Hot! Hot! Hot!

Summer heat is here for sure but it hasn’t slowed us down any!  As for Kitt and Garet, we have been to the pool lots and lots and are getting more confident in the pool.  We seem to be enjoying our swimming lessons a little bit better but really prefer to splash around in the “shallow” big pool.  We also love all the time Daddy has been spending with us on weekend days at the park.  In fact, yesterday we went to three different parks all to give Mommy some time with Ryan!  Speaking of Ryan, aren’t we such good big sisters?  As you can see we love reading her stories, pushing her in her swing, and even getting to hold her every once in a while.

As for Ryan, I still like to sleep a lot and enjoy quality time along with Mommy during the middle of the night.  Usually it’s just once a night now which is better for Mommy.  I like hearing my sisters read books to me and talk to me.  Mommy weighed me last night just out of curiosity and I weigh 12 pounds, 3 ounces!  That makes for a pretty big 6 week old.  In fact, I have outgrown a lot of my clothes and am moving into 3-6 month clothes already.  I was also glad to meet Mommy and Daddy’s friend, Jennifer.  I woke up long enough to be held and get our picture taken together!

From all of us, we hope you are enjoying your summer!  We will see you next week with reports for our activities.


What a surprise to turn on my computer so early in the day and see your weekly blog has already been posted. Poppy certainly enjoys seeing all the photos and getting caught up on your weekly activities. It looks like everyone is enjoying swimming in big pool. How are the swimming lessons coming along? You girls will be swimming like little fish before you know it. I hope you’re using lots of sun screen too. Wow! Little Ryan is growing so quickly. And Kitt and Garet, I am very happy to see you taking such good care of her. Did you have fun making cookies under the watchful eye of Bear? I hope you will have another fun week and Poppy is looking forward to seeing next week’s blog and photos already. Bye for now. Love ya! …Poppy

What a fun blog you wrote this week – and you are teaching Ryan to tell what she is doing too! You are such adorable big sisters. I’m glad Kitt and Garet like the purple skirts I sent. I know purple is your favorite color, and Kitt’s favorite headband is the one that she is wearing in the blog! I told my friend Mrs. McCreary about Ryan wearing the Hat in the Cat outfit – I think she found that for Kitt and Garet at a store in Destin. I understand your favorite song these days is “He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands.” When you get older, you must ask GAMA how she got in trouble with the nuns for singing that song when she was a little girl! This is going to be an exciting week for Poppy as a party is being given in his honor on Wednesday. He’s not looking forward to it, but I think it will be fun. Lots of people say very kind and appreciative things about your poppy. Stay cool in the hot weather, and I’ll look forward to reading what adventures you have in store this week. Love you lots, Granny


What a week!

We were all so very busy this week, but we had a lot of fun!  Ryan celebrated her one month birthday this week–wow, how the time flies!  She is getting better at sleeping at night.  Last night, Mommy put her down at 9:00 and she didn’t wake up until almost 4:00AM and then again at 9:00AM.  That was nice! Ryan likes going to the pool and lounging with the fan blowing through her hair.  Kitt and Garet started swim lessons this week–wherever you live, you may have heard us crying!  We didn’t love them but we are getting better and more confident with each lesson.  We also had a fun trip to Legoland this week.  It’s a big place with lots of things to build.  It will be even more fun when we get bigger.  We had fun play dates with A.J., and our friends Ella and Chapel.  We also got to see most of the Prim family Friday night.  That was a lot of fun and we loved having the bigger kids bounce us on the trampoline.  Father’s Day weekend was lots of fun, too!  Kitt and Garet spent Saturday morning with Daddy and of course, we all went to the pool later that day.  Sunday we all went to the big park (Piedmont Park) to play and have a picnic…..and again, to the pool!  We tried to do some special things for Daddy for Father’s Day.  We hope all of you who are daddies had a wonderful Father’s Day.  We sure are thankful for our Daddy!


What a fun filled week – swimming, LegoLand, meeting with friends, and a picnic. It looks like A.J. enjoys that trampoline. Garet, I see you have on your favorite purple dress. Granny sent you something else purple so maybe you will like it as much as you like that dress. And, Kitt, were you trying to nurse Ryan? I see your mommy’s nursing apron around your neck!!! What a great idea about the fan for Ryan. Maybe next time Granny can get near the fan. And to think Ryan is “styling” for her one month birthday. Purple is definitely a favorite color in your house – just like your mommy! I still have a purple quilt that was on her bed when she was living at home so maybe I should send it your way! So what did you pack in your picnic lunch? Whatever it was, it looks like it’s all eaten up. Your mommy had asked me to bring home the Obama onsie when I was in D.C., but I guess Bear will have to wear it during elections for I fear it won’t fit Ryan in November. Have another great week and do well in your swimming lessons so you can show Granny how well you can swim when you come to Miss Lisa’s pool in August. I will be praying for all of you this week and will be thanking God for such wonderful granddaughters!!!! Love and kisses, Granny

Hi girls! Sure sounds like you had a wonderful week with all of your activiies. The Lego place really looks cool and I bet you can buld some really neat things there. Maybe you will take Poppy there next time he comes to visit. How are the swim lessons coming? I’m very proud of you for learning how to swim. You’ll be happy that you learned too. I loved seeing all the pictures of the past week’s adventures. Well, have a good week! Love you lots! ..Poppy

Kitt & Garet –
Please tell your mom & dad that the Griffins received the beautiful birth announcement and we’re just thrilled to hear your good news! Beautiful pictures – all look happy and healthy. So happy for all of you.

All by ourselves!

Well, we are all on our own now–except that Mommy and Daddy are still here.  What we mean is that GAMA left this week so it’s just the five of us!  GAMA left on Friday and we really miss her.  Ryan misses the extra attention and Kitt and Garet miss all of the fun they had with her.  In fact, both Kitt and Garet have asked about GAMA several times.  We had fun doing lots of things with GAMA, including a trip to the pool and for pizza and ice cream.  We will all miss her but look forward to seeing her again soon.  Ryan is still getting into a routine of sleeping and eating.  Mommy just knows she is going to start sleeping less during the day and more at night any day now.  Kitt and Garet enjoyed being back in school and meeting some new friends.  One day there are three sets of twins!  Daddy took Kitt and Garet to a little airport yesterday that has a fun playground so there are some pictures of that. This looked like a park Poppy would really like… time!  We got the pictures from the photographer and there are some really good ones.  If you would like to check them out, you can click here and type mackey3 as the session ID. Daddy has been asking us every night what we are thankful for.  It started with the obvious (Mommy, Daddy, Granny, Poppy, etc) but we have expanded and added Elmo, books, and the carpet.  We know we have so many things to be thankful for and we count you as one of those things (even if we don’t mention you by name!)



As Poppy and I sit here with no electricity, it is so refreshing to see your latest blog, and how great it is. I must confess the picture of Kitt and Garet holding Ryan across their knees brings back so many memories. One of my favorite pictures is of your mom and Aunt Kristen holding Uncle Michael across their knees. Your mom has the biggest grin on her face! I know you must miss GAMA; but after reading how much you miss her, that might prompt her to visit more often. I’m glad you took her to your pizza place and your ice cream place. I’m happy to read about the things you are thankful for; however, I found the carpet a strange thing. But, I do remember how hard your mommy and I looked for the right carpet to go into your Dr. Seuss decorated room and how I had to “lug” it up the stairs of the shop because your mommy was so uncomfortable carrying two little girls in her tummy! Enjoy this week, and please know I will be praying for you daily. Granny

Coming and going!

We had lots of fun with Granny this week but on top of Granny being here, GAMA and Poppy arrived this weekend!  During the week we had lots of fun playing in the little pool in the backyard and also at the big pool in our neighborhood.  Garet especially likes watching the kids jump off the diving board and Kitt loves taking a shower.  We got our hair cut again this week and it is super cute.  It is short for the summer which makes it much easier to comb.  Of course, Ryan wasn’t quite ready to get hers cut.  She is doing a great job fitting in here and going with the flow.  We also had a special photo shoot this week to get some pictures of all three of us together and also some with Mommy.  We will let you see the pictures when we get them from the photographer.  We got a big surprise this weekend: our own trampoline.  When Garet saw it she said “Oh my goodness.  Oh my goodness.”  Ryan had a fun time watching the big girls jump while Kitt and Garet had a great time jumping.  Even Bear got in on the jumping action.  Last week was Poppy’s birthday and since Granny was here he was home alone for it.  We thought we would get cupcakes and sing to him–we are always looking for an excuse to have a cupcake. Ryan thinks it’s pretty special that she got to go to a birthday party at such a young age.  It took us a minute to warm up to Poppy but not too long–Garet even called Poppy “Paul” when she went looking for him!  It’s back to school for Kitt and Garet tomorrow so Ryan will appreciate some time alone with Mommy and GAMA.  GAMA is here for the whole week so we are looking forward to having her here.  Granny and Poppy headed back to Florida today and we will certainly miss them both!  Mommy will also really miss Granny and all of the help she was over the past weeks.  Even Daddy said we couldn’t have made it these past few weeks without her.  We couldn’t agree more!


Good morning girls, I love your new picture at the top – everyone looks adorable! Even though I was there to witness all these pictures, it is always good to “re-live” them on the blog. You girls are a joy to be around, and I know GAMA will have a fun time with you this week. Just don’t exhaust her! She’s not used to all that physical activity!!!!! I miss you already, but please know I will be thinking about you and even thinking I hear your voices around our house. Love you lots, Granny

Hi girls! I’m sorry to be so tardy in posting on your blog but this has been a very busy week at work for Poppy. I sure did enjoy being with you last weekend, even if it was for such a short time. Once I retire maybe your Mommy and Daddy will let me spend more time with you. I hope you’re having a good time with GAMA; I know she is enjoying her time with you. Has she taught you how to play WWF yet? Kitt and Garet–are you enjoying your new preschool schedule or are you missing being with Ryan daily? Well, I’d better go for now. I hope you have a good week and enjoy the rest of your time with GAMA. I’m sure she’ll be missing you all after she leaves tomorrow. Love you! …Poppy