Happy Thanksgiving!

What a fun week!  We spent the first part of the week at home doing our usual routine.  We had a play date with A.J. and his Mommy and also went to school.  Then the real fun began!  On Wednesday we drove with Mommy and Daddy to South Carolina to spend the rest of the week with family for Thanksgiving.  We stayed at Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Gene’s house but got to see Aunt Trina, Uncle Skip, our cousin Marshall, and a whole lot of other family.  We hadn’t seen most of them since last Thanksgiving and everyone was so amazed by how big we had gotten!  We also got to see Granny and Poppy for the time we were there.  It was such a fun week.  Some of our favorite things were seeing the deer head on the wall, feeding the chickens, jumping on the bed in the RV, playing with the stuffed horse and getting lots of attention from everyone there!  We also went one day to get our picture taken for a holiday card.  We may have not been 100% cooperative but we tried. Granny and Aunt Bonnie tried really hard to get us to smile, and it worked pretty well. Stay tuned to see the picture later.  We were sad to tell everyone goodbye but the good news is Granny and Poppy decided to come and spend one night at our house before heading back to Florida.  We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  As always, we both know we are very loved by so many people and this week was a great reminder of all the people who love us.  We are also reminded of how many people it takes to raise a child and we are thankful for all of you who love us and care for us so much.


Hi Girls! This is just a short note to let you know how much I enjoyed spending Thanksgiving weekend with you. You have grown so much and so quickly! I love to hear you both laugh and look forward to seeing you again soon. Love you! …Poppy


Llamas and horses and pigs, oh my!

So one of our big excitements this week was the petting zoo!  It came to our school on Friday so we went with Mommy and Daddy to check things out.  We both seemed interested in the animals, Garet from Mommy’s arms and Kitt from behind one of their hairbrushes.  There are a couple of pictures from the activity.  We also went on a trip to IKEA and picked up a few things for our kitchen.  Of course, we got to see A.J. this week when he and his mommy came over to our house to play.  Speaking of Ms. Joyce she made us models!  Check out this Video.   Garet is still talking about the big pool where she saw Emi and Frankie and Kitt is trying to say a lot more words.  You might remember she is in speech therapy once a week and seems to be progressing nicely.   We had our last music class yesterday until January.  As always, Garet gets into music class during the last session only!  Kitt always seems to like it.  We went to church today where we learned about turkeys, and now Garet walks around saying “Gobble, gobble.” In other milestone news, Daddy turned our car seats around so they forward face now. You wouldn’t think that is a really big deal but we are both so much happier in the car.  Kitt chats away about what she sees and Garet tells whoever will listen what she sees out of the window!  That’s about it from this week.  This is a short week at home and then we will get to spend the rest of the week with Granny, Poppy and lots of family that we haven’t seen in a long time.  We are looking forward to it!


Hello Pretty Girls, As always, I loved your blog. Your “messy girl” dress video was adorable! I even took my computer to show your dresses to Mrs. McCreary who is always sewing for her granddaughter. I especially liked the matching headbands. Will you be wearing something like that when I see you in a few days? The end of this week is going to be an exciting one as all your relatives in S.C. will be wanting to “love on you!” So until I see you on Thanksgiving Day, I love you lots. Granny

Hi Angels!!! I always knew you were pretty enough to be models! You both look so gorgeous in your messy-girl dresses. And the matching headbands look smashing in your beautiful hair. I just wanted to let you know how much I will miss spending the holiday with you later this week. But please know how very thankful I am – on Thanksgiving and every single day of the year – you are my nieces.

I’ll love you forever, Aunt Kristen

Hi Sweet Girls! My goodness, I loved the modeling video. You were both so very good throughout the video. You were very patient with Ms. Joyce and Mommy fussing with your dresses. The dresses were quite adorable on you two. Ms. Joyce and Mommy were quite the pair too. Very impressive TV personalities! And all the while you two were having fun, I got to spend time with AJ. I must say that I now see why you are both smitten with him. He’s quite the young man!

Now I have a question for you both: How come when I built something with the blocks you always knocked them down? I see you did not touch Daddy’s creation????

Well, Kitt and Garet, “Gobble, gobble day” is real soon! I hope you have lots of fun with all of your relatives. I will be thinking of you!  Love, GAMA

Road trip!

We had another very fun week as usual!  We spent one afternoon with A.J., his mommy and his Granny.  We also got to see our friend Harry, and his mommy, Ashley, who our Mommy knew when she was much, much younger.  On Friday, though, we took a road trip all the way to South Carolina to see Emily, Frankie and their Mommy and Daddy.  It was Emi’s birthday so we got to go to her party but we also got to spend the whole weekend with them.  It was lots of fun to see their new house and their new neighborhood and even to meet some of their new friends.  Garet especially loved playing in the bounce house and Kitt loved playing with a magnetic drawing board.  We sure do wish they would move back here though! You might remember from a post a couple of weeks back that we have developed a fear of dogs.  Aunt LeAnn really tried to warm us up to the idea of dog while we were with her for Parky’s party and it seemed to work.  However, any progress that was made was quickly undone this weekend when Maggie ate Garet’s cupcake right from her hand!  Mommy did say the look on Garet’s face was worth any regression but we will see.  While we were in South Carolina we got to go to the beach.  Garet kept calling it the big pool and wanted to go swimming.  That got her remembering swimming with Granny this past summer because she talked about that a lot the rest of the day!  Kate took some pictures of us at the beach and will send them later so look for them next week.  We did get some more pictures of us at Parky’s party from last weekend so we are including them here.  There are also a couple of pictures from our trip to Sautee last week, too. Finally, Mommy wanted you to see a picture of our new brother or sister.  The appointment went well and she got to watch the baby move around for about thirty minutes.  That’s about it for this week.  We will see you next week…..

Bess and GGirls by lakeIMG_3695IMG_3701IMG_3710IMG_3711IMG_3713IMG_3718IMG_3721IMG_3723IMG_3731parkyparty1parkyparty3parkyparty4parkyparty5parkyparty6parkyparty7parkyparty8parkyparty10parkyparty1112 week ultrasound

POPPY: Happy Monday Girls! So, you went on a road trip all the way to SC to celebrate Emi’s birthday. From viewing the photo’s (some at a 90 degree angle–what’s up with that Mommy?), it looked like you had a really good time. And I know your Mommy was excited to spend time with Emi’s Mommy. Did you like the beaches in Hilton Head? Are they as nice as the Pensacola beaches? I’ve always heard how nice that area is, but have never had the opportunity to visit those beaches. I’ll be looking forward to seeing the photos on your next blog posting. Hopefully, there will be a video of Garet jumping in the bouncey house and Kitt drawing on the magnetic drawing board. Garet, I’m sorry you have developed a fear of dogs. Your GAMA will be disappointed to hear that, but it is somewhat understandable if a dog ate your birthday cupcake right out of your hand. How rude!Well, I have to get back to work, but I hope you have another fun filled week with lots of activities to keep you occupied and happy. Bye for now! Love you lots! …Poppy

Hello Girls, What a treat to read about your exciting week! I was sad, though, to read Emi’s dog ate Garet’s cupcake. That was not nice of that dog. I know the beaches in S.C. are not as nice as the beaches in Pensacola, are they? I’m glad to know Garet still has fond memories of swimming at Granny’s! Your next trip will be another trip to S.C. for Thanksgiving, and I can’t wait to celebrate with you and all our relatives. Have a great week, and I’ll be waiting to read your blog on Sunday. Love you lots, Granny

Welcome to our new blog!

For those of you who have been following our blog for the past two years, we are glad you found us.  For those of you who are new, welcome!  You might notice the change in the name…..it’s not just Kitt and Garet anymore.  Nope, there is going to be a third kid in the house!  (If you’re curious about the name of the blog, click on the About Us tab.)  Most of you saw the news on Facebook this week and the response was overwhelming.  Thank you!  We are all very excited about a new baby in the house.  The due date is May 19, 2012 and we are hoping and praying for a healthy and FULL TERM pregnancy.  Of course, we will keep you posted on the blog as to how that is going in addition to our already busy lives.  This week Mommy went to her doctor and heard the baby’s heartbeat.  She said it was really cool and will go again this coming week for an ultrasound.  Now on to this week!

We were sad to see Granny, Poppy, Uncle Michael, Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark leave after our birthday but GAMA got to stay for a few extra days.  We had so much fun visiting with her and getting her all to ourselves.  Unfortunately, she and Mommy both caught colds towards the beginning of the week.  We went to storytime and music class and even tried out a new museum that Mommy thought we would like.  We did not like it; however, we did really like the dinosaurs and much to Mommy’s pleasure, Garet walked around the next two days saying “dinosaur.”  Ms. Joyce and AJ came over one day to make a movie of us wearing these special dresses and head bands.  Aren’t they cute?  Once the video is posted on Ms. Joyce’s website, we will share it with you.  Of course, Monday was Halloween and we put on costumes and walked to a few neighbors’ houses to get candy.  They all commented how cute we were and put treats in our bag.  Somehow when we got up on Tuesday our bags were empty…not sure what happened but we still had a fun time trick-or-treating.  We also went back to MDO after missing a day to spend with GAMA and got right back to our normal routine without a problem.  On Saturday, we celebrated another special birthday: Parky’s!  He turned one and we had a fun time celebrating with him and his family.  Many of you will be glad to know that Garet really warmed up to Parky’s dog and she even asked to pet him a few times!  Today Daddy decided to give Mommy a little break so he took us to Sautee for the day.  Of course, we had a wonderful time and were glad that Mommy got a break.


WOW! Kitt and Garet, excitement all around for the expected new babby. Granddaddy and I are so, so thrilled with your announcement. Well wishes to both of you, your Mom and Dad. We enjoyed the birthday time we spent with you. Kitt looking for the music in the birthday card, Garet playing “If You’re Happy and You Know It” song over and over and over again!!! And all the towers of blocks built and knocked down. Granddaddy is planning to download all the pictures he took of the fun with had and e-mail them to the rest of the family. I love you so very much and we will skype with you soon. Grammy Bertha

Well girls, it took me a while to figure out how to post on this new blog, but I think I understand it now. I sure am excited about the prospect of your having a baby brother or sister join you next year. I know you will be excited too when the time comes and I’m sure you’ll take good care of the new baby. Are you missing GAMA? I’m sure you enjoyed having some special time with her last week. And you both got to go to one of my favorite places–the north Georgia mountains. Were the trees showing off their brilliant fall colors? I hope you’re having a good week and being good little girls for your Mommy and Daddy. Poppy has to get back to work now. Take care. Love you lots!  Poppy

Little Llamas – How I love your new blog – you are so blessed to have such a creative mommy – she didn’t inherit that talent from Granny. I especially enjoy the Llama books. I have read three that you have in your room. Are there any more Llama books? You two look adorable in your dresses with matching headbands and in your Halloween costumes. I can’t imagine where those M&M’s went that I saw your neighbor giving you! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you prior to your birthday and then the big birthday celebration. What a joyous day it was not only because you turned two, but because all your relatives were there to party with you. Seeing Uncle Michael was a tremendous treat as he can rarely get away from work, student teaching and attending college. It is evident you girls are loved by lots of people!!! I know you will have a fun week as your mommy makes every effort for that to happen. I can’t wait to read on Sunday evening what your week has been like. Love you lots, Granny

Dear girls,

I love your new website! It’s so much easier to look through the pictures, too! I also wanted to say hi and how your blog is a part of my Monday routine. Your Aunt Kristen told me about your blog, and I love checking it out every Monday! I used to kind of dread Mondays because weekends are so fun, but seeing your beautiful faces and reading about what a fun time you girls are having makes me smile! Tell your mommy she’s doing a great job on the blog and congratulations to everyone on the new baby! Maybe one day I’ll get to meet you all in person! :)   NICOLE (Aunt Kristen’s friend)

Hello Girls and New Baby to come! I had such a wonderful time visiting with you girls and your Mom and Dad. Your birthday party was such great fun. It was lovely to meet in person so many of the great friends you and your parents have made over the past couple of years. You two are so fortunate to have so many people who love you so much.  It’s hard to choose my favorite adventure that I had last week with you girls — trick or treating was a blast until the doggies made you so nervous, Garet; music class was a blast, especially watching you, Kitt, dance up a storm; as Bertha said, the building blocks were fun, especially when both of you would laugh so much after destroying my creations; the museum visit was fun too (well your Mom enjoyed it anyway); singing the goodnight song with you, your Mom and Dad was precious; and the gluten-free pizza was yummy. Aha, of course, my favorite time was bath time. I loved squirting both of you with the ducks. However, it was unfair of both of you to turn on me since I was fully clothed. Soooooooooo, all being said………..I miss every second I was with you both!!!  And to our newest one to the family, God speed and know that we are so looking forward to meeting you in May! During your journey, please know that your family and friends are already overjoyed and filled with so much love for you!

Love, GAMA