Family fun and birthday fun!

This was such a fun week culminating in Kitt and Garet’s (and Ryan’s if you ask her) 5th birthday! We were so excited to have Granny, Poppy, and Uncle Michael in town for our party. They got here Thursday night and came to the Book Character Parade at school on Friday and also our little class party at school. Friday night we all went to dinner celebrating Aunt Kristen passing a really big test. On Saturday, we went to our party at Hippo Hopp and had a great time. Mommy made us some fun cakes and cookies to celebrate. Saturday night we went for dinner at Mr. Rob’s and Sunday we had another fun family day, including brunch and a trip to the Botanical Gardens. We got some really fun presents but more importantly had such a wonderful time with our friends and family. We could not ask for anything more! Mommy had one reflection about our birthday on Facebook: “The day is almost over and I have not wished my sweet girls a happy birthday (on Facebook). I do not take this day for granted (or any of the days leading up today) when I think back on how far they have come. Born at 29 weeks, weighing just 2 pounds, 9 ounces and 3 pounds, these girls have defied odds, fought hard and overcome many obstacles. They never realized the odds were stacked against them in those early days and months–they just fought. They continue to be those stubborn, strong-willed fighters that keep me laughing and loving every day. None of our days are perfect and every day has its own challenges, but these girls make all the days worth it. Happy Birthday, Kitt and Garet!”

One more note from Mommy: I know many of you will be disappointed to read this but tonight’s post is the last blog entry. It has been an amazing five years of sharing our lives with all of you (and really, all of the world). You have read about the big and little things in our lives like gaining weight, drinking bottles, first steps, first foods, first days of school, surgeries, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, trips all over Atlanta and beyond, visits with those we love, to name a few. You have laughed with us and cried with us. You have prayed with us, grieved with us and celebrated with us and for that I am grateful. My plan when I started this blog was to use it as means of communication while Kitt and Garet were in the NICU. When they were discharged, I couldn’t seem to stop. It become a place for me to share my joys and struggles as a new mom and was my link to the outside world in so many ways. Now that Kitt and Garet are five, I am switching platforms for documenting their lives. Of course, we will still do amazingly fun things (and also the mundane) and of course, I will still take pictures but rather than sharing them for the whole world to see, I am going to upload them into an online album and print it annually. This will allow me to create individual “scrapbooks” for each child and will allow me to keep our lives private instead of sharing so many details on the World Wide Web. Most of you will see some pictures on Facebook but I will be happy to send links to the online album as pictures are posted if you let me know you want to see them. Thank you for being a part of our journey this far; thank you for reading our posts every week and for commenting as you felt appropriate. We love you all and know we would not be where we are today without all of you–our village!

Boo Hiss! I will miss keeping up with ya’ll on your blog. I guess this means I’ll just have to come over more. Get ready! Okay. Love to ya’ll, Karol

Happy birthday, Kitt and Garet! What an absolutely wonderful weekend and birthday celebration this has been for everyone. It’s hard to believe that 5 years have passed since Kitt and Garet have come into our lives and filled our hearts with so much joy, love and happiness. And that love and joy was expanded to include Ryan just over 2 years ago. I love you all more than you can ever imagine. This week’s blog is bitter sweet because, as always, it is filled with your weekly adventures and photos but it also marks the end of your Mommy’s weekly blogging. I will miss the weekly updates but will always keep track of your progress in other ways. And, Mommy sign me up for the online photo albums! Bye for now girls. Love you lots and always! …Poppy

Kitt, Garet and Ryan,
This blog brought tears to my eyes as your weekly blog has been an integral part of my life for five years. One day as you look back on these memories, you will realize what an awesome mom you have as she never failed to write even when she was bone tired. This was a great weekend with so much family in town to celebrate. At least we will be back for Halloween so we will see you soon. Love you to the moon and stars and back! Granny


Truckin’ along…..

We are continuing to enjoy all of the fun activities that fall has to offer! This week we went to a Fall Festival at Sensations Therafun with lots of activities like bounce houses, face painting, a hay ride, and rock climbing.  All three of us love wearing different costumes and playing in them but for some reason, there are only pictures this week of Ryan dressed up.  On Sunday we had a fun morning in the park and then Aunt Kristen came over to play with us.  Kitt and Garet seem to be enjoying school and Ryan got to have a Farm Day at her school this week.  A petting zoo came which Ryan liked to see but not touch!  There are several fun things coming up at Coralwood including the Character Parade, the book fair and Pumpkin Patch so stay tuned!  Of course next weekend is Kitt and Garet’s 5th birthday so we are really getting excited about all that involves including some special visitors. See you next week!

Happy Monday Girls! I’m happy that you’re enjoying the fall weather and all of the fun things to do outside when the weather is cooler. Poppy went camping this past weekend with some of his friends and had a good time. That climbing wall looks like lots of fun and I’d like to try doing that sometime with you. Granny and I are getting excited about coming to your house to see you all and to celebrate Kitt and Garet’s birthday this week. Garet, I heard you are not feeling well and I hope you get better very soon. Well, take care and I hope you all have a wonderful week. See you real soon! Love you lots! …Poppy

Hello Kitt, Garet and Ryan, I have had so much fun looking at your blog over and over! Every picture is so special, and I love everyone of them. Just one more day, and Poppy and I will be at your house. Can’t wait. So until tomorrow, I love you to the moon and stars and back!

More fall fun!

We had a fun week of enjoying some more fall festivities. Mommy and Ryan went with Uncle Mark and Aunt Kristen to the Botanical Gardens to see the pumpkins. On Saturday we all went to Jaemor Farms for some fall fun including a hay ride, a pumpkin train, a corn maze, some yummy food and lots of fun games.  On Sunday we went with Joyce, A.J., and Ms. Adams to see Frozen on Ice.  It was awesome–thank you GAMA for such a great early birthday present!  We are enjoying all of the fun things that fall has to bring and are also looking forward to having a day off of school tomorrow.

You girls make fall look like so much fun! I don’t think I have ever walked through a corn maze so you have done something Granny has never done. Of course, I wish I could have been with you at the Frozen show as it appears you were thrilled to be there. I am glad you got to spend some time with Uncle Mark before he came here. But, we are counting the days until we are all together for your birthday celebration. So for now I am sending you love and prayers.

October is in full swing!

We are so excited that October is here! Kitt and Garet are consistently asking if it’s the 25th yet as they are so excited for their birthday. Ryan think it’s her birthday, too.  There are some good shots of Kitt and Garet’s braids and lots of fun pictures from the week.  Ryan and Mommy went for their weekly visit to the Botanical Gardens and there was a giant Olaf there on display.  Ryan really seems to be loving ballet more these days and also is still enjoying music class.  We all had a fun play date with Adeline this week, our first friend dating all the way back to the NICU.  She is doing great just like us!  We went to a fun fall festival on Saturday at the place where Mommy used to work.  The highlight was the cake walk where all three of us won delicious cakes!  We had a really fun visit to a pumpkin patch today and picked lots of pumpkins.  Mommy let us choose one big one or several little ones–let’s just say we made it home with 14 pumpkins!!!  We are enjoying the cooler weather by playing outside and hope your fall is off to a fun start, too!
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Look at all those pumpkins! I imagine you all had lots of fun going through the pumpkin patch to pick out just the right ones. I can’t wait to see what you are going to do with your pumpkins. Kitt and Garet, I love your new hair styles with all the braids. They really look cool! And, Ryan your head band looks really neat too. You all must have been at a fall festival because I see you have had your faces painted and were playing some games. Garet, were you using a pumpkin for a bowling ball? How did you get all those cakes? Were they tasty? Yum!!! I hope you saved some for me. I’m so happy that you are all enjoying the nice, cool, fall weather. Fall and winter is Poppy’s favorite time of year. That’s all I have for now, so take good care of yourselves and have another great week. I love you all! …Poppy

I have been eagerly awaiting your blog so I could see your braids – they are terrific. This was an especially good blog with so many fantastic pictures. I know you like this time of the year so you can pick pumpkins and go to festivals. What are you going to do with so many pumpkins? I see Kitt wasted no time on painting hers. It was also great to see Uncle Mark in the pumpkin patch, too. Garet, I like the new dress you are holding up. Did you get it for a special occasion? Ryan, I want to know if you ever take off your necklace or go anywhere without Christine!! What happened to Scout who used to be your favorite doll? Like you, I am counting down the days to your birthday. Your mom hasn’t told me the theme; but knowing her, she has made lots of preparations. This is all from Granny so I am sending lots of love and kisses.

Fall is coming….

Are you all enjoying the cooler weather? We are not all that excited about having to put away our summer clothes but we are super excited about an upcoming birthday for two of us! Every morning we ask Mommy if it is October yet.  As you will see most of the pictures this week are of Ryan but it’s because Mommy was playing with the camera on Thursday when the two of them went to ballet class and then to the Botanical Gardens.  On Saturday Mommy had to volunteer so Daddy took all three of us to Tellus Science Center.  We had a fun time exploring a new place and learning new things.  Today Mommy took Kitt and Garet to get our hair braided BUT she didn’t take any pictures of it yet!  We promise there will be pictures next week.  Daddy and Kitt had some special time together today, too when Mommy took Garet and Ryan to Fernbank.  Of course, Ryan had some special time with Daddy when Mommy was getting the big girls’ hair braided.  We had a fun week with our usual activities, too, and look forward to another week!
Thank you for your great blog; however, I was hoping to see Kitt and Garet’s new braids. But, your mommy says “next week!” Like Kitt and Garet, I can’t wait until their birthday. Special days seem to take so long in coming. It was great that Uncle Mark got into town and wasted no time in coming to see his favorite “nieces!” So, have your Halloween costumes arrived? We will be there for that special day, too. Have fun this week. I will say a prayer for you every day. Love you. Granny

Wow! These weeks seem to be flying by. Well, girls, it’s October, and you know what that means. Kitt and Garet will be celebrating their birthdays!!! I know that’s an exciting time for everyone and I can’t hardly wait to see you all and help celebrate that happy occasion. And then a week later it will be Halloween and you will be going trick-or-treating. I spoke with your Mommy earlier and she told me you were all off to find the perfect pumpkin. Did you have fun picking out just the right one? Well, that’s all I have for now, so take care and I hope you have another fun week at school and home. Love you lots! …Poppy

A few fun pictures!

So one or two of you missed us last week–sorry but we didn’t have any pictures!  As you can see Garet lost her first tooth this week!  She was very excited and left it in the kitchen with a note.  When she woke up the next morning there was a glittery $2 bill and a note from the tooth fairy.  We also got a super fun early birthday present from Uncle Michael.  Mommy was not so happy when we woke her up at 6:00 Sunday morning wanting to play with it!  Everything was pretty routine this week so here are a few pictures and also a couple of videos.  We hope you enjoy!

Sorry the week got away from me, but I just finished looking at the blog for the third time this morning. It was great, and I am already awaiting tonight’s blog. I know it will be exciting. I hope you have a fun Sunday. I am sending you lots of love and kisses. Granny

Hi Girls! It’s good to see you back again. I missed your blog last week, so I especially enjoyed this week’s blog. Garet, congratulations on losing your first tooth. do you miss it and does it feel strange without it? The tooth fairy was very good to you bringing you that special glittery 2 dollar bill. I also enjoyed looking at all the photos and videos of your week’s activities. Ryan, you are really starting to pick up on the ballet moves by watching your big sister. And, Kitt, it looks like you are enjoying the see-saw that Uncle Michael bought for your and Garet’s birthday. I’m so glad that you all seem to be so happy in all your activities. Well, I’d better go for now, so take care and I wish you a very good week and look forward to your next blog. Love you all! …Poppy

Keep on truckin’……

Everything seems pretty routine to us now but it was nice to have a day off on Monday. Now that we get up so early for school, it’s kind of nice to have a day to laze around and get ready at our own pace!  On Tuesday, Mommy and Ryan explored a new place called CatchAir and there was lots of fun stuff to do.  Kitt and Garet are hoping to be able to go soon, too!  Ballet and tap started this week for Kitt and Garet and lots of friends from last year are in the class so that was fun.  Also on Friday was Coralwood’s Homecoming.  We all had lots of fun eating pizza and ice cream, walking in the parade, bouncing in the bounce house and seeing Ms. Adams!  On Saturday we went to a fun event at a park where we did lots of activities as a family.  Our favorite was rolling a huge beach ball.  Later that day we played in the sprinklers in the backyard which is not something we do often.  We especially loved playing on the trampoline while the sprinklers were on.  We were sliding all over the place!  We got to see Aunt Kristen a few times this week and went to her apartment today after a trip to the airport to ride the trains.  We will see you next week!
Granny is viewing your blog from my hotel room by a lake in Peru and missing you and Poppy so! Tomorrow we are taking a long boat ride to floating islands so that is new for me. Thank you for my lovely Happy Grandparents’ Day wishes today. Poppy and I would not be grandparents without you. I know how much fun the Coralwood homecoming is. You girls are never idle. I am eager to see some of your tap dancing steps. I have sure seen a lot of llamas in Peru which only makes me think of you more often. We have to be up early tomorrow so I will say good night. Sending you lots of love, kisses and prayers.

Hi Girls! I’m happy that you are adjusting to your new school schedule and also glad that you had an extra day off to relax and have a fun time at home. Your Coralwood homecoming sounds like it was lots of fun. I really liked seeing the photo of you rolling that big beach ball in the park. I don’t think I’ve seen a ball that big before. I’m sorry I couldn’t see you march in the parade but I’m sure you did a great job! Granny returned home from her trip to Peru and it was good having her back at home. Here’s wishing you another great week and I’m looking forward to the next time we can visit with you again. Love you lots!!!! …Poppy