Merry Christmas to All!

This week got off to a rough start. We continued to be sick for the first part of it. Garet’s ear infections didn’t go away with the antibiotics, and in the mean time Kitt’s ears got infected. By Thursday or so, though, we were both doing pretty well and feeling better! The good part of the week is that Granny and Poppy came to our house. We spent Thursday night with them and then on Friday we loaded up our car and went to North Carolina. Aunt Kristen, Uncle Michael and GAMA met us here. We are having such a good time spending time with people who love us most! We had a wonderful Christmas, opening and playing with lots of new toys. We are really enjoying this great house where we are staying. Right out of the window is the golf course and lake where part of Dirty Dancing was filmed. That doesn’t mean anything to us, but it might to some of you! We really like the life size chess and checkers board where we have been several times to play. We will be here the rest of this week so are looking forward to doing more fun things and spending lots of time with our family. As we think about Christmas, Mommy and Poppy were reminiscing about our first Christmas which we spent in the NICU. Even last Christmas, Kitt was crawling and Garet was just starting to toddle. Look at us now! We are running all over the place, talking up a storm and loving our lives. We hope you all find yourselves as lucky as we do this Christmas and every day of the year!


Merry Christmas Angels!
Hope you got every gift you wanted except one (to see your Uncle Markus at Christmas)
Can’t wait to see you sometime soon!
Kiss Auntie Kristen for me.
Uncle Markus

Merry Christmas sweet girls! It looks like you’re having a great time. It’s beautiful and quite funny that your mommy picked a place based on a movie that she loves . I love the giant chess and checkers set. How fun! Please tell everyone I said hello. Miss you all! Love, Aunt LeAnn, Uncle Barry, and of course, Parky!


Sick week!

Unfortunately, we were both sick a good portion of this week.  We did some fun things but spent a lot of time at the doctor and just hanging out at home. Not only did we have to miss a day of school, we also missed our class holiday party!  Mommy had made special gingerbread cookies that we could eat for the party so we got to eat them at home. We did manage to go to the Botanical Gardens two times: once with Mommy and Nanny and the other time with Mommy and Daddy.  We had a great time both visits and especially liked riding the “big train,” as Garet calls it, with Mommy.  We also made one trip to the mall before the holiday rush.  We just needed one thing, but we also were excited to see Santa Claus from a distance!  Hopefully we both will be better very soon as we have some special people coming to see us this coming week and then we have a trip to take to go see some other special people.  Stay tuned to see who all we get to see this week!


Peek a boo! I see you. Sorry to hear you have been ill this week. Hopefully you are feeling better now and will be all better by the weekend so you can enjoy the special time coming up. I love the photos this week and am realy looking forward to seeing you very soon now. Love you lots! …Poppy

Hi Kitt and Garet, Like Poppy, I was so “sad” to hear you have been sick; and now your mommy is not feeling well. However, in a few days Poppy and I will be there to take care of you while your mommy gets some rest. Your pictures are great – I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of the Botanical Gardens – what a neat place! How were the gingerbread cookies your mom made especially for you? Can’t wait until Thursday when I see you both. Until then, lots of hugs and kisses. Granny

Excitement is building!

We are getting so excited about all of the festivities of Christmas!  We especially love seeing all of the lights at night and Daddy has taken us on lots of walks once it gets dark to see them.  We also are getting excited about lots of boxes that are arriving at our house!  We had another fun week playing at home, at school, at church and also at Imagine It, the children’s museum.  We have also taken a liking to playing with the straps on our high chairs and doing it “self.”  Mommy wonders why we need toys when she sees how long we can play with the straps!  At Imagine It, we had fun fishing, watching the toy train and playing with blocks.  See if you can find the new “friends” we picked up at the gift shop in the pictures below.  Mommy and Daddy just couldn’t leave without them when they saw how excited we were when we saw them. (They’re suckers!!)  Saturday afternoon we had fun playing in the bounce house!  While we know there are lots and lots of you who read our blog every week we would like to say a special hello to three ladies at the Escambia County Courthouse who keep up with us faithfully every single week.  We’ll come see you again this summer, and we’ll bring our new baby brother or sister with us!


Dear Kitt and Garet, How excited I was to see your blog already posted – I didn’t have to wait to later tonight to read about your exciting week. I do recognize some new items – shoes on Kitt and Abby from Sesame Street. Unfortunately, Kitt, I can’t remember if you are holding Bert or is that Ernie? You will have to tell me when I see you in a couple of weeks. Kitt, I think I saw you eating a piece of the nativity set – tell me that wasn’t so!!!! Poppy is excited to hear you like to fish because he has a couple of fishing poles in his hobby room that haven’t been used in years!!!!! Poppy and I are getting excited about all of us being together for Christmas. Just think, Christmas is two weeks from today. I can’t imagine what all those boxes contain that are arriving at your house. However, it won’t be long until we know. Have another great week, and I’ll be awaiting your next blog. How is your mommy feeling these days? Does she seem to be getting fatter????? Love you lots, Granny

Hello Kitt and Garet! How are you this afternoon? It appears as though you really enjoyed the day at the museum. It looks like Kitt had lots of fun fishing and stacking blocks while Garet seemed to be very excited about the model trains. Poppy had a model train set when he was a lot younger and maybe one day, he’ll set it up and let you play with it. But you have to let me blow the whistle!!! And Kitt, you must take after your Mommy. She liked to go fishing when she was a little girl. But she didn’t like walking out on the pier because she was afraid she was going to fall through the slots in the boardwalk. Kitt, where were you going with that huge bag of plastic balls? It looks like you could barely lift it off the ground. Garet, is that a bananna you’re inspecting? Well, I’d better go for now. I’m excited about seeing you both again over the Christmas holiday. Maybe it will snow one day and I can show you how to make “snow angels.” Bye for now. Love yo lots! …Poppy

Hi Sweet Cherubs!

Your Aunt Kristen is soooooo silly! I spent close to an hour gazing intently at each and every one of your beautiful pictures from this week’s blog trying to see the lollipops you brought home from the museum. But then I realized the “suckers” you were referring to were your Mommy and Daddy, not the friends you picked up there! Hehehehe! Now that I think I’ve got it figured out, I want to guess the “real” friends who followed you home: Abby and Ernie! Am I right?! They look like good sliders, and I bet you had fun playing with them in the bouncy house (with no wind, I hope).  Only nine days until we’re all together again for our special holiday celebration, and I can’t wait!!! We are going to have so much fun! In the meantime, I hope you have a wonderful time with Abby, Ernie and all your other friends who love you both so much…just like your Aunt Kristen.

P.S. Kitten, tell your silly Granny that you’re kissing, not eating, the figure from the nativity set. She’ll like that! :)

Christmas is coming!

We are so excited about all of the Christmas lights and decorations that we are seeing! We love looking at our neighbor’s holiday extravaganza across the street and some other houses in the neighborhood.  Even when driving around town, Garet is talking about Christmas tree lights and Kitt is pointing out trees.  We even have our own little tree in our house with some ornaments, lights and a Santa on top.  Garet likes walking by it and saying “Ho! Ho! Ho!” Granny and Poppy left on Monday morning and we were sad to see them go but are looking forward to seeing them in just a couple of weeks.  That day was really rainy so A.J. and Joyce came over here to play.  We always have a fun time when A.J. comes over.  We went to school and got to spend some time with Nanny as Mommy had a couple of appointments and also Book Club.  Speaking of appointments, Mommy went to the doctor to have everything checked with the new baby and so far, so good!  She got to hear the baby’s heartbeat again which she said was fun.  We are excited about meeting our new brother or sister soon….but not too soon!  Yesterday we went to a craft event with the Parents of Multiples Club and decorated picture frames.  We went for a night time walk to the Taqueria and to look at Christmas lights, too.  We have a couple of things planned for this week so we will check in with you next weekend. Until then, enjoy the pictures!


Hi Kitt and Garet! Here’s a big Ho, Ho, Ho from Santa’s helper, Poppy. I’m very happy that you are enjoying the Christmas season and getting to see and enjoy all of the decorations and lights. I love the photo of you and your Mommy under the “Christmas in the Grove” decoration extravaganza. Speaking of lights, Poppy put up his annual display of the “big honkin’ colored lights” as they have come to be known by your Mommy, aunt and uncle. They all like the the little clear bulbs, but the big colored bulbs remind me more of Christmas’ past. And, by the way, I especially love your big smiles in some of this week’s photos. I can tell you are enjoying yourselves. Well, I’d better go for now. I hope you have another fun-filled week. Love you lots! …Pop

Hello Sweeties! What a great blog you have written this week. You girls are truly “styling” with those fur topped jackets, and I even think I saw new shoes on Garet’s feet. Your daddy better be prepared for you two are “high maintenance” little girls! However, it is so much more fun to shop for little girls than it is to shop for little boys. Garet, when you say “Ho, Ho, Ho” do you pat your tummy like Santa does? My friend taught her granddaughter to say Ho Ho Ho, but she also showed her how to pat her tummy when doing it!!!! Kitt, I’m wondering why your doll baby is riding on what looks like a lawn mower. If that’s the case, your poor baby may get burned!!! I love your Christmas tree, and your mommy placed it in a great place because everytime you sit down in your chairs to eat you can enjoy it. Does Mommy have music playing in the CD player on the table, also? We, too, are getting excited about Christmas. I hope Poppy will take a picture of his “big honkin” lights and send it to you to see. He sure likes those big colored lights. I know, as always, this will be a fun week for you as your mommy always sees to that. Has she and your daddy decided if they are going to tell you if you’re getting a little sister or a little brother? We can’t wait for its arrival, but we do want it to wait until next May. GAMA and I will need to rest up as we’ll be in charge of taking care of you two while Mommy takes cares of the new baby. Love you lots, Granny

Hi Angels!

How beautiful you both look with your big smiles and gorgeous new coats and sweater/skirt sets. Did those come from your GAMA, by any chance? :)  Your Mommy tells me that you both love looking at all the Christmas lights and that we may take a drive to see some during our holiday week in North Carolina. I can’t wait for that! Are you counting down the days too? Until then, have a wonderful holiday season, and please remember how much I love and miss you both every single second of every single day.

XOXOXOXO, Aunt Kristen