One last birthday post!

Well, today was Mommy’s birthday!  We had fun celebrating with her by singing Happy Birthday and by having cupcakes with Mommy.  We also went with Mommy and Daddy to the park to play.  Yesterday, we went to the zoo, but can you believe Mommy and Daddy did not take one single picture?  It was very busy there so they had to keep very busy watching us.  Garet has been talking about seeing the “monkeys and elephants” all day today, though, so it was worth fighting the crowds.  We had fun!  We also had a play date at the park with A.J. on Monday, went to school, spent one morning with Nanny and had fun playing with Mommy and Daddy around the house.  We hope you all have a fun week as we know we will!  See you soon….


Good morning sweet girls, I was so happy to read that you celebrated Mommy’s birthday with singing to her and eating cupcakes. It looks like you really enjoyed those cupcakes! I know how much you enjoy going to the zoo and seeing all the animals. I noticed you are wearing some new summer clothes – you girls sure are styling! Kitt, did you not see a need to “dress” MonkMonk and bear? They probably liked not having clothes on. Poppy and I are visiting Aunt Kristen in D.C., and we also saw GAMA and Uncle Michael who took the train down from New York City. We wish you could have joined us, too! But, there will be other times. Have a fun week, and I’ll be praying for you and your brother/sister this week. Love you lots, Granny

Good morning girls from Aunt Kristen’s home! I enjoyed looking at the photos of you helping your Mama celebrate her birthday. It seems like you all had a good time. I know you enjoy seeing all the animals in the zoo. Do you have any favorites (other than Mon-Mon and Bear)? We are having a good time visiting with Aunt Kristen in our nation’s capitol. And we had a special treat over the weekend because Uncle Michael and GAMA were also here with us. We had a good time touring some museums and looking at the cherry blossoms all around the city. We did lots of walking yesterday and finished the day by doing a marathon of Downton Abby. We wish you could be here with us but maybe when Poppy retires your Mommy and Daddy will let Granny and Poppy take you on some trips. I hope you all have a good week and look forward to your next blog and photos. Love you lots!!! …Poppy


More birthday fun!

We had another birthday party to go to this weekend!  It was A.J.’s 2nd birthday so went to his party at Bean where we go to play pretty often.  There are some fun pictures from the party.  Speaking of A.J. on Monday he came over to our house to play for a little while.  It rained some this week so we couldn’t go outside to play but we had fun watching the rain from inside.  We also went shoe shopping… wouldn’t believe how fast our feet grow, but then again our Mommy and Daddy have big feet, so we guess we will, too.  Mommy went to the doctor to see our baby brother or sister and everything is looking good.  The baby weighs 4 pounds, 5 ounces right now, which is a lot bigger than us for sure!  That doctor doesn’t need Mommy to come back in anymore but Mommy talked her into one more visit, and thus one more ultrasound!  The weather has been so nice so we have been able to play outside a lot which we both enjoy.  Yesterday was our last music class for this session but we will start back in a few weeks.  That’s about it for this week.  See you soon!


Hi Kitt and Garet, Oh boy, I get to comment first – won’t that make Poppy mad???? Not really! I see summer has come to your house. I noticed you wearing some new summer clothes – even some shorts. But, Kitt, where were Bear’s clothes? Did you have him outside getting some sun? I found a summer outfit with “monkeys” on it so Granny couldn’t resist buying it. I’m not sure who will wear it – one of you or the bear? I know A/J.’s party would be fun, and there would be all kinds of food you could eat. Boy, your mommy has a big mouth – trying to eat her cupcake! Did he like his monogrammed canvas tote? On the rainy days, did you sing our rainy, rainy song? Kitt, I know you must have been excited to see the guitar at the party. Now that music lessons are over, please don’t forget to dance to “Trot Old Joe!” Aunt Kristen would hate to learn you don’t listen to that song anymore. So, when will we get to see your new shoes? I’m sure they are nice summer ones so you won’t have to wear socks, and your daddy won’t have to match up socks on wash days! I am always glad to hear good news about your new brother or sister. I pray for this baby as I pray for both of you each day. Have a glorious week. I love you lots, Granny

Hi Sweet Girls!
You’ll have to get on your Granny about not noticing your new shoes! Well, Kitt’s new shoes, at least, which Aunt Kristen noticed in one of the photos! GG, where are yours? You’ll have to model them for us in a photo next week. I love your new summer outfits! You look styling, as always. And it looks like you’re keeping up your music lessons at home. I see you playing with your sticks in one photo! AJ’s party looked fun, too! Your Granny and Poppy and GAMA and Uncle Michael are coming to Washington, D.C., to visit me soon, and we sure will miss having you there too. Maybe they will pick up something from the nation’s capital to send to you, though! Don’t forget that your Mommy has a special day coming up! In the meantime, have a wonderful week. I’ll be thinking about you each and every day!
Aunt Kristen

Birthday Fun!

This was an interesting week!  We were trying very hard to get back into our normal routine without anyone extra here that Mommy forgot to take pictures. Luckily Daddy took some at our friend Castalia’s birthday party so we have something to show you.  The week was pretty typical but Mommy did take us both to the doctor on Wednesday because we had been doing a lot of coughing.  For Garet, it was nothing more than a cold, but Kitt had a mildly infected ear. Fortunately, it didn’t impact our ability to go to the birthday party on Saturday where we had a great time.  They had a petting zoo!  As usual, we weren’t all that impressed with the animals but Garet eventually wanted to pet the horse.  There was so much to do at this party though, including play with water beads, jump on the trampoline, color a big house, play with cars and eat cupcakes that were made in ice cream cones.  Garet loved hers but Kitt just licked the top a few times!  In any case we had fun and have some pictures to show you.  The weather has been very nice this weekend so we have had lots of time to play outside with both Mommy and Daddy.  We are hoping for another great week coming up…..see you soon!


Hi girls! I’m sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well this week and had to go to the doctor. Poppy’s allergies started kicking in yesterday so I can emphathize with you. Hopefully, you are feeling better now. I’m glad you had fun at your friend’s birthday party. It sounds like there were lots of neat things to do there. Did you get to ride the pony or were you just happy to be able to pet it? Maybe when you are older, you will be able to go horseback riding. I was thinking of you both yesterday. I had to get gas for my truck and somehow ended up at the Dairy Queen where I couldn’t resist getting a chocolate dipped cone. I well remember taking you both there during the summer and watching you enjoy eating your ice cream. Well, I’d better go. Granny is upstairs taking a nap since she lost an hours sleep last night but I’m sure she’ll check out your blog as soon as she gets up. Have a wonderful week and I hope you both get well soon. Love you lots! …Poppy

Hello Girls, I see where Poppy was the first to comment this week so he should be overjoyed about that. Guess what, Poppy is going to retire from his job June 30 so maybe that means he can make more trips to the mountains by way of your house! I wish I could have attended your friend’s birthday party – it did look like a lot of fun. Garet, I guess when you realized the “cake” cone was not real ice cream, you were disappointed because you truly like ice cream. I hope you both stay well this week and have some fun activities planned. I heard yesterday that “Aunt” Kristin is going to spend a few days with you during her spring break from school. Since I don’t work at a school anymore I don’t keep up with the school holidays so don’t know when that will be. She certainly loves you girls and will be a big help to your mom. So until I hear from you again, I love you lots. Granny

A visit from a friend

We had a fun week with our friend Calvin and his mommy, Jennifer, here to visit us from Texas.  Mommy and Jennifer are friends from college so it was fun for them to catch up, too.  Mommy got to do some things with Calvin and Jennifer on the days we were in school but we all got to go to the zoo together. We had a lot of fun seeing the animals and also playing on the playground.  We all played together at night and enjoyed eating together.  From the pictures, you can see that Garet has become quite the climber and is getting very good at blowing bubbles by herself.  Kitt still loves playing with Monkey and Baby Bear.  We went to music class with Mommy and Daddy and are really getting to know the songs.  We are both learning so much from the world around us.  This week will be our first week in a while without someone staying in our house for us to play with but surely we will manage!  We will see you next week….


As always, I enjoyed “catching” up with you girls. Garet, you never gave up on learning to blow bubbles – you were persistent – so it’s no surprise you just about have it conquered. You are definitely the gymnast–always wanting to do somersaults or to climb. Kitt, I’m wondering if Bear will ever take off those pajamas so you can wear them again? I thought those were your “lounging around” pajamas! Also, I see MonkMonk is wearing one of the onsies “you no like!” I’m glad there are only two animals you dress; because if there were others, you would run out of clothes!! Not hardly!! I remember Calvin and his parents visiting Granny’s house last year so it’s good to see you get together yearly. Maybe when you are bigger, you can go to Texas!! Have a fun week, and I’ll look forward to reading about your ventures next week. Love you lots, Granny

Hi girls! I was hoping for an early blog post today and Poppy got his wish. How good it is to see more photos of you and your friend, Calvin. I’m glad you had fun with him and his Mommy this week. I love the zoo picture of the guerilla holding its little baby. And Garet, you are finally blowing bubbles by yourself! I am so happy about that. And is there anything you’re not afraid to climb? And Kitt, I see you’re still taking such good care of bear and monkey. It also looks like you really had fun playing those big drums. Well, as your week returns to normal, I hope it is another good and fun-filled week for you both. I loved being with you last weekend and look forward to our next visit. Love you girls! …Poppy