Changing places

We had a fun visit with Aunt Kristen and Poppy at the beginning of the week.  We went to Hippo Hopp, the Taqueria, a few parks and even for pizza!  Kitt and Garet had their last day at school for the summer and then we all went for a road trip to Florida.  It took us a long time to get here but we made it and we are writing tonight from Granny and Poppy’s house.  Granny has set up a whole room with toys for us!  Kitt and Garet had fun playing with their trampoline, their toys, their tea set and so many other things that Granny has.  Poppy and Daddy took them to the park, too.  Ryan is enjoying her first trip to Florida.  She is getting so big and is already wearing clothes that Kitt and Garet did not wear until they were almost 9 months old!  She is also doing such a great job sleeping through the night.  Last night she slept for over 12 hours straight!  We are sure we will have lots of adventures to tell you about next weekend.  Until then, have a good week!



A triple surprise!

This week was pretty normal for us.  Mommy decided to wait on the potty training for Kitt and Garet until after we get back from Florida.  We spent time playing at home and at some parks.  The highlight of this week was some visitors.  Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark came on Friday and then Poppy came on Sunday.  We have already had lots of fun with them and we still have several days left.  Daddy, Aunt Kristen, and Uncle Mark went with Kitt and Garet to the Dinosaur Train at the airport, the water park and also to a new park while Mommy and Ryan stayed at home.  Mommy, Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark also took all three of us to Hippo Hopp.  It was so much fun as we practically had the place to ourselves with lots of grown ups to play with us, too.  It was also so much fun having Aunt Kristen, Uncle Mark, and Poppy to jump in the trampoline with us.  Ryan had her two month check up at the doctor this week and that went very well.  She weighs 13 pounds, 2 ounces and is 25 inches long–that makes for one big girl!  We are also happy to report that Ryan is sleeping through the night almost every night already.  Mommy especially appreciates this.  We hope you have a great week–we will be reporting next week from Granny and Poppy’s house.  See you then!


Hi everyone! You all look so good! Your Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark have been talking nonstop about how excited they are to see you and meet Ryan! Looks like everyone is having a wonderful time, including Bear! Can’t wait to hear more stories from your Aunt Kristen when she gets back to D.C.! Nicole (Aunt Kristen’s friend)

Hello Girls, What a lovely blog you sent this week. I have enjoyed looking at the pictures over and over! I think Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark had more fun these last few days than you did. Ryan is becoming a big girl, and it’s exciting seeing her wearing the same outfits Kitt and Garet once wore. I am always amazed at the fun places your daddy finds to take you. I’m sorry we don’t have as many in Pensacola, but Poppy and I will try very hard to make your stay in Pensacola fun, fun, fun! So, until next week, I am praying for you and sending you lots of love and kisses. Granny

Birthdays, parks, visitors….

We had a fun week with Auntie Kristin in town.  You might remember that she and Mommy have been friends since they were little girls so it’s always fun for them to be together.  Of course, this was her first time meeting Ryan, and we think that everyone had a great time.  We did our normal activities with her here, including swim lessons, a trip to Hippo Hopp and even a stop at a pretty nice restaurant.  It was a great week.  For those of you keeping track of the calendar, you will notice that Ryan had her two-month birthday this week.  Look how big she is in her 6 month outfit!  She will go tomorrow for her two-month check up so we will have an update next week with how great she is doing! Daddy took Kitt and Garet to the big splash park Saturday and Sunday. Saturday the water wasn’t working but we still had fun playing at the playground.  Daddy also took Kitt and Garet to the big pool for some swim time. Ryan is doing a great job at night. In fact, three nights this week, she went to bed some time between 9:00 and 10:00 PM and slept all the way until 6:00 or 6:30 in the morning–Mommy was especially excited about this new development!  Kitt and Garet continue to be such great big sisters.  Mommy likes seeing them walk up to Ryan, kiss her and tell her they love her (totally unprompted).  You will see a picture of Ryan with a baby doll.  Mommy was not sure if Garet wanted Ryan to play with her baby doll or if Garet wanted the baby doll in the seat where Ryan was.  We hope you have a fun week!  We are going to work on potty training this week so check in next week to see the results.  We are also expecting some special visitors at the weekend.  See you then!

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As always, girls, you wrote a tremendous blog this week. I think Ryan is smiling because of all the love you shower on her. In her birthday picture, she is wearing one of my favorite outfits that Kitt and Garet wore. I think I can even find the picture in the first year blog of you two sitting on the sofa wearing that lovely dress. Your daddy taking just the two of you out on Saturday and Sunday mornings reminds me of Poppy taking your mommy and Aunt Kristen out every Saturday. He took you various places, but you always managed to end up at University Mall for pizza and possibly an ice cream. That gave Granny time to be home taking care of Uncle Michael. I know what a great time you would have with Auntie Kristin for she truly loves you; and now that she’s met Ryan, she has three adorable girls to love. Yes, you are in for a double surprise one week from today. Have fun with your visitors and good luck with learning to use the potty. Granny prays for you every day and loves you lots. Granny

So much, so much, so much….

We had so much fun this week, and thus, you have so many pictures to see this week!  We had our usual fun at school and playing at home, but Wednesday was the 4th of July.  In the morning we played at home but in the afternoon we went to a big festival.  There was a bounce house, a train to ride, and a fun playground.  Speaking of playgrounds, Daddy took Kitt and Garet to a new park yesterday that had all kinds of equipment we don’t normally see.  Best of all it had water that came up from the ground.  We had so much fun there while Mommy and Ryan were hanging out at home!  We also are learning how to ride our new tricycles.  We are getting better every day–Garet loves to ride all over the driveway and for now, Kitt likes to sit on the back and push around with her feet.  Ryan is starting to stay awake for longer periods of time during the day but is still waking up once or twice at night.  Kitt and Garet will start back at swim lessons this week with Coach Trish and Ryan will continue to eat and grow!


Girls, you all look so cute and patriotic in your red, white and blue outfits. I was wondering if you got to see any fireworks on the 4th but then thought probably not since it might have been a little scary for you with all the booms and bangs. It looks like you were having a blast at the new park you and your Daddy discovered and I’m sure that cool water felt good on these hot days. And baby Ryan, I’m happy that you’re staying awake longer so you can start enjoying being with your sisters. Kitt, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone so excited about eating corn on the cob. And what is that green stuff all over the top of the corn? Is it avocado? Garet, you seem to be enjoying the gym equipment at the park. Are you in training to become a future Oyympian? I hope you have another fun-filled week and Poppy is looking forward to seeing you soon. Love you! Poppy

What a terrific blog you girls wrote this week – so much going on with you. Is this new park now your favorite park? It looks like one I want to visit with you. Garet, you are amazing at all the gymnastic things you can do. Kitt, is Bear wearing one of Ryan’s onsies? I know you will keeping Bear in the latest outfits. On the subject of outfits, I loved your patriotic outfits for the 4th. You girls surely know how to stay up with fashion! Of course, Garet, I saw you had on your favorite purple dress. How generous of GAMA to buy you those tricycles. You are going to have lots of fun on those. I understand your “Aunt” Kristin is coming to visit – what fun that will be as she loves you so much and is eager to meet Ryan. I bet there will be some pictures of her on the next blog…so enjoy your week. Love you and miss you. Granny

Hi Cherubs!
Please tell your Aunt Kristen something: How is it possible that you keep getting more and more beautiful every single week?! I just don’t understand it!
Ryan, did you enjoy your first Fourth of July, or was it too hot out there for you? You’re like your Poppy and Aunt Kristen: We don’t like the heat too much either.
Kitten, is that guacamole on your corn on the cob?!?! Yucky!!! Although it looks like you sure do like it a lot, so I hope you enjoyed it.
And Garet, your namesake sure would be happy to see you holding and smiling at a Scottie dog. Was that a yummy cookie, or just a toy?
Guess what, Angels?! I’m coming for an extra long visit pretty soon: almost five full days, and I can’t wait to play with you the whooooole time. Will you pick out some fun things for us to do together?
Until then, lotsa love and XOXOXOXOXOs!

It’s hot up here (but we’re not complaining!!!!)

This week has been full of record breaking temperatures but it hasn’t bothered us near as much as it has bothered Mommy and Daddy.  Well, Ryan doesn’t seem to love it as much as Kitt and Garet do!  We have had lots of fun with our normal activities including swimming, Hippo Hopp, and playing on the trampoline but we also had a couple of special activities.  On Saturday all 5 of us went to Macon to see Aunt LeAnn, Uncle Barry and Parky.  It was such a fun day!  On Sunday, Kitt and Garet went with Daddy to the airport.  You might be wondering why that would be fun but we got to ride a train to get there–something we both enjoyed. We also went to a really fancy hotel, played on escalators, went up and down in an elevator, saw a dinosaur in the airport, saw big planes, just to name a few things.  Meanwhile, Ryan and Mommy hung out at home.  As for Ryan, I am having fun watching my big sisters play but prefer to be inside in the air conditioning these days.  I am getting bigger and bigger every day.  Some of my favorite things to do are play in the bath tub (especially when Mommy gets in with me), sit in my swing and play on my tummy on the fish mat.  Have a good week and stay cool!  We will see you next week.

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Hello Girls, I’ve been watching the news reports and have seen the record heats in Atlanta. It’s good you have a pool in your neighborhood. Kitt and Garet look quite the tourists with their backpacks. Are you planning to take a trip soon that you visited the airport or are you planning a night away in the fancy hotel? Yes, I bet you did like riding MARTA – a first for you. In one of Ryan’s pictures, she looks like she is sticking her tongue out at us. That’s not very nice. I know Parky and his parents were glad to have you visit for a day. Too bad he doesn’t live closer. Well, Poppy is officially retired from his job so it’s going to be interesting to see what he’s going to do when tomorrow arrives, and he doesn’t have to get up so early. I am forgot to mention, I always love your videos. Hope this is another fun-filled week for all of you. Love and prayers, Granny

Hello little llamas. Poppy enjoyed reading about your past week’s activities and looking at your videos and photos. It looks like you’re still enjoying your trampoline and neighborhood pool. I’ll bet it was nice to be able to cool off in the pool. How are your swimming lessons coming? Are you swimming like fish yet? Kitt and Garet, you looked very cute with your backpacks. I’m glad you all had fun visiting with Parky on your visit to Macon. Ryan, you’re growing so quickly. Are your sisters being good to you? I’m sure they are. Poppy started taking a photography class last night, so next time I see you, be prepared to smile big for the camera. Well, I’d better close for now. Take care and I look forward to seeiing you soon. Love you lots! …Poppy