentist. They did great and got a clean bill of health. The dentist office was lots of fun with toys, games and even a rocking horse. Karol and AnnaBette came too to hang out with Ryan in the waiting room.  We also had fun this week playing at the park and in our yard, and of course looking at Christmas lights.  We went to a neighborhood Christmas party where we met Santa.  Ryan sure liked his beard.  Although Kitt and Garet weren’t too sure about him, Garet did ask to see the big man with the white gloves several times the next day.  We got to see Aunt Kristen twice this week–once at her apartment for pizza and once at our house.  Mommy took all three of us to the zoo which was an ambitious venture for her, but it was a great time for everyone.  There was hardly anybody there so we got to run around see everything.  We continue to be excited for Christmas and all that comes with that!  Mommy loves how fun Christmas is with kids–everything is so new and exciting!  We hope you are getting in the Christmas spirit as much as we are.

Good morning girls! I actually started writing this last night but right in the middle of my comments the battery died on my iPad and I lost everything I had written. Well, you are right. It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas and I am getting excited about being together again this year to celebrate with you. I received a note from Santa and he was checking to see if you girls had been naughty or nice this past year and I assured him that you were very nice all year long! In fact, I even told him what good girls you were when you went for your first dental appointment. I am so happy that appointment went well and no one had any cavities. Now, aren’t you glad you brush your teeth after every meal? Garet, I love the picture of you on the carousel horse. You look like you are really enjoying he ride. Ryan, you look right at home on Santa’s lap. And, Kitt, you really seem to be enjoying playing with the basketball. And everyone seemed to enjoy seeing all the animals at the zoo. What a fun week you all had! Bye for now and I’ll be looking forward to next week’s blog. Love you lots! Poppy

Granny really, really loved your blog. Everyone is dressed so colorfully, and Ryan even has on a Christmas outfit. I remember those Christmas stuffed toys that Ryan is sitting with as they used to be at my house. I’m glad she likes them. Kitt, I’m happy you devised a way to strap Bear on to your tricycle. We definitely would not want him falling on the ground. Garet, did you strap the strollers together to look like your double stroller or are you just holding them close together? A trip to the zoo is always awesome, and it’s especially nice when it’s not crowded. Are you enjoying Aunt Kristen living in the same town? She truly loves living close to you. Be sure to sing Happy Birthday to her tonight. So until your next blog, I love you lots. Granny

It’s beginning to look…..

…..a lot like Christmas!  We are so excited to see lights coming out in our neighborhood.  We either walked around or drove around looking at lights a couple of nights this week.  It is so much fun.  Mommy also thinks that this time of year is “magical” with us at this age!  This week was pretty normal.  We did have check ups at the doctor on Monday.  Kitt and Garet had their 3 year check up and Ryan had her 6 month check up.  We all got clean bills of health and the doctor says we are all “long, lean girls!” Granny and Poppy left on Monday, too, but we will be seeing them again in a couple of weeks. Mommy also brought out our decorations and put up a tree in the kitchen.  Kitt especially liked playing with the nativity set pieces and Ryan was impressed by Santa.  Garet liked watching all of this.  Speaking of Ryan, she got to try avocado this week.  She seems to like it!  Enjoy the pictures from the week and we will see you next week!

Great blog girls. I particularly like the new format where the pictures are bigger, and I can scroll down to see each one so clearly. I’m a little confused; however, about one picture of the nativity set. Are there two sets combined – large figurines and small figurines? I’m glad Ryan likes avocado as GAMA says it is so good for you! Is purple going to become your favorite color Ryan? I saw more purple on you (loved the booties) than I saw on Garet this week. Kitt, have you devised a way to “sit in a chair” while swinging your stuffed animals? If so, that’s pretty creative. Garet, I think you will make a great basketball player, but it might be easier to “shoot the ball” if you didn’t have to contend with “blankie!” I know you don’t have to travel far from your house to see some spectacular Christmas lights. Enjoy all of them and your decorations at home! Did your mom bring out the “big” jingle bells this year or did they mysteriously disappear? Have a great week – maybe you will have a chance to see Aunt Kristen. Love you lots and praying for you each day. Granny

Good morning girls! Poppy especially enjoyed seeing all of your photos today and the fun you are having with the Christmas decorations. Have you been to see Santa yet to tell him what you want for Christmas? I wish I could see the excitement in your eyes every time you see a new Christmas light display. Have you been back to see the light show on Oak Grove? That is really special, isn’t it? Kitt, I liked the way you were lining up the nativity figures to get them just right. And Garet, you looked like you were having lots of fun too with the smaller figurines. And I see that Ryan was also getting into the Christmas spirit playing with the Santa statue. Kitt, you looked so happy and confident sitting high on the slide. And Garet, it looks like you are really enjoying playing basketball even with Blankie hanging over your shoulder. So, Ryan, you’re starting to eat solid foods! How fast you are growing! Well, that’s all for today, but I’m looking forward to your next blog. Have a fun week and I’m getting excited about seeing you all again in a few weeks. Love you lots! …Poppy