Potty training fun!

So this week Kitt and Garet worked on potty training. That meant we spent almost every day in the house working on it. We can’t say we are fully trained but there was definitely some success. That is also why there aren’t many pictures of the two of them on our normal weekly adventures. We did go to Hippo Hopp on Monday which was fun as always. Mommy took lots of pictures of Ryan this week. She is rolling well and talking more and more. She is also doing better sleeping through the night again, too, which Mommy really appreciates. Kitt and Garet did start a new music class this week which they really enjoyed because they got to play lots of instruments. We also started new swim lessons this week, too, but they did not go well. Although we like swimming, those swim lessons are not a good fit for us right now! That’s about all from us right now. Kitt and Garet start back at school just two mornings a week so we will look forward to telling you about our new teacher and new friends. That will mean Ryan gets some one-on-one time with Mommy, too! In the meantime, we are keeping a close eye on Hurricane Isaac with its eye on Florida. Stay safe everyone and we will see you next week!

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Hello Girls! Kitt and Garet, Poppy is very proud of your potty training progress. Keep up the good work and before long, you will have it mastered. I’m happy that you’re enjoying your new music classes too. I think you both are very musically talented from what I’ve seen. And Ryan, I enjoyed hearing you talk and I know that both you and Mommy will enjoy your alone time next week when big sisters start their pre-school again. Have a great week and I look forward to your next blog and seeing you again soon. Love you! …Poppy

Why, yes, Ryan, I think I agree with everything you had to say. It IS true that you are getting even more beautiful with each passing day. And, yes, I also think that you will be rolling around and moving all over soon. I can’t wait to see it for myself in person! In the meantime, thank you (and your Mommy) for sharing those adorable thoughts via video.
And Kitten and Garet, I’m so proud of you with your potty training! You just keep at it, and it’ll be second nature in no time! Just think: No more diapers soon; official big girls! Is that a xylophone I see you playing with? Did you know your Mommy used to be a whiz on the xylophone? Maybe she can show you a thing or two! Oh, and if you get a chance, please tell her that I really like the new haircut she’s sporting. It’s very cute! I’m also glad to see Mon Mon make an appearance on the blog again. I was worried he was getting ignored.
Did you girls know that I’m coming for another visit soon?!?! I can’t wait to see you and catch up on all the fun things you’ve done and learned since my last visit. Promise to make some time for me?
Until then, XOXOXOXOX and all my love always,
Aunt Kristen


Staying busy….that’s for sure!

What another fun and busy week for all of us!  We went with Granny, Poppy and Mommy to the zoo near Pensacola which was a lot of fun.  We got to feed the animals, ride the train, and walk all over the whole zoo.  There are lots of fun pictures and even a video from that trip.  That was Ryan’s first time ever at a zoo and we didn’t get a picture of her there–guess we will have to go back!  That same day we also went to a splash park which was fun, too. We had our last swim lesson and even got some goggles to use in the pool.  Ryan had her 3-month birthday already and she is so big!  She is trying to sit up some on her own and is almost rolling over.  She sure seems to want to be moving to keep up with her sisters!  The only disappointing news of the week is that we had to leave Granny and Poppy’s house.  Saturday morning when Mommy told us we were going home, Kitt said, “We are home!” We sure did make ourselves at home while we were there and will miss them greatly.  We are all so glad that we get to spend so much time with Granny and Poppy and know these will be very special memories as we get older.  Until we can truly appreciate these times, we like all the extra attention, special treats, time with Poppy’s iPad, extra time being held for Ryan, wearing Granny’s dancing shoes and lots of other things that Mommy is probably forgetting.  We got home on Saturday and the very next day we went to Addie’s birthday party.  You will remember that Addie was in the NICU at the same time as Kitt and Garet so she is by far our first friend.  It was also at a splash park which Kitt and Garet loved.  This was the first birthday party Ryan had ever attended so we were sure to get a picture of her there.  We hope you have a great week.  We hope to have some fun pictures to share with you next week, too!


Hi girls! It sure has been quiet here at Granny and Poppy’s house since you left for your home yesterday. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed having you visit with us these past 3 weeks. It’s just not the same in the morning without hearing Garet ask “Where did Feist go?” Kitt, I miss seeing the tall towers you loved building with the blocks while all the time holding Bear in your arms. And Ryan, I miss seeing your sweet smile. Poppy can’t remember the last time he had so much fun going to parks, museums, the zoo, riding the escalators and just spending time with you. And didn’t your Mommy do a great job with this week’s blog! I loved seeing all the photos and watching the video of Garet singing her ABC’s and Granny feeding the colorful birds at the zoo. It also looks like you didn’t waste any time getting back into the swing of things once you arrived back at your home. It appears that you had a great time at Addie’s birthday party. The splash park looked like lots of fun and there were even lots of things for you to climb. Well, I’d better say bye for now. Poppy hopes you have another fun week and will be thinking of you and missing you. Lots of love to you all!!! …Poppy

Where to start? You all had such an exciting week. And Kitt, please don’t be confused. Just think that you have two homes! Garet, you certainly know your ABCs. What an entertainer you are with your song and dance routine. So Ryan, I see you are already receiving telephone calls. Perhaps I will call you soon. Hope you enjoyed your Birthday party.
Please tell Mommy that I loved all of the pictures on the blog. In particular, the visit at the zoo looked like great fun. I can’t wait for you all to come visit the Bronx Zoo. But, we have to wait for Ryan to grow up a bit.
Love you all very much!

There are so many wonderful photos in this blog post. Kitt, did Bear really get to go to the zoo? How fun! Garet, you look like you’re doing a really good job climbing that chain thing at the playground! And Ryan, you get more beautiful each day — just like your sisters. That picture of you with all the soap suds is precious. Glad everyone had a great time in Pensacola. Did you get to go to the beach, too? Nicole (Aunt Kristen’s friend)

Beautiful photos and one of the best blog posts ever (though it’s so hard to choose)! I love and miss you all tons!
Aunt Kristen

It has been a rainy and “blue” Monday around here. Our house is just too quiet – I keep listening for a baby to cry or someone to run through the house giggling! I just miss you all so much! We did so much yet there are some things we didn’t get to do so will have to wait until next visit. It was good you had Addie’s party to attend on Sunday so you wouldn’t be continually asking your Mommy and Daddy where Granny and Poppy were! As always, I loved all your pictures and your videos. I understand tomorrow will begin another try at “potty training” so I hope it goes well. Remember, girls, how much Granny loves you and misses you and prays for you every day. Granny

Sharks, dolphins, the beach and more!

What a week we have had!  Kitt and Garet have enjoyed their swim lessons and have really gotten much more confident in the pool.  We also enjoyed making play doh with Auntie Kristin and having free reign of Granny and Poppy’s house!  All three of us went with Mommy and Poppy to Ft. Walton Beach to the Gulfarium.  They had so many fish and other sea creatures–we loved being there!  Daddy came to town for the weekend and he took Kitt and Garet to the mall to ride the escalator and also to ride the train.  We had lots of fun with him as always.  One really fun thing was when we all went to the beach to ride the Observation Wheel which looks like a giant ferris wheel.  It was fun to see the beach from so high in the air.  Even Ryan liked the view.  We also went to the beach the next day to play in the sand and the water.  We loved it!  Kitt and Garet were not sure about it all this time last year so this was a great improvement.  Ryan seemed happy to dip her toes in the water so we will see how much she changes by next year, too!  We sure do love being here and are excited about the adventures we will have this coming week.


What an amazing week! And you still have one more week to go! My fav pic is Kitt in the shower cap. How funny. Looks like you girls are really water lovers now. Such great big smiles on all of you. Love, GAMA

Hi Girls! Poppy has had a wonderful time with you these weeks in Pensacola and I look forward to more fun this last week. I love seeing your smiling faces every morning when you awake and the excitement in your eyes when you experience new and different things. And what good swimmers Kitt and Garet have become, not to mention how well they are climbing on all the slides and gym equipment at the local parks. And it is such a joy to hold Ryan and see her sweet smile every day. I hope you’re having a fun time here in Pensacola. Bye-bye for now. Love you lots!!! …Poppy

Hi Angels!
My goodness, your Mommy or Daddy – or perhaps your Poppy – have become such wonderful photographers! What beautiful photos this week! Of course, they do have so much natural beauty to work with when the three of you are the subjects.
It looks like you are having a wonderful time in Pensacola. I’m sorry I’m not able to join you there. You sure are lucky to have such great grandparents who let you stay with them as you experience such new and fun things all around you.
I do believe I see my doll Dorothy in several shots. If it’s OK with your Mommy and Daddy, you can take her home to Atlanta with you if you promise to take good care of her, which I know you will. Or perhaps you would like to leave her with Granny and Poppy so that you’ll always have a friend waiting for you each time you visit. Did your Mommy tell you that her name is Dorothy? She may not have known that.
Please know that you will continue to be in my thoughts every single minute of every single day. I can’t wait to see what fun things are in store for you this coming week.
In the meantime, all my love always!!!
Aunt Kristen

Change of scenery

We are having such a fun time in Florida so far.  Ryan is loving all of the extra attention from Auntie Kristin, Granny, Poppy and Uncle Mark. Unfortunately, Mommy may have been bragging a little too soon about her sleeping through the night but she will get the hang of it again soon.  Kitt and Garet have picked up right where they left off by taking over Granny and Poppy’s house.  There are some new toys here this year that they have both enjoyed, mainly the outdoor bikes and cars, the blocks and the snow cone machine.  It is also lots of fun having Poppy home during the day now that he is retired.  Uncle Mark has been over on the weekends and Auntie Kristin comes over just about every day.  Kitt and Garet have had lots of fun playing outside, inside and at their favorite playground here.  We all went to the children’s museum here which was lots of fun and also to the Naval Aviation Museum.  Kitt and Garet really seemed to enjoy the planes this year.  Also, Daddy came down for the weekend so it was lots of fun to see him.  He left today and we have been asking about him all day.  We have several fun things planned for this week, too, so we will have some fun pictures for you to see.


What a great week we have had here in Pensacola. I very much enjoyed the pictures because I wasn’t around when some of them were taken. You are both doing so well on the climbing bars at the park. I think you have been watching so much Olympic gymnastics that you want to do the things the United States girls have been doing. Hasn’t it been fun watching the swimming and the gymnastics? The swim coach from last year was surprised to see how much better you are doing in the pool – no crying this year. Of course, Ryan has been her “easy going” self – just watching all the things going on around her. I know this is going to be another great week because Coach Robbie is coming, and Auntie Kristin will be with you at the pool. I’m glad I can give you hugs and kisses in person!!!! Granny