Happy Birthday, Kitt and Garet!

This has been such a fun week with lots and lots of celebrations! Thursday was Kitt and Garet’s birthday so there were parties and other festivities most of the week. On Monday, Kitt, Garet, and Ryan went with Mommy to the NICU to see some of our old nurses. Everyone was so surprised to see how great Kitt and Garet looked and were also so happy to meet Ryan. On Thursday, Mommy and Daddy both came to Kitt and Garet’s class with Ryan to read a story and have cookies with our friends in school. It was a lot of fun. We also enjoyed having Ryan as a part of our class for a little while. Also on Thursday we went to swim lessons and then to Mr. Rob’s for dinner. Then on Friday, lots of our family started to come. Granny, Poppy, GAMA, Aunt Kristen, Uncle Mark and Auntie Kristin all came to celebrate Kitt and Garet’s birthday. We all had such a fun time; Kitt and Garet enjoyed so much company and Ryan loved the extra hands to hold her. On Saturday we had a birthday party at 2 Crafty Chicks where we made a fun dinosaur art project. Kitt and Garet got some really special presents and are excited about playing with them! Also on Saturday, all three of us dressed up in our Halloween costumes and went to two parties. We are looking forward to going trick-or-treating this coming week. Auntie Kristin left today but everyone else is still here. In fact, Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark are moving here so we are all very excited about that. There are some fun pictures and videos for you to check out for the week.


I’m so sad Parky and I had to miss your party but it looks like you all had so much fun. We look forward to celebrating with you all soon! Aunt LeAnn

Happy, happy birthday Kitt and Garet!!! Poppy loves you and wishes and prays that all of your heart’s desires, life’s dreams and future goals will come true for you both.


More fall time fun!

We did so many fun things this week–some new things and some things we had done before.  Kitt and Garet got to make their own pizza which was a lot of fun.  They even liked sitting on their stools to watch it cook.  When Mommy was making cookies for Kitt and Garet’s birthday, Kitt saw the rolling pin and got excited thinking she was going to make pizza again.  We painted outside again and we also used stickers to decorate our pumpkins.  Mommy decorated Ryan’s this year but next year she will be on her own.  Garet got to be the Star Student this week at school and also got to be the line leader.  On Saturday we all went to music class and then to a new walking trail that connects lots of parts of Atlanta.  We walked from Old Fourth Ward all the way to Piedmont Park and then played at the playground.  Kitt and Garet fed ducks for the first time which was fun for everyone.  As always, Ryan liked going along for the ride and watching everyone.  We also went to a Fall Festival at the place where Mommy worked several years ago.  Lots of people couldn’t believe how big we had gotten since last year and people were so surprised to know that Mommy had another baby!  On Sunday, Daddy took Kitt and Garet for the morning so Mommy and Ryan could hang out and get some rest after a night with not much sleep.  Kitt and Garet went to church and to the park while Mommy and Ryan hung out at home and then took a walk.  Mommy took Kitt and Garet to Hippo Hopp for a fall party with the twins club.  It was a lot of fun with face painting, pizza and lots of jumping.  Ryan is getting bigger and bigger every day and is starting to talk more.  She is still very smiley and such a content girl.  We are all looking forward to lots of visitors later this week and also to Kitt and Garet’s birthday festivities!


Hi Cherubs (do you remember what cherubs are, by the way? If not, I’ll have a chance to remind you real soon.)!
Thank you for sharing your week’s activities and beautiful photos of yourselves on your blog. I want you to know that even though I don’t send you a message every week, looking at your new entry is usually the highlight of my whole week!
And this was certainly no exception! You’re all getting so big and pretty and smart and learning such fun new things, like how to make a pizza. (Good thing you had your helmet on, Kitten. You never know what can happen!)
Did I hear that two cherubs are having a very special day this week? Oh boy, I can’t wait to celebrate with you all. Did your Mommy tell you that I’m coming for the festivities and staying for a really looooooong time this time?! Kitt and Garet’s third b’day will be just the first of many joyous experiences I get to share with you as you grow into beautiful young ladies and beyond.
I can’t wait,
Aunt Kristen

Hi Girls! I’m glad to see you are learning to make pizza because that is Poppy’s favorite food. Do you think you can make me a pizza next time I see you? Keep up the good work and have fun! Love you lots! …Poppy

It’s fall time around here!

We had such a fun week as always! At the beginning of the week, Daddy took Garet to the cupcake place all by herself while Mommy and Kitt stayed at home with Ryan and made hats. It was fun for everyone! We also got lots of outside playing time this week because the weather was so nice. Ryan always loves watching her big sisters play. Of course, Kitt and Garet had gymnastics, swim lessons and art class while Ryan got to play in another new toy. Ryan also turned 5 months old today! She is getting so big and growing in lots of other ways, too. On Saturday, we all went to pick out our pumpkins. It was fun to see all of the different sizes and shapes of pumpkins and to take pictures. Ryan dressed up like a pumpkin for the event, too, and as you can see it really wore her out! Finally, on Sunday we all went to Sautee to spend the day. We went to church and then had a picnic with Bob, Aene Forrest, Bess and Will. Kitt and Garet remembered playing with Will and Bess a few months ago at our house so they were especially excited to see them again. This was Ryan’s first trip to Sautee, and she seemed to have a great time, too. We are looking forward to another fun week and will see you next week to tell you all about it.

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Fall has definitely arrived in Atlanta with pumpkins and fallen leaves. What fun you must have had picking out pumpkins. Now I’ll be eager to see how you decorate your individual ones. Ryan, you were adorable in your pumpkin outfit. You blended right in the patch! Who will paint Ryan’s pumpkin? What good helpers you were to gather leaves and put them in the wagon. Kitt, I’m happy to see you devised a way to strap Bear on to your tricycle – have Bear will travel everywhere! There is a lot of PURPLE in this week’s blog – I love your new jackets. They should keep you warm when it gets colder. Your mom’s favorite color was purple – even the walls in her bedroom were purple so I know who you take after in that regard!. Who put the soccer ball in Ryan’s walker? That doesn’t give her much room to move around. Did someone throw it to her? Your friends in Sautee definitely had a lot of things for you to play with – even had instruments for your own band and Garet got to practice “walking on the balance beam!” Happy birthday, Ryan, and now I can’t wait to celebrate the next birthday for Kitt and Garet. I’ll be praying for you this week, and I send you lots of love and kisses. Granny

All Poppy can say is Wow! What a great week you all had. Poppy loved reading all about your activities and especially enjoyed looking at all the photos of you. It seemed like you had lots of fun in the pumpkin patch. And Ryan, you were so cute in your pumpkin outfit too. Kitt and Garet, I could almost hear the notes from your musical instruments all the way down here in Pensacola. You’ll have to play a song for me next time I see you. I’m happy you were able to see your friends in Sautee too. Were the leaves on the trees starting to turn colors yet? If so, I can only imagine how beautiful that must have been. I’m looking forward to your next blog. Until then, be good, have fun and know that Poppy loves you all!!!

Cooling down……

We had another fun week hanging out at home and doing our usual activities.  Garet got her new pair of glasses which fit her much better.  Kitt and Garet enjoyed gymnastics and art class while Ryan got to spend some time with Nanny.  Kitt and Garet are having a great time in school and Mommy loves spending time with Ryan while big sisters are in school.  This week Kitt and Garet also went with Daddy to the tricycle park and practiced riding their bikes some. Daddy set up the bounce house and a special painting area which was a lot of fun for Kitt and Garet.  Mommy got out some new toys for Ryan including a jump toy.  Ryan was not sure what to do in it but she enjoyed just hanging out there.  Ryan also spent a few minutes in the doll baby’s stroller while Daddy was adjusting her car seat.  It seemed to be just her size!  We won’t tell Kitt and Garet about this as they will think they can push her around in their strollers anytime they want!  The weather is really cooling down so we know we will have lots of time to play outside before it gets too old, and we are all really excited about that.  We will see you next week!


Hello Kitt, Garet and Ryan! How are you this week? Poppy really enjoyed reading the blog and seeing all of the pictures of you girls doing so many different things. From riding bikes and scooters, to jumping on the trampoline with your Mommy (and Bear and doll baby), to painting on the big sheet with your Daddy, it looks like you were able to have fun at everything. And Ryan, even though you are still very young, you were able to join in the fun by getting to swing and having your Daddy read you a story. And if you stay in that baby stroller too long, I know your big sisters will want to push you all around. I’m glad to hear it’s cooling down at your house. Fall, winter and spring is Poppy’s favorite time of year! Poppy and Granny are going to the beach this afternoon with some friends to watch the sunset and in a few weeks we’ll be taking a trip to the Smoky Mountains to see the fall colors. And on the way back, we’re going to stop in Atlanta to help celebrate Kitt and Garet’s third birthday!!! We’ll see you all then. Love you lots! …Poppy

What an exciting week you girls had. Did your daddy part with two shirts for you to use as paint shirts? I know how you love going to the park to ride bikes. How good you are at maneuvering the bikes. Ryan, I am so glad that baby doll stroller was strong enough to hold you. How sad that would have been if the stroller had collapsed! It looks, Ryan, that you are just “sitting back” in your swing taking everything in! How relaxed you look! This cool weather is Poppy’s favorite time of year so, like you, he is enjoying the outside. Have another great week, and I send you lots of love and kisses. Granny