Enjoying this weather!

We sure are enjoying all kinds of outdoor activities with the weather being so nice!  We have been playing a lot in our yard and even got out the bounce house this weekend.  It had been a long time since we got the bounce house out and Mommy and Daddy were both so impressed with how much better we have gotten with climbing in and sliding out.  We had a play date one day with A.J. which was fun as always and then our Auntie Kristin came to town.  She didn’t get to stay too long but we had fun showing her our zoo!  We saw all of our usual favorite animals and lots of gorillas.  We also had a good time sitting in Daddy’s car.  There are some fun pictures of us doing that, too!  There are a couple of videos you might enjoy watching.  One of them is from the week Granny was here and the other is from us playing in the bounce house.  We hope you have a great week….see you next week!



Hi Kitt and Garet! Poppy really enjoyed seeing your blog this week and especially enjoyed seeing the video of you playing “ring around the rosie” with Granny. It looked like you were having a wonderful time. I’m glad you were able to play in your bounce house too. And I noticed that Poo and Auntie Kristin made it to the zoo with you. I loved the picture of the guerilla with the baby on its back. Did you have fun there? I think I would enjoy taking you to the zoo some time when I come to visit with you. Would you like that? We had a special visitor this weekend too. Your Uncle “Mak” came to stay with us while he is instructing in Pensacola. It was nice having him stay with us for the weekend. Finally, you looked so grown up sitting in your Daddy’s car. I couldn’t help but fast forward a few years and I imagined you actually backing out of your driveway and driving on your own. Time goes by so quickly so enjoy each day! By for now. I love you. …Poppy

Is that a deployed air bag next to you?? And thanks for my Birthday card, by the way. Uncle Mark

I let Poppy write the first response to your blog because it seems to make him happy to know he is “first!” It was so good seeing Auntie Kristin with you because she loves you so much. I’m glad to see that mama gorilla is still taking care of her baby by letting her “ride” on her back! Now when you come to visit us, we will have your first trampoline in the backyard. Your mommy loved our trampoline and even “loved” the boy, Jonathan, who came once a week after school to jump and sit under the trampoline to snack and talk. Yours will be safer, and that will make Granny and Poppy feel good. I liked the video you sent Uncle Mark wishing him a happy birthday: and I did laugh out loud when it got to the end, and one said happy birthday Mark and the other said happy birthday Michael. They both start with M, This time two weeks from now little brother or sister will be here so we’re counting down the days. Until your next blog, have fun and be good girls for Mommy and Daddy. Love you lots, Granny


Our First Haircut!

Wow…..we had so much fun this week with Granny visiting.  We went to the zoo, played at the park, got our first haircuts, saw Aunt LeAnn and did all kinds of other things with Granny around the house.  The pictures show a lot of the fun things we did and we hope you enjoy them.  There is even a picture of us talking on the phone to Poppy!  Ever since Granny left we have been asking about her, especially when we walk through her room but she will be back very soon when the new baby comes.  She is always so much help to Mommy when she is here, too.  So our first haircuts were a lot of fun (well for one of us).  As you might be able to guess, Kitt sat perfectly still and watched Ms. Lisa cutting her hair in the mirror.  Garet, on the other hand, was not such a compliant customer.  She cried and squirmed the whole time but the end result was great for both of us, don’t you think?  We also got to visit with Aunt LeAnn but just for a little while before she had to go home.  We don’t have that much planned for this coming week, but we are sure Mommy will find something fun to do.


Granny misses you girls already. Yes, we did have a good time, but tomorrow Granny is going for a body massage! Do you wonder why she needs to have her body massaged? It might have something to do with two little girls using Granny’s back when singing the “Trot Old Joe” horse song! I thought I might see a picture of us playing Ring Around the Rosie with the parachute, but your mommy must have gotten tired of printing pictures. After going through the clothes that your mommy sent home with me to wash for your winter wardrobe, I don’t think you girls will ever wear the same outfit twice! What a “stash” of clothes you lucky girls were given. You will most definitely be “styling” this fall and winter. I think I heard your mommy say AJ/Joyce are coming to visit tomorrow so that should be fun. And, of course, Monday is always good at Maddio’s Pizza with frozen yogurt right next door. Whatever you do, have fun and jump into those car seats quickly so you can be a big helper for your mommy. Love you lots, Granny

Hello Kitt and Garet! Wow, what a fun filled week you two had with all of your activities and your special visitors. I know Granny really had a good time too because all she has been talking about since she got back to Pensacola is about the two of you and how cute and smart you both are. Did you have fun at the zoo with all the lions and other animals? I could almost hear you both roar when I looked at the photos of you looking like lions. And you look so grown up riding your two wheelers! I love your new hair cuts with the pony tails. You both look so cute. Was it fun getting your hair cut? I believe that’s a big “yes” from Kitt and a “I don’t think so” from Garet. Are you getting excited about welcoming your new brother or sister into the world? That time will be here before you know it and I just know you are both going to be big helpers and the best big sisters in the world. Well, have another fun filled week and I’ll be looking forward to your next blog. Love you lots! …Poppy

Back in the swing of things!

This week we had fun playing with A.J. one day and enjoyed being back at school with our friends.  We also started back in music class this weekend.  We were both very excited to see Ms.  Jennifer again and get back in the routine of singing and playing instruments on Saturday mornings.  Even more exciting than music class starting back is that Granny came to see us!  She is here for a whole week so we are looking forward to all the fun things we will get to do with her in town.  Today some of Mommy’s friends had a little party for our new baby brother or sister so Granny went to that, too.  It was a book shower and we just couldn’t stand the thought of those books sitting in the bag until the new baby comes so we read some tonight!  We hope you have a good week and we will look forward to reporting all of the fun things we did with Granny on our blog next week.


What beautiful photos you have with your mommy and Granny! I love your bike helmets and it’s cracking me up to see them appearing in different photos. Is Garet throwing food your way and you have to protect yourself during meals now, Kitt? Too Cute! I love you girls so much and was so sad we didn’t get to see you last week. I’ll see you this week but unfortunately, I won’t have Parky with me. We’ll get together soon. Aunt LeAnn

Granny is glad to be here with you and also able to bring you fresh strawberries from Alabama. And last night you got to eat so much watermelon. It is amusing to see monkey wearing Kitt’s helmet, but that seems to be a part of his wardrobe. It is also cute when you check inside the helmet to see the letter “K” for Kitt! You two are talking more and using sentences more since the last time I was here – always full of surprises. Now, let’s see what’s in store for this week! Love you girls, Granny

Hi Girls! You look like you’re really having a fun time with your bikes, swings, strawberry eating and hanging out with your Mommy, Daddy and Granny. I love your new helmets and apparently you do too. I see that you’re wearing them all over the yard and house! The family photos are really good and I enjoyed looking at them. Maybe next week you can post a video of some of the fun things you’re doing this week. It’s really quiet around the house here with Granny being with you but Uncle Mark is coming tonight so we will hang out a little. Well, it’s time for me to go. Have a fun week and i’ll be looking forward to your next blog. Love you lots! …Poppy

Spring break and play dates and egg hunts, oh my!

Well for a week of spring break vacation, we sure managed to stay very busy!  Our school had a pizza and movie night that we went to with Mommy and Daddy, but our attention spans are not quite long enough for a full length movie.  We watched for a few minutes and then played outside.  We also had a play date with our friend Eliana and her mommy and daddy, Ben and Sara, some friends that Mommy used to work with.  This weekend was packed with fun events, too! We decided that we were finally ready to try our bikes so that was fun.  Kitt was especially confident and kept telling Daddy “No help, Daddy.” Garet liked the idea of riding the bike but got a little scared.  We know it will get easier for her the more she rides.  On Saturday we went to our very first Easter egg hunt.  We played for a while at the house where it was being hosted, ate lunch and then got to hunt for eggs.  Kitt was especially good at hunting for them while Garet was content to find a couple and play with what was inside.  On Sunday we wore our new Easter dresses and took some pictures with Mommy and Daddy before going to church.  We also went to Easter lunch at Karol’s house and had a great time with all the attention people were giving us. AnnaBette played with us on the swings and then lots of people played with us inside the house.  We had fun opening the mail the Granny and Poppy sent us and playing with the quarters.  We even got some bunny hugs from Uncle Michael all the way in New York City. There’s also a picture of Mommy’s belly at 34 weeks so that those of you who have been asking can see it.  We hope you all had a wonderful Easter celebration, too!


You girls did a great job on your blog, and you look so pretty in your new Easter outfits. I can’t help noticing Monkey and Bear seem to appear in quite a few of the pics every week! I guess they are part of the family, too! Wasn’t that sweet of Uncle Michael to send bunny hugs from so far away? He looked pretty dressed up for Easter, too! I’m glad you’re getting used to your bikes because Granny bought a “hot wheel” at a garage sale this weekend for when you come visit. Your mom used to go “tearing around” our cul-de-sac on hers when she was a little girl. She would go pretty fast and look back to make sure we were watching her! Well, it’s back to school this week so it should be fun playing with your school friends again. Granny is planning a trip to see you so have your mommy and daddy say a prayer I make it safely there on Saturday. So until then, have a fun week; and I’m sending you lots of love and kisses. Granny

Happy (Belated) Easter, my Angels!
I hope you both had a wonderful day – as it sounds like you did – celebrating the beautiful spring holiday with your Mommy and Daddy and friends who love you both so much. You look gorgeous (as always) in your new dresses, and the flower headbands are the perfect finishing touch!
Thank you for sharing all the new and fun things you are learning and exploring (like bike riding!) as you continue to develop into such smart and special little girls.
With constant love and thoughts, counting down the days until your next blog post,
Aunt Kristen

Hi Girls! I’m sorry I’m so late this week in posting on your blog. I really don’t have a good reason for being so tardy, but better late than never. Right? It looks like you really had a nice spring break. You both look so cute in your Easter outfits and I especially liked the family photo. I’m glad you were able to have play time with your friends too. It’s hard to believe how fast you both are growing. You’re actually riding a 2 wheeler already! And what is that you are both pulling in the backyard? You look like you’re having a great time holding hands and running together. And I’m happy that the Easter Bunny and Uncle Michael appeared on your blog too. Well, time to go. Have a wonderful rest of the week and I look forward to seeing you again on your next blog update. Love you lots! …Poppy


We had some fun days this week but Kitt also got sick.  She had a reaction to all the pollen in the air and was having some trouble breathing but she is doing so much better now!  We had a fun play date with A.J. and Thomas on Monday.  This is spring break from our school and we are staying in town!  We got it off to a great start this weekend.  We went with Mommy and Daddy to Imagine It Museum and had so much fun!  We both loved wearing the tap shoes and Kitt really liked carrying around the “fried fish” from the cafe.  Garet liked “fishing” in the pond.  We had plans to go to Sautee, Georgia today but with everyone having allergy issues, we stayed here and went to the zoo.  It was busy again but Garet had been talking about seeing the elephants and monkeys again all week!  We got to see elephants, lions, panda bears, gorillas, and a few other things.  We wanted to walk at the zoo and since it was so crowded, Mommy and Daddy were too busy watching us to take any pictures.  Mommy did get a couple of videos of us this weekend so we hope you enjoy them!



What a great blog you girls wrote this week – so many things you have been doing. I think I saw new white shoes you were wearing – have you been shoe shopping? Kitt, was that a cash register you were playing with? Uncle Michael had one when he was little, and he used to be the “banker” and used the window as his drive up. Your mommy, Aunt Kristen and Uncle Michael had so much fun playing with that. Granny and Poppy just returned from visiting Aunt Kristen; so, of course, I found something to buy for you. I will be putting it in the mail today. I hope this week is as eventful as the last one. I know you will be going to an Easter party on Sunday so know that will be fun for you. Until I see your next blog, please know how much I love you and think of you. Granny

Elephants, lions, panda bears, and gorillas, oh my! What a fun week you had. Kitt, I’m sorry you had to deal with seasonal allergies but you come by that honestly. Your Mommy and Poppy have allergies too and Poppy’s were in full bloom last week in Washington. But I’m glad you’re feeling better now. I loved looking at the videos and especially liked the way you held each others hands going up and down the stairs. I hope you have another fun week and look forward to seeing your blog again next week. Love you lots! …Poppy