Family time

We had such a fun time this week with Granny still here! She let us play in water a lot more often than Mommy does so we enjoyed that. (Come to think of it she lets us do a lot of things that Mommy doesn’t let us do. We are going to be in for a rude awakening when we wake up from our naps!) We played a lot around the house and had a few outings. Then we got even more visitors. Aunt Kristen came Thursday night so on Friday we went with Mommy, Granny, and Aunt Kristen to Roswell for a real tea party at a real live tea house. We had such a fun time! Then on Friday night Poppy and Uncle Mark came to town for a weekend of fun. We played with everyone and Mommy, Granny, and Aunt Kristen went shopping for a whole year’s worth of clothes at the twins’ club consignment sale. They did a good job stocking up on things that we will need. We played inside, outside and all over the house. Mommy, Granny and Aunt Kristen took us to music class while Daddy, Poppy and Uncle Mark did all kinds of odd jobs around the house, most of them to help get ready for the new baby. We also went for frozen yogurt, still one of our favorite treats. They left today and we are always so sad to see them go as their visits are lots of fun for us and provide so many special memories. We know all the time we get to see them will be remembered fondly! We also hope you enjoy the videos of some of the things we did together. This week we have another special friend coming: Calvin and his mommy, Jennifer. We will see you next week!



Good morning Kitt and Garet! I love your blog this week with the videos and photos from the weekend. Poppy had a wonderful time visiting with you over the weekend and seeing how much you have grown since Christmas time. It looks like you really had fun at your first real tea room experience. I’m sure there will be more of those in your futures. Poppy had lots of fun too playing with you both. I hope you have a good week and enjoy playing with your Texas friend, Calvin, and his mommy. Love you lots!!! …Poppy

Hello Kitt and Garet,
Granny misses you already. This morning I awakened to no talking coming from the next room. I had so much fun with you both over the last two weeks. It’s good your mommy lets you play in the bathroom sink and wash your dolls outside when I am there. And, then she doesn’t mind when Kitt takes everything out of Granny’s wallet and leaves it all around Granny’s bedroom. I heard Garet thought it was Granny knocking on your bedroom door last night because I would love seeing your eyes “get big” when you would see who was at your door. Before long I will be back to visit; so, in the meantime, have lots of fun playing with all your toys. Kitt, be sure to keep bear’s shoes on his feet and monkey’s diaper on him. Love you lots, Granny

Hi My Cherubs,
I loved looking at the pictures and videos on your blog this week and reflecting on how much fun I had visiting you this past weekend. Every time I see you, I am amazed by and marvel at how quickly you both are growing into such beautiful, smart, talented, energetic and joyful young ladies. I am so honored and privileged that I get to observe such wonderful developments fairly regularly (certainly not regularly enough!). Each visit, including this most recent one, provides me with such special memories of that particular time in your life.
So thank you for hosting me at your tea party, sliding with me, inviting me to your music class, enjoying yogurt with me and simply allowing me to bask in the joy of being your aunt.
Until we get to do so again soon, please know how very, very much I love you.
XOXOXO Always,
Aunt Kristen


A change in plans

Despite her best efforts, Mommy ended up getting very sick as well last week.  She called Granny, who luckily was able to come up here and help.  This was asking a lot as Granny just had knee surgery, which Mommy forgot about, but she came anyway.  We were certainly glad for all this extra time we have gotten to have with her and Mommy is glad for the extra help.  The best part is she is going to be here another week.  Despite Mommy being sick we still had a fun week.  We had our Valentine’s Day party at school and played a lot around the house.  We spent some time with Daddy, too, as he was helping Mommy get better.  We were supposed to have a visit from our friend Calvin, and his mommy, Jennifer, but they decided to reschedule rather than risk getting sick.  We can’t blame them!  We did get to have lunch with Emily, Frankie and their mommy and daddy yesterday so that was an unexpected surprise. Mommy and Granny went to the doctor to see our baby brother or sister, and boy, is that a big baby!  Granny enjoyed marveling at how big the baby’s foot is and Mommy was just happy to see an active baby that is growing so well. Can you believe that this baby already weighs more than Garet weighed when she was born?  Alright, we hope you enjoy the pictures.  We will see you next week!

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Kitt ! Garet ! What a nice surprise to see your blog so early on Sun afternoon. I always enjoy your pictures and seeing how much fun you and your friends have. I also pick some to add to my “grammy’s brag book”. It’s special having the ones of your baby brother or sister included. Hope you both have a fun week. Give your Daddy hugs and kisses from Grammy Bertha. And I love you with all my heart.

Hello little llamas! How are you doing this afternoon? I have decided that you will wear just about anything as a hat. I’m not sure what Kitt has on her head but it looks like something from a fast food restaurant. And is that her hair sticking up through the top of the “hat?” And Garet, I think I recognoze Granny’s shower cap on your head. I’m happy you are feeling better this week and have been able to play with some of your friends. It has been very quiet here in Pensacola since Granny is in Atlanta with you girls. I hope she is being good to you and behaving herself. I’d better run. My lunch break is almost over and it’s time to get back to work. I’m excited about seeing you all this weekend. Until then, Poppy sends lots of love from Pensacola! Poppy

Hi Angels!
I bet your mailboxes at school were OVERFLOWING with Valentines, huh?!
Less than two days!!!
All my Love Always,
Aunt Kristen

Feeling better

This was an interesting week for sure!  We both caught a stomach bug and then Daddy came down with it.  Here’s hoping Mommy doesn’t get it!  We did manage to squeeze in a play date at the park with some friends and one day at school.  We had lots of tea parties with our animals and even had a little story time with them.  Maybe we are practicing to be teachers…..who knows?  We stayed home from school on Thursday though when we were out sick.  We also went to play at Bean on Friday which was a lot of fun.  Of course we went to music class and had a fun time there.  As you can see in the video we sure do like that Trot Ole Joe song and we are always asking Mommy and Daddy to play it for us.  Kitt is doing really well in speech therapy and starting to talk more.  She continues to be a very good sister as when Garet was sick, Kitt would rub her back.  Garet has lots to say and even told Mommy she would be right back in one minute, holding up a finger for one.  She must have learned that from somewhere!   We had fun opening up cards from some of you for Valentine’s Day and playing with the coins and stickers Granny and Poppy sent.  We are excited about this week as we have a party at school plus one of Mommy’s good friends and her son, Calvin are coming to visit.  We will have an update for you next week!  Until then, enjoy the video and pictures……



Happy Valentine’s Day, Angels!
I absolutely love your blog this week. I printed out the last picture of you two on the slide and put it in a frame in my office. How sweet you both look playing so well with one another! You sure are lucky to have each other.
I’m so sorry to hear you had tummy aches last week. I bet that was scary for you. But I know your Mommy and Daddy and sister took good care of you.
Guess what happens in less than 10 days?! Your Aunt Kristen is coming to Atlanta for her (at least) semi-annual visit! I hope you are looking forward to our time together as much as I am. Get ready for lots of hugs and kisses and fun playing time.
In the meantime, I’ll just send lots of XOXOXOXOXOs from afar on Valentine’s Day…and every day.

Going places

We had some fun adventures this week as always!  We had a play date with some of our friends from the neighborhood including Aria, A.J., and Castalia.  We also had our friend Lola over for lunch and playing one day in addition to going to the aquarium and for lunch with Parky, his mommy and his daddy.  Of course, we had a fun time in music class and we even had a special trip to Hippo Hopp with Daddy.  We had not been there in a while so we were glad to be back bouncing again!  Daddy came home early a couple of nights this week and took us on walks which we really enjoyed (and Mommy enjoyed the break). Mommy went to the doctor to check on our baby and everything seems to be going just fine there, too.  Mommy and Daddy are really enjoying watching us interact with each other more and more, although Kitt still refers to her sister as Kitt!  We are trying to help each other out with certain things like Kitt bringing Garet things that she wants and Garet always asking Kitt if she wants to come and slide or swing.  That’s about it from this week but here are some pictures and even a couple of videos for you to enjoy!



Dear Kitt and Garet, Whoa!!! what a treat to view your blog this week. I laughed out loud (LOL as Aunt Kristen says) when I saw the videos of you in action. You are becoming quite the dancers! You both seem to love your doll babies, but I didn’t know Kitt washes your baby, Garet, after it falls on the ground! How considerate you are to each other. You will be such good helpers when your new baby arrives. It appears as though your friends like to have tea parties also. I hope you have another event filled week planned; and, as usual, you’ll get to go back to music class on Saturday. I’ll be thinking about you and praying for you and new baby. Love you lots, Granny

Hi Kitt and Garet! Here we are half way through the week already and Poppy is just getting around to write on your blog. I really enjoyed reading about your activities from last week and especially enjoyed watching the videos and viewing the photos. Kitt, you are such a good sister to wash off Garet’s doll baby every time she gets dirty. I’ll bet you had a really fun time with Daddy at the Hippo Hopp too. And I know you had fun at music class because I heard you both get excited over the phone when you pulled up to the music class building. Well, I have to go for now. I hope you have another fun-filled week and I’ll be looking forward to reading all about it in next week’s blog. Love you lots! …Poppy