Fall is coming….

Are you all enjoying the cooler weather? We are not all that excited about having to put away our summer clothes but we are super excited about an upcoming birthday for two of us! Every morning we ask Mommy if it is October yet.  As you will see most of the pictures this week are of Ryan but it’s because Mommy was playing with the camera on Thursday when the two of them went to ballet class and then to the Botanical Gardens.  On Saturday Mommy had to volunteer so Daddy took all three of us to Tellus Science Center.  We had a fun time exploring a new place and learning new things.  Today Mommy took Kitt and Garet to get our hair braided BUT she didn’t take any pictures of it yet!  We promise there will be pictures next week.  Daddy and Kitt had some special time together today, too when Mommy took Garet and Ryan to Fernbank.  Of course, Ryan had some special time with Daddy when Mommy was getting the big girls’ hair braided.  We had a fun week with our usual activities, too, and look forward to another week!
Thank you for your great blog; however, I was hoping to see Kitt and Garet’s new braids. But, your mommy says “next week!” Like Kitt and Garet, I can’t wait until their birthday. Special days seem to take so long in coming. It was great that Uncle Mark got into town and wasted no time in coming to see his favorite “nieces!” So, have your Halloween costumes arrived? We will be there for that special day, too. Have fun this week. I will say a prayer for you every day. Love you.

A few fun pictures!

So one or two of you missed us last week–sorry but we didn’t have any pictures!  As you can see Garet lost her first tooth this week!  She was very excited and left it in the kitchen with a note.  When she woke up the next morning there was a glittery $2 bill and a note from the tooth fairy.  We also got a super fun early birthday present from Uncle Michael.  Mommy was not so happy when we woke her up at 6:00 Sunday morning wanting to play with it!  Everything was pretty routine this week so here are a few pictures and also a couple of videos.  We hope you enjoy!

Sorry the week got away from me, but I just finished looking at the blog for the third time this morning. It was great, and I am already awaiting tonight’s blog. I know it will be exciting. I hope you have a fun Sunday. I am sending you lots of love and kisses. Granny

Hi Girls! It’s good to see you back again. I missed your blog last week, so I especially enjoyed this week’s blog. Garet, congratulations on losing your first tooth. do you miss it and does it feel strange without it? The tooth fairy was very good to you bringing you that special glittery 2 dollar bill. I also enjoyed looking at all the photos and videos of your week’s activities. Ryan, you are really starting to pick up on the ballet moves by watching your big sister. And, Kitt, it looks like you are enjoying the see-saw that Uncle Michael bought for your and Garet’s birthday. I’m so glad that you all seem to be so happy in all your activities. Well, I’d better go for now, so take care and I wish you a very good week and look forward to your next blog. Love you all! …Poppy

Keep on truckin’……

Everything seems pretty routine to us now but it was nice to have a day off on Monday. Now that we get up so early for school, it’s kind of nice to have a day to laze around and get ready at our own pace!  On Tuesday, Mommy and Ryan explored a new place called CatchAir and there was lots of fun stuff to do.  Kitt and Garet are hoping to be able to go soon, too!  Ballet and tap started this week for Kitt and Garet and lots of friends from last year are in the class so that was fun.  Also on Friday was Coralwood’s Homecoming.  We all had lots of fun eating pizza and ice cream, walking in the parade, bouncing in the bounce house and seeing Ms. Adams!  On Saturday we went to a fun event at a park where we did lots of activities as a family.  Our favorite was rolling a huge beach ball.  Later that day we played in the sprinklers in the backyard which is not something we do often.  We especially loved playing on the trampoline while the sprinklers were on.  We were sliding all over the place!  We got to see Aunt Kristen a few times this week and went to her apartment today after a trip to the airport to ride the trains.  We will see you next week!
Granny is viewing your blog from my hotel room by a lake in Peru and missing you and Poppy so! Tomorrow we are taking a long boat ride to floating islands so that is new for me. Thank you for my lovely Happy Grandparents’ Day wishes today. Poppy and I would not be grandparents without you. I know how much fun the Coralwood homecoming is. You girls are never idle. I am eager to see some of your tap dancing steps. I have sure seen a lot of llamas in Peru which only makes me think of you more often. We have to be up early tomorrow so I will say good night. Sending you lots of love, kisses and prayers.

Hi Girls! I’m happy that you are adjusting to your new school schedule and also glad that you had an extra day off to relax and have a fun time at home. Your Coralwood homecoming sounds like it was lots of fun. I really liked seeing the photo of you rolling that big beach ball in the park. I don’t think I’ve seen a ball that big before. I’m sorry I couldn’t see you march in the parade but I’m sure you did a great job! Granny returned home from her trip to Peru and it was good having her back at home. Here’s wishing you another great week and I’m looking forward to the next time we can visit with you again. Love you lots!!!! …Poppy

A few more firsts

Ryan started her “school” this week. She was not thrilled about taking the picture but she seems to really like it. She likes her friends and teachers and loves going to the playground. She goes three mornings a week so Mommy is still trying to figure out what to do with all her “free” time. Another first was a visit to a museum in Gainesville called INK. It is a neighborhood where kids get to do everything and run everything. It was a lot of fun with activities, costumes and play areas. During the week we did all of our normal activities which included going back to swimming among other things. We spent all weekend with Mommy and Daddy going to parks, for ice cream, going to the library and on family adventures. On Saturday, Aunt Kristen played with us so Mommy and Daddy could go out to dinner alone. Of course we missed them but had a great time with Aunt Kristen. We are looking forward to another day off of school tomorrow!
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Your mom can find the most unique places for you to visit. I really enjoyed this one. Was there any “profession” you liked best of all? Ryan seemed to really enjoy playing the piano. I think you girls could “handle” most of those jobs. How did your mom enjoy you cleaning her teeth and styling her hair? I noticed Pooh came along for the adventure. It was good that your mom and dad were able to have a date alone. Next to your mom and dad, Aunt Kristen is the best person to watch you as she loves you so much. I am happy to hear Ryan likes her new school. It’s especially nice that her best friend Charlotte is in the class, too. Granny is going on a long adventure this week to Peru so she hopes she can find a unique surprise to bring to you. I will be praying for you this week and sending you lots of love and kisses. I will be catching up from Peru next week. Xoxo

Hello Girls! Poppy enjoyed reading all about your weeks activities and especially seeing all the photos taken at the INK museum in Gainesville. What a neat museum! It looks like you all had fun trying out different professions. What did you enjoy doing most? Being a police woman, deputy sheriff, doctor, hair dresser, piano player, fire fighter, chef, worker or judge? Ryan, how are you enjoying ballet classes? You sure do look happy in your ballerina outfit. I hope you all had a nice Labor Day weekend and are fully rested before another week of school. Poppy was busy today working in the back yard and cleaning the back porch. It sure was hot and I’m ready for some cool fall weather. Granny left today on an extended vacation to the country of Peru. But she’ll be back in plenty of time for Kitt and Garet’s birthday. I hope you all have a great week in school and at home and I’ll be looking forward to reading your next blog. Love you lots! …Poppy

Oh no!

Mommy has a terrible thing to admit–she only took two pictures this week!!!! Don’t for a minute think that we weren’t busy–we were too busy to even take pictures. Poppy was here until Tuesday so we went and got ice cream one last time and played around the house. Kitt and Garet had a fun week in school and are getting adjusted to the longer day and early mornings. Mommy and Ryan enjoyed spending days together including ballet and meeting her new teachers. Ryan and Mommy had lunch with Kitt and Garet on Friday which everyone enjoyed. Speaking of teachers Ryan starts school tomorrow. Every time Mommy mentions school to Ryan, she says she doesn’t want to go so it should be interesting. Her teachers are really nice, though, and Charlotte is in the same class which will be good. The weekend was fun as we went swimming, had ice cream and played at home. We also went to Leapin Lizards and Aunt Kristen’s apartment to play. We were pretty tired tonight and will look forward to some fun things at school and at home this week and hopefully Mommy will take some pictures.
DSC_0001 DSC_0003

Back to school!

This week began with Kitt and Garet’s first day of Pre-K. They seemed to enjoy it but kept talking about what a long day it was! On Monday afternoon we went rock climbing. Kitt and Garet are going to climb with Coach Scott on a regular basis and they did great! Ryan, of course, wasn’t going to be left out so she played on the climbing dinosaur.  Ryan got to enjoy a fun play date with Charlotte and Thomas at Fernbank and she also got to start Mommy and Me Ballet.  She had so much fun but mostly enjoyed getting all dressed up.  She also enjoyed going to art class with Mommy.  A big treat of this week was Poppy coming to town!  He got here on Saturday (with a box of Krispy Kremes, of course) and we are loving having him here.  Today we went to Piedmont Park and also to the Fox Theatre for a Mary Poppins sing-a-long.  We have been worn out at the end of the day this week getting used to the new schedule but everything seems to be going well here.  We hope all of you are enjoying any new adventures you are having!
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What a great way to start my week – looking at all my family (except Michael) on the blog. Oh, how I enjoy looking at my favorite people! As usual, you girls had a fun filled week and a special treat with Poppy and Krispy Kreme doughnuts. After talking to you girls, it appears he brought enough for the whole weekend. I am sorry now I didn’t come with him; however, at least it won’t be long before your birthday in October. Enjoy this week and I will be anxiously awaiting all your exciting news from this week. Love you lots.

See you later, summer!

We had a wonderful last week of summer and are looking forward to school starting tomorrow. Kitt and Garet start Pre-K and Ryan has a couple more weeks but she is excited, too. We went with Mommy and Aunt Kristen this week to LegoLand and had such a fun time. We rode rides, played games, watched a movie and saw lots and lots of Legos.  On Wednesday we all went to Coralwood to meet Kitt and Garet’s new teachers (Ms. Morris and Ms. Hall).  They seem really nice and we are looking forward to going back.  Even Ryan seemed comfortable in the new class.  In fact, when Ms. Morris took Kitt and Garet’s picture, she also took one of Ryan!  We got to see Aunt Kristen several times and also went to Leaping Lizards and Sensations Therafun.  On Thursday we went with Mommy and Daddy on our first ever family vacation with just the 5 of us.  We went to the Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, NC and had a fantastic time!  It is a huge indoor waterpark with lots of other activities as well.  Ryan enjoyed playing in the pool area while Kitt and Ryan loved the wave pool and big water slides.  We will definitely go back one day!  Unfortunately, it is challenging to take pictures near the water slides when someone is always needing to watch us but there are a few.  On the way home we stopped in Greenville, SC and had lots of fun running around, eating ice cream and playing with the camera.  Our last news to report this week is that Ryan doesn’t sleep in a crib anymore–she also doesn’t sleep in her own room anymore.  She is becoming a big girl very quickly.  It has been a incredible summer with so many fun adventures, memories and people.  We need to get ready for our big day tomorrow so we will see you next week!

What an exciting week you all had! Great Wolf Lodge looks like a really fun place to visit and from the smiles on all your faces, it looks like you had a great time. As always, I loved seeing all the pictures of your activities. Lego Land looked really neat and reminded me of the exhibit we visited when you were here in Pensacola. I also see you were playing some goofy golf. Was that fun? Did anyone get a hole in one? I know Kitt and Garet will be starting pre-K this week and I hope it really goes well and you learn lots of new things. Maybe next summer you can read stories to Poppy! I hope you have another great week and I look forward to reading all about it in next weeks blog. Until then, remember you are all loved very, very much!!! …Poppy

From the looks of things, you girls and mommy and daddy had a fantastic time at the water park.Maybe one day Poppy and Granny could go to the lodge with you. That was a great adventure before returning to school. I am happy to see that Ryan is now in the same bedroom with her big sisters. That will make it easier for mommy and daddy when they read stories and sing songs at night! Yesterday I went to Miss Lisa’s pool by myself, and sure did miss having you girls with me. At Least Miss Lisa came out and kept me company!! I am happy to learn you like your new teachers at school. Your mom tells me there are more girls in your class than were last year so that is good news. I know it will be a fun year, and your mommy will be at the school often to volunteer. Sending prayers and lots of love and kisses.