Tea parties and music and playing outside!

This week we especially enjoyed having tea parties with Elmo, Baby Doll, and anyone else who would join us!  We had a play date with some friends on Monday and were in school two days.  Ms. Evelyn, our teacher, sent Mommy a picture of us playing together in the car and also a video of Garet painting for you to see.  We are both really enjoying music class this time around, and Garet has even been singing some of the songs at home.  This weekend we had a fun time playing with Mommy and Daddy inside, outside, and at music class.  The weather was so pretty that we got more time outside than we had in a while.  In one of the pictures you can see Kitt rocking her baby to sleep.  She sure is going to be a good big sister.  Mommy went to the doctor to see our baby and thought you might like to see the picture, too!
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Good morning sweet Kitt and Garet, What a wonderful blog you put together this week. You are two busy little girls. That was nice of your teacher to do the video of you Garet. Now will that snowflake be hanging in your playroom window? Of course, I know how everyone loves tea parties for I had a few with you when I was there. Has your mommy shown you the pajama bottoms with teapots and tea cuts in the pattern? They were so cute that Granny bought a pair for herself. I liked seeing the picture of your new brother or sister. He or she is really growing bigger. What fun you are going to have taking care of him/her. It is cold here today, but I hope it’s warmer in Decatur so you can again spend time outside. Whatever you do this week, have a good time and be helpful to your mommy GOOD HELPERS! Love you lots, Granny

Snow flakes, tea parties and swinging galore,
No two young ones could ask for anything more.
You painted, pushed doll babies and see-sawed with Daddy,
Not to mention the fun you had with Nanny.
And look at the two of you crammed into the car,
How cute you are even seen from afar.
Monkey and Elmo joined in the fun,
The time you’ll spend with them has just begun.
So now it’s time to start a new week,
I hope you have fun but remember to sleep! Poppy

Hi Angels!
Thank you for another beautiful blog with such beautiful photos. I can’t get over how big you’re getting!
Before you get too booked up, please pencil me in for a tea party the last weekend in February. I’m already counting down the days!
In the meantime, I’ll just send all my thoughts and hugs and love and kisses your way all day.
Aunt Kristen


Lots of visitors!

We had so many of our favorite people come and see us this week!  We had a visit from Granny for a few days which as always was a lot of fun.  We also had a one day visit from Emily, Frankie and their mommy, Kate.  Of course, we always enjoy it when they come to play.  We played at our house and then went for one of our favorite things: pizza!  We also had a short visit from Parky, Aunt LeAnn and Karol.  We didn’t get to play much with Parky because it was our nap time, but we will see them again soon.  Our friends Jen and Jennifer came over a for a little while, too, but mainly so that they could go have dinner with Mommy and Daddy.  Of course, we did our usual school activities as well.  We also started back to music class this weekend.  As always, Kitt enjoyed herself, but Garet also had a good time–remember she has been really shy the past few times we have done music.  Mommy went to see her doctor this week, too, and he says everything sounds good with our new baby!  We hope you enjoy the pictures and will check back with us next week!


Hello Kitt and Garet, What a wonderful time I had with you last week – I just wish my visit could have been longer, but I will be back to see you next month. It was fun playing ball with both of you. Garet, you open your mouth “real wide” before you toss the ball!! And, Kitt, you have to make sure everything is placed just the right way. Even Elmo has to be sitting the right way when you go to bed with him!!! I have to keep my eyes on you every minute because you can disappear if I turn my back for just a second. I hope you have a fun filled week. Love you lots, Granny

Hello girls! How are you doing today? Did you have a nice time at your pre-school? I enjoyed reading about last week’s activities and especially liked looking at your new photos. Garet, was it fun wearing that big hat? And Kitt, you looked like you were having a good time pushing the stroller with monkey in it, wearing the cat in the hat hat. I’ll bet you were happy to see Emmy, Frankie and Parky too. I hope you’re having a good and fun filled week. Love you! …Poppy

Growing up!

We know there aren’t many pictures this week but when we tell you we have been trying to learn to use the potty all weekend, we figure you would understand!  We did have some fun play dates this week!  For one of them, there were six kids over here.  It was a lot of fun!  We also had a play date with a little boy who is younger than us but we had a fun time showing off all the things he will get to do when he gets big like us.  There was one day when Kitt insisted on wearing her PJs over the clothes so there is a picture of that.  As for potty training, we can’t say there has been any real success or breakthroughs but we are learning.  Kitt seems to get the hang of it a little more than Garet right now and spends more time sitting on the potty.  We have the rest of today and all of tomorrow to get better at it so we will see how it goes.  We have a lot of exciting visitors coming this week so hopefully there will be some fun pictures to show you.  See you next week!


Hello Girls, As usual, I greatly enjoyed your blog. Kitt, were you cold that you needed to wear your pajamas on top of your street clothes? You make quite a fashion statement!!! It was adorable to see the two of you hugging. Well, I’ll be leaving tomorrow to come and spend a couple of nights with you so I don’t have much to write. So until tomorrow afternoon, I send you lots of love and kisses, Granny

Back to normal!

It sure was nice having Granny stay with us most of this week (and Mommy appreciated the extra help, too!)  We were sad to tell her good bye on Thursday but we were glad to have Daddy back in town.  We had lots of fun play dates this week, including one with A.J., one with a new friend, Ella, and one with some of our twin friends, Maddie and Alana.  We ran lots of errands with Mommy and Granny and went to pick up our new potties this week!  Mommy and Daddy are going to teach us how to use them this next weekend.  Hopefully we will have a good report about them next week.  On Wednesday Mommy and Granny went to the doctor to see our new baby brother or sister.  They didn’t have this sort of technology when Mommy was born so Granny enjoyed seeing everything on the screen.  Mommy made her promise not to ask too many questions about whether the baby was a boy or girl though!  We have some fun pictures from the week and also a little video of Garet showing off her animal knowledge.  We hope you have a great week….see you soon!



Hello Kitt and Garet, What a great blog you have posted this week! I had a fun week with you and your mom this week. Yes, I was excited about seeing your new baby on the computer. I pray every day that the baby keeps growing and stays healthy and that your mommy stays well, too. We had an especially good time making the rice, black bean and tomato dish. Wasn’t it fun trying to lick the big spoons? Kitt, Granny washed the cover for the mattress for your babies’ crib, but why is the mattress out of the bed and you’re sitting on it? I know you are a good “mommy” to your many babies, but where are they suppose to sleep? Garet, I loved your video about the hippo. You girls are so smart! I’m so glad my friend is going to Atlanta in about 10 days so I will be back to spend a couple of nights with you. Fun! Have a good week. Love you, Granny

Great blog! Love the photos. You girls appear to be so happy which makes Poppy happy too.

Happy New Year!

What a week!  We had such a fun week spending time with Granny, Poppy, GAMA, Aunt Kristen, Uncle Michael, Mommy and Daddy at our Christmas House in North Carolina.  One day we went to the big pool there at the resort.  Kitt had a great time but Garet decided she didn’t want to get it.  She did splash water in Mommy’s face though!!!  We also drove into Asheville one day to a really fancy hotel because Mommy wanted to see all of the gingerbread houses.  We had a fun time looking at the houses, the trees and eating a fancy lunch.  We ate out a few times while we were away and were on our best behavior every time! There are some pictures of us around the property of the house and even one of the Christmas House.  Then it was time to leave.  We were sad to tell everyone good-bye but Granny and Poppy came home with us.  We got to spend the weekend with them and we went back to the Botanical Gardens so they could see the trains, too.  We rode the big train with Mommy and Granny and had fun taking some pictures of us together.  Today Daddy and Poppy left but Granny stayed with us (and Mommy, too, of course).  Granny will be here almost the whole week so we are glad for that (as is Mommy).  We have a busy week with several appointments and then getting back into our normal school routine on Thursday.  We are sad to see all of the lights coming down at our neighbors’ houses but will look forward to seeing them next year.  We hope you all have a happy new year and a wonderful 2012.  We know this year will bring some fun and exciting changes to our house but we are looking forward to all of the new adventures we will have, too.  See you next week!


Dear Kitt and Garet,
It is difficult to put into words what an absolute joy it was spending the past week with you while we celebrated Christmas together as a family. I cannot get over how smart and curious, energetic and just downright funny you both are, and I am honored to be able to observe you grow and learn about the world around you. When you are old enough to understand what it means, I hope your Mommy will show you the Christmas card and unique gift I gave you this year as a tangible reminder of how much I love and miss you and think about you each and every day.
In the meantime, though, I am wishing you all the best that 2012 has to offer, including a healthy sibling who undoubtedly will bring as much happiness to my life as his or her big sisters have.
I’ll love you forever,
Aunt Kristen

Kitt and Garet, Granny is so happy she gets to spend some extra days with you. Like Aunt Kristen said, it was a “fantastic” Christmas being with you and all the family. I pray every day that God watches over you, your sister or brother that will be coming soon and everyone else in the family. Last year was filled with lots of blessings, and I ask God will bless us again in the new year. You two are truly a joy to so many people. Love you lots, Granny