Family and Friends

We were so excited to have one more day with Aunt Kristen on Monday.  We really enjoy playing with her and Garet especially enjoys trying on her dancing shoes!  We may have forgotten to mention that Kitt and Garet are taking swim lessons again.  It is an indoor pool so we can go even when it gets cold outside.  Mommy and Ryan sit on the side and watch while Kitt and Garet get to practice swimming.  Mommy also forgot to tell you that Garet has glasses now.  There are a few pictures of her in them here, but she is getting some new frames that fit her better later this week.  Ryan continues to get bigger and bigger as she explores more about the world.  We had an especially fun weekend because Aunt LeAnn and Parky stayed at our house Friday night.  They helped watch us so Mommy and Daddy could go see a baseball game.  Then on Saturday we all went to music class, to one of our favorite parks and then to the Taqueria.  It was such a fun weekend for all of us!  Kitt and Garet continue to enjoy gymnastics and Garet is really showing some more confidence and independence in class.  There are plenty of pictures for you to enjoy and we will look forward to seeing you next week!


Kitt, Garet and Ryan – what adorable pictures you took this week. I love your hooded robes for wearing when you come out of the pool. Those must keep you warm and toasty. And, Garet, in one picture you almost look like you are swimming without the instructor helping you. You are so lucky to have that splash park near you as it looks like you love having the water splash all over you. So, when did you learn to play croquet? Kitt, how do you manage to play with two mallets? As a little girl, I always liked to play that game. Ryan, it’s fun for Granny to see you wearing the clothes your sisters wore. I especially liked the t-shirt that came from New York City. Of course, you always have to pull up the top with one of your hands so we can see your tummy! I know Parky had a good time since you are the friends he has known the longest. Did your mommy and daddy have a good time at the ball game? I know they miss going to see the Braves; but now that you three are here, they wouldn’t trade you for any games!!!!! Have a great week, and Poppy and I are counting down the weeks until we come to celebrate your birthday. Love and kisses, Granny


Dancing, playing and growing!

We had lots of fun adventures this week.  Mr. Rob re-opened the Taqueria this week.  There was a special opening for the regulars (that’s us) on Wednesday night.  Garet was especially excited because now they sell cupcakes right there at the table!  We also went there for dinner an additional time this weekend as we sure were missing our chips and cheese dip.  Kitt and Garet are really enjoying gymnastics and art class once a week.  Ryan gets time with Nanny to herself while Kitt, Garet and Mommy do these fun things!  Another special thing this week was that Kitt got to be “student of the week” at school which meant she also got to be line leader for the day.  Ryan had her 4 month check up at the doctor and everything looked great.  She is a big girl and very healthy!  We are also glad that Aunt Kristen came to town to visit. She is just here for one night but we are excited to have her here.  We have been playing in the park a few times since the weather has been so nice and also playing some at home.  We have a few videos to share and then will look forward to seeing you next week!

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What an exciting week you girls had. And to make it a better week, Aunt Kristen came to see you. What fun! Do all you girls have tutus???? What a surprise to see Ryan wearing hers also. I want to know if you have scooters now or are those ones that belong to the park? You are certainly getting the “hang”, Garet, of how to ride it. Way to go, Kitt, for being student of the week. How surprised I was to hear your favorite animal is a cat. Does that come from “Kitt Katt?” I would have thought Bear would have been your favorite animal Keep up the good work in gymnastics and in art. One day you may be famous for your talents! Have another good week, and I’ll be praying for you every day. Love you lots, Granny

Hello girls! How are you today? All is well at Granny’s house except that it is very quiet without your being here. I think this week’s blog could have been titled “Dancing for Tacos!” It sounds and looks as though you are really enjoying Mr. Rob’s newly remodeled Taqueria. I’ll bet all of his customers enjoyed seeing you dance in front of the restaurant. And how much better is it now that you can have cup cakes with your cheese dip!!! Garet, what were you doing wearing your swimming goggles in the play room? I liked watching you riding the scooter at the park. Is that a park that Poppy was at with you? I didn’t recognize it but I remember something about a park that had bikes and scooters for the kids to use. Was it one of those parks? In either case, it looks like a fun place. Congratulations Kitt for being the student of the week. I know you were a good leader and I enjoyed reading about your favorite things! Ryan, before long, you also will be riding scooters, enjoying cheese dip and having fun in the parks. And you’ll have your big sisters to teach you how to do all of those things. Girls, did you have fun with Aunt Kristen while she was there? I’m sure she loved seeing you again. Well, I’d better go for now. Take care and I hope to see you again soon. Love you lots! …Poppy

On the mend….

Kitt spent the first few days of this week with a fever.  She was still pretty active (probably did more than she should have) but we are all glad that everyone is feeling better now.  Granny, Poppy and Aunt Kristen were here through Tuesday and we did a lot of fun things with them while we were here. Ryan enjoyed being held just about any time she cried (which for those of you who don’t know her all that well Ryan rarely cries).  She also enjoyed all the extra attention.  Kitt and Garet enjoyed playing with everyone and Garet especially enjoyed Aunt Kristen’s dancing shoes.  We all went to the park a couple of times, had ice cream more times than usual and got to stay up a little bit later every night!  Because of the fever Kitt and Garet stayed home from school this week but we will all be glad for them to be back in school this week!  As you can see, Ryan turned 4 months old this week–doesn’t she look cute in her birthday crown?  We went to the pool with Mommy and Daddy and had fun playing in the water.  The whole family also went to the eye doctor this week.  You can expect a new pair of glasses in our family–stay tuned next week for the pictures of Garet in her new specs!  Gymnastics is going well for Kitt and Garet and this week we went to a fun art class where we did a project related to one of our favorite books, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!  It was fun for everyone, while Ryan stayed home with Nanny.  Have a good week and we will see you again next week!

As always, Granny had a fun time visiting with everyone this past week. I was so glad I got to see Aunt Kristen on this visit. We even got to do some new things like watching for the train to come and going to a new park and to a new restaurant. It’s also good for Granny to visit because Pooh seems to make it to the washing machine, and Bear’s onsie also gets washed. I’m glad to hear everyone is feeling better and will be able to return to school and do other fun things. Granny had even brought her bathing suit so she could go to the pool with you so it was good to see that you felt well enough to go this weekend. I’m anxious to hear from your mommy about the “other” dancing shoes you received yesterday. Have a fun-filled week, and I will be saying a prayer for you every day. Love you lots, Granny

New adventures!

We had such a fun week! Kitt and Garet are really enjoying their time at school and they like their new teachers.  Of course, Ryan is enjoying running errands with Mommy and hanging out at home during that time.  Kitt and Garet started gymnastics this week, too.  It was so much fun and we think we are really going to enjoy that.  Nanny stayed home with Ryan that day and she took her very first bottle!  One day we went to see Daddy at work and hang out at his office.  It was a fun time for us–we even went to lunch together at a fancy restaurant right afterwards.  The real fun part of the week was the arrival of Granny, Poppy and Aunt Kristen.  We have had a lot of fun playing with them, reading with them, eating with them, and everything else!  Of course, Mommy has enjoyed having them here a lot, too, because they are so much help.  Unfortunately, Kitt and Garet have both been sick this weekend which has not been a lot of fun–hopefully they will be all better by tomorrow, and hopefully, Ryan won’t get sick, too.  We have a couple more days with Granny, Poppy and Aunt Kristen so we are looking forward to that.  We are sure to have some fun adventures this week, too.


Well, all I can say girls is that Poppy had a great extended weekend with you, your Mommy, Daddy and Aunt Kristen. It was a wonderful time and I can’t wait until I see you again. I hope and pray that Kitt and Garet are over their virus and feeling 100 percent better again. Love you lots! …Poppy

School days….

We had a great week getting back into our normal routine.  Kitt and Garet met their new teachers at the open house and one of them is named Miss Gigi! The other is Miss Ashley and they are both very nice.  We know a lot of the kids in our class so it was fun to see everyone again.  We also went to Hippo Hopp to bounce twice this week.  Once we had almost the whole place to ourselves!  The other time we met Nanny and another little boy she watches named Nicholas.  Kitt seemed to think his name was Buddy because Nanny referred to him as Buddy so his name for the day became Buddy!  We got to see AJ one afternoon and it had been a long time since we played together.  Ryan is enjoying keeping up with her big sisters but also getting some time alone with Mommy when Kitt and Garet are in school.  We also went to a Book Festival this weekend but decided it was more for big people than for kids so we went to one of our favorite parks instead.  We also had another fun play date at the pool with Maddie and Alana, some twin friends that we hadn’t seen in a long time and that Ryan had never met.  We hope you enjoy the pictures for the week and the videos.  As you can see, Kitt and Garet really enjoyed playing with Nanny’s camera–don’t worry we are asking for own cameras for our birthday!


Sounds like you had another busy week girls. Were you glad to get back to school and see some of your friends? I really enjoyed seeing all the photos and the videos showing off your photography skills. Kitt, I’m glad to see that Bear and doll baby are still getting rides on your tricycle. By the way, Kitt and Garet you look very cute in your tutus and Ryan, I love your big head band and flower. Poppy is excited about seeing you all again later in the week. So, until then, take care, have fun at school and be good little girls. Love you lots! …Poppy

Granny’s shoulder is better so this week I can write to you. What an adorable blog you girls “put together.”. I especially enjoyed looking at you “primping” before having your pictures taken. Of course, no picture would be complete unless Bear was included! You looked so pretty in your Sunday School clothes; and, of course, we can’t forget to say how “smart” you are! Granny has a BIG PURPLE surprise to bring you this week. Then I also found Kitt’s favorite cookies and some marshmallows for Garet. What do you think Ryan would like for her surprise? Maybe you can give me some ideas when I see you on Thursday. So until then I’ll be thinking about you and praying for you each and every day. Love you lots, Granny