Changing places

We had a fun visit with Aunt Kristen and Poppy at the beginning of the week.  We went to Hippo Hopp, the Taqueria, a few parks and even for pizza!  Kitt and Garet had their last day at school for the summer and then we all went for a road trip to Florida.  It took us a long time to get here but we made it and we are writing tonight from Granny and Poppy’s house.  Granny has set up a whole room with toys for us!  Kitt and Garet had fun playing with their trampoline, their toys, their tea set and so many other things that Granny has.  Poppy and Daddy took them to the park, too.  Ryan is enjoying her first trip to Florida.  She is getting so big and is already wearing clothes that Kitt and Garet did not wear until they were almost 9 months old!  She is also doing such a great job sleeping through the night.  Last night she slept for over 12 hours straight!  We are sure we will have lots of adventures to tell you about next weekend.  Until then, have a good week!



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